Golf in Lloret de Mar: Discover here the 5 best golf courses in Lloret de Mar!

Play golf in Lloret de Mar at PGA Catalunya

Lloret de Mar is a beautiful seaside resort very popular among holidaymakers looking for sun, sea, beach and going out! However, Lloret de Mar has so much more to offer than that! Lloret de Mar also has a beautiful centuries-old history with countless see sights and has it one breathtaking nature packed with relaxing and adventurous possibilities. In this blog I would like to introduce you to another, unknown to many, part of Lloret de Mar. The natural splendor in combination with the wonderful mild climate, make Lloret de Mar an ideal destination for an ultimate golf vacation!

Do you want to know everything about the possibilities of play golf in Lloret de Mar, read on and find out all the ins & outs about golf in this beautiful Spanish seaside town!

Golf in a breathtaking environment!

Play golf in Lloret at Club Golf d'Aro
Play golf in Lloret de Mar at Club Golf d'Aro

Lloret de Mar is located in the northeast of the Spain, on the Costa Brava,, and extends for a length of 214 kilometers. This rocky area is interspersed with beautiful beaches and coves full of coves hotels and luxury holiday homes and endless leisure facilities. This beautiful natural environment ensures that in the surroundings of Lloret de Mar beautiful golf courses can be found in exceptional locations. Beautiful and well-groomed velvet greens, ideal for perfecting your swing and improving your handicap, amid breathtaking coastline and mountains make it a first-class golf experience in an idyllic setting. That is a dream come true for every golf enthusiast!

Another delightful side effect is the pleasant Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and balmy summers! Ideal for hitting a ball on the golf course all year round! However, the best period is between April and October. The temperatures in these months, with an average between 20-28 degrees, are the most pleasant and this period also generally has little rainfall. Moreover, the beautiful surroundings of Lloret de Mar offer you the opportunity to combine your golf holiday with a day at the beach, sightseeings, and a visit to Barcelona, or one of the many others activities in Lloret de Mar!

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Golfing in Lloret de Mar - What can you expect!

In the surroundings of Lloret de Mar, but also in Lloret de Mar itself, you will find a range of special golf courses in beautiful locations! Not surprisingly, Lloret de Mar is becoming an increasingly popular spot for golfers. Because besides the fact that you are here excellent golf courses in front of all handicap levels find, with wide greens, open holes, elevation changes, lakes and bunkers, there is also a wonderful range of luxury holiday homes to stay in. So you can play golf in Lloret de Mar combine with a wonderful sun, sea and beach holiday full of possibilities! Totally ideal if you are going on holiday with a tour group that also wants something different than playing golf in Lloret de Mar?.

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The golf dress code

Golfing in Lloret de Mar guarantees a breathtaking experience!

Just like everywhere in the world, there is also in Spain a dress code for golf. This may differ slightly from what you are used to “at home”, but basically you will see that there are many similarities regarding the “Do's” and Don'ts ”. So you go play golf in Lloret de Mar or elsewhere on the Costa Brava try to respect the dress code at all times. If you do not comply with the dress code, you can be denied the commitment to a golf course!


  • Tailored shorts (below the knee or longer);
  • With short shorts, socks must be worn;
  • Shirt with collar and (short) sleeves;
  • Shirt must be worn in shorts;
  • Golf related headgear;
  • Golf shoes.


  • T-shirts or football shirts with logos, images, numbers, slogans, etc .;
  • Sneakers, sandals, flip flops or golf shoes with metal spikes;
  • Jeans, sports trousers, miniskirts or swimming trunks;

Golfing in Lloret de Mar: The 5 best and most fun golf courses

As mentioned, Lloret de Mar and the immediate surroundings of Lloret is a paradise if you like golf. For example, in the vicinity of Lloret de Mar you will find various golf clubs where you, both experienced and inexperienced golfer, can hit a relaxing ball in a beautiful setting! To give you a better idea of the golf courses, and what exactly you can expect per golf course, I have one below 5 golf clubs, all within an hour's drive from Lloret de Mar, listed for you:

1. Golf Lloret Pitch & Putt

Play golf in Lloret de Mar
Golfing in Lloret de Mar: Pitch & Putt

At about 2 kilometers from the center of Lloret de Mar, near the Santa Clotilde Gardens, you will find in one beautiful wooded area Golf Lloret Pitch & Put. This may not be the best and largest golf course near Lloret de Mar, but it is certainly worth it if you want to hit a ball, learn the basics of golf or sharpen your technique during your holiday in Lloret. The golf course consists of 18 small holes of varying difficulty and the distance between holes on this course ranges from 53 meters to 110 meters, for a total of 1439 meters. This makes it a very challenging job for every level is.

Due to the relatively 'short' distances from the Pitch & Putt golf course, the game is also suitable for children from 8 years old. This makes it perfect for a fun activity with the whole family. The costs are € 15 per person per day during the week and € 20 per person per day on the weekends! Discounted rates also apply for children under 14! For this amount you can play as often as you want, as much as time allows! In addition, here also golf lessons offered for every level!   

Pitch & Putt de Lloret de Mar
Address: Urbanització Papalus, Lloret de Mar
Tel .: (+34) 972 360 314

 2. PGA Catalunya

Golfing in Lloret - PGA
Play golf in Lloret de Mar at PGA Catalunya

PGA Catalunya is about 26 minutes drive from the center of Lloret de Mar. With the Pyrenees in the background, PGA offers Catalunya two truly beautiful golf courses: the Stadium golf course and the Tour golf course (both 18 holes and Par 72). The stadium course was designed by Spanish golf legend Ángel Gallardo and Ryder Cup star Neil Coles and opened in late 1998. It has already hosted a number of top golf events, including the Spanish Open in 2000 and 2009 and the PGA European Tour Qualifying School Finals. Since its inauguration, the stadium course has been named the number one in several influential golf course rankings number one golf course in Spain.

