5 Best Hotels in Lloret de Mar: Everything you need to know!

Lloret de Mar for families - Playa de Lloret

Lloret de Mar is like one of the most beautiful and most popular seaside resorts in Europe of course also a mecca for hotels, campsites, apartments, holiday homes and luxury villas! However, this is not surprising when you consider that more than 1 million tourists every year on this picturesque town Costa Brava, to put on. After all, all these guests must also be accommodated somewhere! In addition to holiday homes and villas, a stay in one of the many hotels in Lloret de Mar is very popular among the many tourists. After all, the tourists are often right in the middle of all the action the bustling center and near the main beach!

However, the choice of hotels in Lloret de Mar is wide. There are hotels in all shapes and sizes, and for every budget! In this Blog I am going to show you what options there are when it comes to hotels in Lloret de Mar, all of which you have to consider, but also how to find the perfect hotel for you! Finally, I also give you the Top 5 luxury hotels in Lloret de Mar!

Hotels in Lloret de Mar - Location, Location, Location!

Lloret de Mar for families - breathtaking nature
Hotels in Lloret de Mar: Location is everything!

When you book a hotel in Lloret de Mar, most of it arrives on location! However, location is also very personal! So will a family with young children would rather not be in a partying youth hotel, but a group of partying youngsters would also prefer not to end up in a family spa. However, the one thing these parties both want, and that makes it so difficult, is that they both prefer to be as close as possible to the sea, the beach and the facilities! Everything revolves around location, location, location!

What many do not know is that Lloret de Mar has enough locations for both parties! Because also inside, but in fairness mostly outside, the party center of Lloret de Mar there are also beautiful hotels, apartments and holiday homes that are located on or near the beach (lloret has no fewer than 8 beaches), with all amenities within reach (Lloret has several quiet areas, including shops, restaurants, entertainment, etc.). Finally it public transport in Lloret arranged in such a way that you are in the bustling center in no time!  

So as a young family you don't always have to be among the partygoers when you book a hotel in Lloret de Mar, or any other accommodation! You just have to make sure you are in the right location!  

Hotels in Lloret de Mar - in all shapes and sizes

relax in Lloret de Mar - with a book by the beach
Hotels in Lloret de Mar: Are you going for a rest or a party?

Hotels in Lloret de Mar come in all shapes and sizes. From small cozy hotels with few facilities to large luxury hotels that meet all requirements. So after you have asked yourself what location do I want to sit in, consider what you want expectations are of the hotels in Lloret de Mar. Are you looking for relaxation, tranquility, luxury, swimming pools, wellness, or would you prefer a hotel that is the core of parties and going out in Lloret de Mar? Or maybe you want a combination of both? Do you think it is great to experience this together with hundreds of other tourists or are you looking for a little more privacy?

These questions are a step in determining exactly what you want, but do not forget to also think about your travel group. Have you found your "dream" hotel, check whether it is a dream for the rest. And whether that dream is real once you are in the hotel and not an idealistic dream picture. I mean, sitting in the middle of all the fun and activities, in a luxury hotel with a pool by the sea, sounds great of course. But….

Ask yourself, what is the target audience that this hotel attracts! If your family is in an apparently decent hotel, but your fellow guests are merely partygoers, if the swimming pool is a real party pool and the hotel is next to a large disco, your dream picture can quickly fall apart when your children use it after day two no longer like it so much, and neither do you! So always check the reviews of a hotel, but also check if the hotel has certain rules about this on its site!

Hotels in Lloret de Mar - what's included?

Do you want to join the same buffet every day? Or rather not?

Book one of the hotels in Lloret de Mar always take a good look at what exactly is included in the price. For example, it may be wonderful that there is wellness in the hotel, but in general you have to Pay separately for wellness on site if you want to use it. If the hotel has 3 restaurants and 6 bars, that sounds great of course, but more importantly: what does it cost if you want to eat and drink there? Even if you book an all-inclusive holiday, it often happens that the hotel still has parts, the most beautiful parts, where you have to pay if you want to eat and drink something there. Beach beds, delicious, but these are included?

