Disco Tropics - 1 of the Best Clubs in Lloret de Mar

Gorgeous beaches, countless activities, a wonderfully sunny climate and party until the sun comes up! That is what Lloret de Mar stands for, and even more! Every year, more than 1 million tourists come to this sun-drenched seaside resort to celebrate the vacation of a lifetime! From young to old, because Lloret de Mar has really something for everyone! Ever since dawn the vibrant nightlife of Lloret de Mar central. More than 300 entertainment venues ensure that all guests' wishes are fulfilled 24/7. You holiday in Lloret de Mar is therefore not complete if you have not at least experienced the nightlife.

So, during your holiday in Lloret de Mar, be sure to visit one of the as many as 20 large discotheques! Highly recommended in this case Disco Tropics, one of the largest and most popular nightclubs in Lloret de Mar!

Disco Tropics - An unforgettable experience!

Disco Tropics, in it center of Lloret de Mar, first opened its doors in 1979, so it has been around for quite some time! Old fashioned? Certainly not! Over the years, Tropics has always kept up with the times, and has grown into one of the largest and most popular nightclubs on the Costa Brava. Disco Tropics is also a real “crowd pleaser”. Everyone will find what they are looking for in the no fewer than 4 different rooms. Whether you want to go all out on the coolest dance beats, want to enjoy sultry R&B or exciting Hip Hop, or just your favorite hits from the Top 40 want to hear, Tropics has it all.

There is room for in the 4 large rooms of Tropics no fewer than 2750 guests, and in high season they are certainly pleasantly full! Tropics is open all year round. This disco is also very popular with the locals outside the high season. But wait can you expect exactly during an evening at Tropics?! How about a great party atmosphere, different music styles, performances by international artists, delicious cocktails and shots, spectacular laser shows and of course ... special theme parties! Tropics is really “the place-to-be” to let go with your friends!

Dancing in 4 different halls!

As mentioned, this great disco has 4 different lounge rooms where you can experience an unforgettable evening with your friends. The lounges are also designed in such a way that they all have a different atmosphere offer, but also that you can enjoy your own music genre in every room. Of course, it applies to all rooms that you can enjoy a nice beer, good glass of wine, tropical cocktail or exotic shot! During your party night at Tropics you can choose from the following 4 lounges: Diamond Vip, Platinum, Gold and Silver.

VIP Diamond

This chic and luxurious VIP Diamond lounge from Tropics is THE PLACE where everyone simply wants to be. The beautifully decorated 135 square meter room, however, can only accommodate 250 people, and reservation is a must if you want to be sure of a spot! You can reserve a bench or table for 4 to 12 people here. An evening at the VIP Diamond stands for luxury and enjoyment in a truly exclusive atmosphere. Moreover, from the VIP Diamond you can also enjoy a beautiful view over Lloret de Mar!  


The Platinum lounge is the most representative room of Tropics, and anyone who has ever visited Tropics will remember this room. This beautiful hall, with room for no less than 1000 people, is the place where the performances take place many international artists! The acoustics and light effects in this room are simply unrivaled! In addition to spectacular guest appearances, you mainly enjoy this cool dance beats!


Are you crazy about Hip Hop, Urban Dance and R&B, then the Gold Lounge is for you! Here you can dance, laugh and enjoy with your friends and 1000 other people all evening. This room is equipped with the latest light and sound technology, and the cocktails are unrivaled here!


This recently renovated room immediately stands out for its warm and attractive ambiance, and is also equipped with high-quality LED lighting and sound technology. The most played style of music here is Reggaeton. This room can accommodate about 500 people and is equipped with a hydraulic system in connection with the Platinum room. In case of large theme parties or performances by international artists, these two rooms can easily be turned into 1 super large hall!

Which international artists have visited Tropics before?

In the summer season in Lloret de Mar there is always a great battle at the many discos. The battle for the best line-up of the evening. It will therefore come as no surprise that Tropics, as eand the largest discotheques in Lloret de Mar, is also fully involved in this fight! The only difficult thing about this is that it is very difficult for you as a tourist to choose which disco to visit! Anyway, if that's the worst, there are things I can think of that are more difficult than choosing which international artist to see that night?.

