Jet ski in Lloret de Mar (Costa Brava): Feel the adrenaline on the sea!

Jet skiing in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is a wonderful holiday destination for anyone who wants to enjoy a vibrant nightlife and spectacular activities. One of the best activities in Lloret de Mar is jet ski. At high speed you fly through the waves and over the sea, while the adrenaline rushes through your body. It is of course even more fun when you do this together with friends or family! Find out which one of you is the fastest on the water, who is the greatest daredevil, or just enjoy a nice trip together in a duo ride with the breathtaking beauty of the Mediterranean!

If you want to do jet ski in Lloret de Mar then it is important to know where you have to go, what are the prices and also what jet ski options there are. In this blog you will therefore find everything you need to know about jet ski in Lloret de Mar!

What exactly is jet ski?

Jet skis are water sports vehicles, a kind of sailing scooters with a lot of horsepower. The big difference with a scooter, however, is that you stay afloat with a jet ski?. Jet skis are made to rip across the water and they go pretty fast, they quickly reach 60km per hour. If you want to do jet ski in Lloret de Mar then you have two choices: racing or touring. On the large beach of Playa de Lloret there is a marked circuit in the sea. Here you can learn to drive a jet ski in complete safety, but also race against your friends or family.

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What to expect from Jet Ski in Lloret de Mar

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Jet skiing in Lloret de Mar - Feel the magic of the sea!

Imagine yourself lying on a lounger on the beach in Lloret de Mar, enjoying the warm sun rays on your skin, and with your feet in the soft pearly white sand. You take a sip from your refreshing drink and taste another one of those tasty tapas. Around you can see how not only you but also the people around you enjoy a well deserved vacation on the Spanish coast.

In the distance, on the azure blue water of the sea, you see water sports enthusiasts performing the craziest antics on the water. And you say to yourself, what could be better than this! How would you like to enjoy even more than you do now? Well ... let me tell you! By skimming over the water yourself, of course!

After all, Lloret de Mar is not only the perfect destination for a relaxing sun holiday, sports enthusiasts and daredevils also get their money's worth here. When jet skiing in Lloret de Mar, however, you can choose from two wonderful options. So you can enjoy together a wonderful guided jet ski excursion along bays, cliffs and sea caves, but also a splashing independent race on the beach with friends and family.

Who can do jet ski in Lloret de Mar?

Jet ski in Lloret de Mar is an ultimate activity for every vacationer who want to experience an adventurous day on the water. Because you can choose from a “quiet” jet ski excursion and also just enjoy ripping over the water with your friends, there is something for everyone! Jet ski in Lloret de Mar, on the Playa de Lloret beach, is however an extremely popular water sport activity among “young” tourists in particular.

Unfortunately, jet ski is less suitable for children for safety reasons. So a minimum age of 16 with permission from a guardianis required. If you are 18 or older, you can drive a jet ski in Lloret de Mar without further qualifications. Of course you must provide your passport to verify your age!

Racing or touring?

As mentioned, you have two options if you want to jet ski in Lloret de Mar, racing and touring. If you choose to just race independently on the water, you can do this on the beach of Playa de Lloret. For the safety of yourself and other bathers, a 2 km circuit has been set out here where you can completely go crazy. You will be taken by boat from the beach to the jet ski circuit and back. Race your friends to see who's fastest is an unforgettable day on the water. Due to the adrenaline and the sparkling water you will also lose that hangover from the night before.

However, you can also take it a bit easier and opt for a beautiful jet ski excursion. You will depart from the port of neighboring Blanes on a guided water excursion to Tossa de Mar. You will sail during the tour along the coast, picturesque bays, cliffs and sea caves. This tour can be booked for 1 or 2 hours and each jet ski has a capacity of 1 or 2 people. This is also great as a romantic getaway or as a family activity with teenagers.

What to bring with you when you go on a jet ski in Lloret de Mar?

Actually, you don't need anything with you when you go on a jet ski in Lloret de Marexcept your good mood. It's a water sports activity and you're sure to get wet, so there's no need to put on anything besides swimwear. If you need to bandage quickly, a T-shirt is smart. Due to the reflection on the water, the chance of bandages during jet skiing is high, so apply well before time. Life jackets are provided by the rental company.

You probably also want to take pictures and videos of your jet ski adventure. Then it is smart to have a waterproof action camera that you can attach firmly to the chest or wrist. After all, it would be a shame if it falls out of your hand while sailing. Also, the employees of the jet ski rental company can sometimes make recordings. However, they take no responsibility for anything that is on the boat left behind, this is at your own risk. Preferably leave valuables such as your wallet, phone or jewelry on the mainland. You don't need them at sea anyway.

How safe is jet skiing in Lloret de Mar?

Jet skiing in Lloret de Mar: Safety above all!

Despite going fast, jet skis are actually very safe. Because of the shape they do not turn over easily and they are really made to sail safely on the water. You don't even need a driver's license to rent them! If you have never sailed on a jet ski before, the instructors can teach you. Or go with someone who has experience.

You also don't have to worry about hitting swimmers or boats, because there is one in Lloret de Mar itself specially marked circuit especially for jet skis. If you choose the jet ski excursion, the guidance will try to be vigilant to see you stay at least 50 meters away of swimmers and other water sports enthusiasts.

Obviously life jackets are required, as for all water sports activities, even if you are a good swimmer. You get this on loan from the rental company. The company is also insured against accidents and damage. Fortunately, this happens very rarely, but always make sure you have good travel and health insurance.

Where can you do jet ski in Lloret de Mar?

The two of you can also go jet skiing in Lloret de Mar!

You will find many water sports rental companies in Lloret de Mar where you can book all kinds of fun activities. Most are located directly on the beach or on the boulevard. To rent a jet ski that you can go crazy with the 2km long trail at Playa de Lloret you can go to Jet Ski Lloret:

Jet Ski Lloret

Address: Passeig Agustí Font (Lloret Beach), Lloret de Mar

Prices: The costs are € 90 per 30 minutes for 1 person and € 120 for 30 minutes for 2 people!

Jet ski Blanes

Do you want to enjoy a jet ski excursion you can book with Jet ski Blanes in neighboring Blanes. You can find them at playa s'Abanell (los pinos), with yellow flags at 'Watersports Blanes'.

Address: Passeig de s'Abanell 41 (playa s'Abanell), Blanes

Prices: The costs for a 1 hour excursion are € 140 per jet ski and for a 2 hour excursion you pay € 230 per jet ski.

Other fun water sports in Lloret de Mar.

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Jet ski in Lloret de Mar is great fun, but it is of course not the only water sport you can practice in Lloret de Mar. In fact, there is a huge choice of fun water activities where you can choose from. There are therefore numerous providers of various water sports and excursions along the beach and on the boulevard. How about a dive trip or snorkeling trip along the Costa Brava where you can discover the underwater world of the Mediterranean? Or a boat trip with your friends on a real party boat or catamaran? There is also plenty to do for children, such as a wild trip on the banana. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy surfing, kite surfing, wakeboarding, parasailing and water skiing. So you will not be bored for a moment at the beach of Lloret de Mar!

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