So always check what is actually included, but also whether you want it all to be included. Because let's face it, do you want to go on your holiday in Lloret de Mar, really just eat in the hotel dining room? Day in day out? You can see what is included in the field of food by the following abbreviations: LG (only accommodation), LO (Bed and Breakfast) HP (Lodging, Breakfast and Dinner) VP (Lodging, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) and AI ( All Inclusive, all food and drink is included). However, always check which bars / restaurants in the hotel this applies to and also what the times are!

So always look carefully, when you book one of the hotels in Lloret de Mar, what is there all included in the price is one also read the fine print About eg the beach beds, wellness, All Inclusive, restaurants and bars etc. But more important is actually, do you really want this all included? Do you really want to dine "forcibly" in the hotel for your entire holiday, lie on a beach bed at the hotel or spend whole days in one of the hotel pools or wellness? So really check, what is included and do I really want that? After all, you pay for it!

Hotels in Lloret de Mar - for every budget

What is your budget?

We have now determined the key points: Location, facilities and food & drink! By listing these three points you will find out what you expect from your holiday in Lloret. The most important thing now comes: budget! You can of course have many wishes, having wishes is also very important, but the wishes must also be affordable. So check whether all the wishes you have also fit within your budget! Of course you must first select based on all your wishes to find out whether your budget is sufficient. However, be realistic, you may have to cancel some wishes!

However, that does not alter the fact that there are Find hotels in Lloret de Mar for every budget to be! The question is, does your budget also give you what you really want and want?

The conclusion:

The choice of hotels in Lloret de Mar is huge! There really is something for everyone, but of course that also comes with a price tag. The greater the requirements, the higher the price. However, this is only logical. So always start from the core: why are you going on vacation? In Lloret de Mar you can divide this question into two target groups. The first target group are the partying young people who mainly go for sun, sea, beach and going out. The second target group are couples, families and seniors who also want to enjoy the sun, sea and beach, but instead of going out, want to enjoy fun and relaxation!

Whatever target group you belong to, Lloret de Mar has exactly what you are looking for! This is not only in the hotel you choose. This is in everything else that Lloret de Mar has to offer. So if the hotel of your dreams is not within budget, do not worry, because if you are in Lloret de Mar you do not want to spend all days in the hotel. You want to get out and about! However, check whether the hotel represents the core of what you are looking for: Rest & relaxation or partying and going out!

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Top 5 luxury hotels in Lloret de Mar

As mentioned, Lloret de Mar is one of the most popular seaside resorts on the Spanish coast. Whopping 8 different beaches offer visitors a wonderful place to relax and soak up the sun. Amazing landscapes, steep cliffs, beautiful coastal walking paths, beautiful beaches and endless activities make Lloret de Mar an ideal holiday destination for young and old. To give you a preview, I have one below Top 5 hotels in Lloret de Mar made, full of luxury and relaxation, both in the center and beyond!

1. Hotel & Spa Santa Marta *****

Luxury hotels in Lloret de Mar: Hotel & Spa Santa Marta *****
Lloret de Mar Luxury Hotels: Hotel & Spa Santa Marta *****

This luxury hotel is located in a beautiful wooded area and just 200 meters from Santa Cristina beach. Enjoy the beach, swimming pool, tennis court, wellness and much more! If you are looking for sun, rest, relaxation, comfort and wellness, this is the best hotel to enjoy your holiday in Lloret de Mar. This luxury hotel is located outside the tourist heart of Lloret de Mar and therefore guarantees luxury, tranquility and relaxation! The water sports and activities of Lloret de Mar are all within reach!