To give you an idea, these great artists have at Disco Tropics: AfroJack, Paris Hilton, Steve Aoki, Snoop Dog, Sean Paul, Gigi d'Agostino, Armin van Buren, Showtek, Quintino, Ronnie flex, Lil Kleine, Boëf, and many more!

Tropics unforgettable Theme parties

Discotheques in Lloret de Mar - Foam party

Of course, as befits any large club or disco, there are also spectacular theme parties organized at Tropics. This one critically acclaimed theme parties are something you absolutely have to experience. In addition to weekly performances by (international) artists in high season, there are also beautiful light and laser shows, real NEON Parties, Summer Parties, Dutch Evenings with guest appearances, and of course not to forget, foam parties! Have you never had one legendary foam party this is definitely something you should not miss in Lloret de Mar!

Where in Lloret de Mar is Disco Tropics ?!

Tropics on the map
Disco Tropics in Lloret de Mar on the map!

You will find Disco Tropics in the central entertainment heart of Lloret de Mar, also called “the party strip”. This is the part in Lloret de Mar where you can, thanks to the countless entertainment options party late into the night. Lloret de Mar's strip is not all clubs and discotheques, however. You will also find numerous here shops, restaurants and pubs where you can enjoy yourself endlessly until the opening of Tropics! Whether you stay in the center of Lloret de Mar or a beautiful holiday villa rents in the countryside, thanks to the perfect bus and taxi timetable, is the lively entertainment area of Lloret de Mar, day and night, easy to get to!


Disco Tropics
Avinguda Just Marlès 49
17310 Lloret de Mar, Girona
+34 972 364 214 / +34 687 846 498

Facebook / Website

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Access and opening times Disco Tropics

The large clubs and discotheques in Lloret de Mar open their doors between 22:00 and 23:00 and only close their doors again when the sun rises around 5 a.m. to 6 a.m. However, in most clubs and discotheques it only gets pleasantly crowded from 1 am! Don't worry, until then you won't be bored for a moment thanks to the range of cozy pubs and cafes!

If you want to enjoy an evening at Tropics, you can of course simply buy an entrance ticket at the door. During the day, however, on the beach, the boulevard and the center of Lloret as well flyered by many proppers to draw the audience in for the evening. The big advantage is that you can use these proppers free drinks, discount on entrance, or get other great offers. Lot on: If you want an exclusive party in the Diamond Lounge, book your table (online) in advance!

However, to avoid disappointment, it is important to take into account that at many major entertainment venues in Lloret de Mar minimum age 18 years is. This also applies to the purchase of alcoholic refreshments, where in Spain there is also a legal age of 18 years and older. Would you like more information about go out in Lloret de Mar. or how old you have to be to go out in Lloret de Mar., click on the links for more information!  

Tropics opening hours:


Lloret de Mar - The ultimate party destination

Going out in Lloret de Mar.

Are you a real party animal or do you just want to experience the ultimate party holiday in the sun? Which moreover is not too expensive?! Then Lloret de Mar, where you can continue 24/7 with more than 300 entertainment venues, is the place for you! All summer long, day and night, dancing to the beats of international DJs, enjoy drinks in VIP areas, legendary foam parties attend, sing karaoke, a exclusive pool or beach party visit, or go all out during a catamaran boat party! You can not think of it as crazy or it can be found in Lloret de Mar.

Would you like to take it a bit easier for an evening or night? No problem, in Lloret you will also find more than enough cozy restaurants, pubs, beach bars or lounge bars where you can chill or dine in peace! More information about the nightclubs in Lloret de Mar can be found at Discover the Top 12 of Best Clubs in Lloret de Mar. To find out more about the great selection of pubs, cafes and bars in Lloret de Mar, take a look at: 25 best pubs, bars and cafes in Lloret de Mar!

Tip: the following large discotheques in Lloret de Mar are, in addition to St.Trop, also very worthwhile: Colossos, Millennium, Londoner, Revolution,  Bumper'sMoef GagaSt. Trop, and Alcatraz.


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