The Tour course, on the other hand, is a more relaxed course that is play-friendly for golfers of different levels. However, the PGA Catalunya golf banan is not the easiest golf course. They are relatively long courses that are suitable for people with a good and far shot, but where accuracy from the tee is also very essential. Namely, the greens are surrounded by water and thanks to it naturally sloping terrain the fairways can appear quite narrow. This course certainly requires some golf experience! Prices start from € 71 per person!

PGA Catalunya
Address: Carretera N-II, km. 701, Caldes de Malavella
Tel .: (+34) 972 472 577

3. Club de Golf Costa Brava

Play golf in Lloret at Club de Golf Costa Brava
Play golf in Lloret de Mar at Club de Golf Costa Brava

The Costa Brava Golf Club is about 28 minutes' drive from the center of Lloret de Mar. This golf course, surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation and founded in 1968, it is located a short distance from the Platja d'Aro and Sant Feliu de Guíxols. This golf course has 27 hole in totals, which you can take in 2 different ways. So there is the green route which starts with 9 holes surrounded by trees and then 9 holes on a mostly flat yet sloping wide fairway. The second route is the red route, which starts with the 9 flat fairways of the green route and then continues into the 9 new wetland holes presented in 2014, designed by Jorge Soler Peix.

It is a special private job with many height differences That year round green fees accepts and is very well maintained. If you are a slightly less experienced golfer, this course is also ideal for you. The Golf Costa Brava is a Social Club which is open to all visitors who want to enjoy the beautiful nature and a game of golf. Prices start from € 62 per person!

Club de Golf Costa Brava
Address: Urb. Golf Costa Brava “La Masia, Santa Cristina d'Aro
Tel: (+34) 972 837 150

4. Club Golf D´Aro

Play golf in Lloret de Mar at Club Golf D´Aro

About 39 minutes from Lloret de Mar you will find, in the Gavarres massive at about 300 meters above sea level, the Club Golf d'Aro. This beautiful 18-hole golf course has a special location high on a hill above the coastal town of Platja d'Aro. You enjoy a while playing golf spectacular setting and a panoramic view over the surrounding coast and the countryside. Designed in 1990 by architect Ramón Espinosa, it is a challenging course with water obstacles, many height differences and strategically placed bunkers. Despite this, the course is suitable for both the professional and amateur golfer!

This beautiful golf club also has several European Ladies Tour events organized. The clubhouse, located in an old stone building, and the course itself are in perfect condition to maintain. You will also find one more pitch-and-putt course with 9 small holes. Ideal for the novice golfer or families with children who want to spend a day on the golf course! Prices for the 18-hole golf course start from € 63 per person!

Club Golf d'Aro
Address: Urbanització Mas Nou S / N, Platja d'Aro
Tel .: (+34) 972 816 727

5. Empordà Golf

Golf in Lloret at Empordà Golf
Play golf in Lloret de Mar at Empordà Golf

Just under an hour's drive from Lloret de Mar you will find Empordà Golf. This golf club is considered by many one of the best golf courses in Catalonia and is definitely a must if you are going to play golf in Lloret de Mar! The golf club has two different 18-hole golf courses: A “Left ”job (18 holes, Par 71) and a “Forest ”job (18 holes, Par 73). This golf course was designed by Robert Von Hagge who successfully completed a link-like area with large lakes, dunes and extensive bunkers integrated into a Mediterranean landscape. He was assisted in this task by the exceptional beauty of the natural environment in the Baix Empordà, the heart of the Costa Brava.

Empordà Golf is also the host to one of the PGA European Tour Qualifying Schools. With the best practice facilities, Empordà has four 9-hole courses, which have been combined into two separate 18 hole courses. The first 18 holes know the wider left lane style with lakes, dunes and large, deep bunkers. The next 18 holes are in one beautiful wooded area with the typical Mediterranean pines of the Costa Brava. This golf course is suitable for golfers of different levels! Prices start from € 78 per person.

Empordà Golf Club
Address: Ctra. de Palafrugell a Torroella de Montgrí, Girona
Tel: (+ 34) 972 760 450

Fees and Memberships

The fees and memberships of the golf courses near Lloret vary per golf course and can also depend on the seasons. Until it low season is generally calculated in January, February, November and December. March to October then becomes until mid or high season charged depending on whether you during the week or at the weekend is going to play.

However, if you like to play golf on different courses, you can also choose one golf pass requests with which you for two weeks on the following 7 jobs in the Costa Brava: Empordà Golf, Torremirona Golf Club, Golf de Pals, Club Golf Peralada, Club Golf d'Aro, PGA Catalunya Resort and Club de Golf. By paying only once on the course where they offer the golf pass, you can go to any other course that is part of this offer without having to pay any further and wait for all this to be arranged. You can choose between 3 Green Fees for 225 € or 5 Green Fees for 350 €.


The opportunities to play golf in Lloret de Mar are great and there is for every golf enthusiast, at both amateur and professional level, you can find a nice golf course. So are you ready to your ultimate golf vacation plan, and do you want to combine this with a wonderful holiday in Lloret de Mar? Then read on quickly at: 21 Tips for a Top Holiday in Lloret de Mar

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