1. Hotel Rigat Park & Spa *****

Luxury hotels in Lloret de Mar: Hotel Rigat Park & Spa *****
Lloret de Mar Luxury Hotels: Hotel Rigat Park & Spa *****

Another hotel that stands for luxury and comfort. The Hotel Rigat Park & Spa is located between Rigat Park and Fenals Beach. In addition to a free spa, it offers parking, WiFi, fitness center and swimming pool with underwater music as well breathtaking sea views. The rooms have a rustic design with beamed ceilings and include air conditioning, soundproofing, flat-screen TV and views of the park and the sea. This luxury hotel is located just outside the entertainment center of Lloret de Mar and therefore guarantees luxury, peace and relaxation! However, the activities of Lloret de Mar are all within reach!

Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel & Spa

Luxury hotels in Lloret de Mar: Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel & Spa
Lloret de Mar Luxury Hotels: Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel & Spa

You will find it in an exceptional natural and historical setting, in a former abbey cloister Sant Pere del Bosc Hotel & Spa. The hotel has a spa offering over 20 different types of treatments, the restaurant serves locally produced organic dishes and the saltwater outdoor pool completes the dream picture. All air-conditioned rooms have free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV and a minibar. The Angel de Lloret Golf Club is also just 1 km from the hotel. This luxury hotel is located outside the center of Lloret de Mar and therefore guarantees peace and relaxation!

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4. The 15th Boutique hotel

Luxury hotels in Lloret de Mar - The 15th Boutique hotel
Enjoy the ecological Buffet from The 15th Boutique hotel

The 15th Boutique Hotel is in a prime location in the city center of Lloret de Mar. The 15th Boutique Hotel is all about environmentally friendly and ecological enjoyment! The hotel has a restaurant with both French and Catalan ecological dishes and a saltwater outdoor pool. Each suite at the hotel has a desk, TV, balcony and private bathroom with all modern amenities. If you want to be in the center of Lloret de Mar, but also want to relax, then this hotel is definitely for you!

1. Hotel Marsol

Luxury hotels in Lloret de Mar: Hotel Marsol
Lloret de Mar Luxury Hotels: Hotel Marsol

Hotel Marsol is located right on the main beach in Lloret de Mar, nearby the boulevard, and just a 5-minute walk from the center of Lloret de Mar. This wonderful hotel has a swimming pool with sea view, fitness center, spa and a roof terrace. All suites are air-conditioned and offer free Wi-Fi, satellite TV and a modern bathroom. The hotel's restaurant serves a wide variety of international dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you want to stay in luxury in the center of Lloret de Mar, this is the perfect hotel!

The Ultimate Alternative: a Private Villa!

Hotels in Lloret de Mar are plentiful, but chances are that everything you are looking for cannot be found in a hotel, or that you have to drop too much to stay within budget! And if your accommodation in Lloret de Mar does not meet your needs, something like that quickly consumes a lot of negative energy. What many people fear is that they become in the hotels in Lloret de Mar. overloaded by partying young peopleno matter how luxurious the hotel may be and especially if they have to handing in due to an insufficient budget. Not to mention the horror stories about a lack of sleep or unsanitary rooms.

In that case, there is a great alternative that tackles all objections and, contrary to what many think, is also very affordable! Just book a holiday a luxury holiday home with private pool! This is even cheaper than most Lloret de Mar hotels and, unlike a hotel or apartment, you often enjoy one private pool, peace, space and above all a magnificent view of the surroundings.

So imagine what your holiday in Lloret de Mar will look like in one luxury villa or holiday home. You stay in a complete house with lots of peace and space. All you hear is the chirping of the birds and the voices of your own tour group! Everyone has their own room to retire to, you put the BBQ on or orders food if you are hungry and looking the bustling Lloret de Mar up for a party or snack food outside the door whenever you want. Moreover, you can relax at the edge of your private pool! That's what everyone wants!

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Have you gotten an idea of the options you have when you want to stay in one of the hotels in Lloret de Mar, but also what you have to take into account? Or would you prefer to go for the proposed alternative: a a holiday home or villa with private pool? Whatever your choice, you will undoubtedly have a great holiday in Lloret de Mar if you take the tips I have given you into account!

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