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Nature in Lloret de Mar - Santa Cristina
The breathtaking beach: Santa Cristina

Located in the north of Spain, on the rugged and rugged coast of the Costa Brava, you will find the bustling resort of Lloret de Mar.. Many see Lloret de Mar as the perfect party place for party people, but Lloret de Mar also has a breathtaking nature full of exceptional flora and fauna. Enjoy a wonderful bike ride through the rolling hills filled with pine trees, take a breathtaking walk along the pearly white beaches and coastal paths, or visit one of the natural parks in the area. Also the Botanic Gardens in and around Lloret de Mar are definitely worth it!

Do you also want to discover this beautiful rustic side of the normally bustling Lloret de Mar? Then read on and find out everything about it the most beautiful places in nature in Lloret de Mar. and environment!

Discover Nature in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is a unique combination of a special maritime environment and surprising landscapes. From rolling hilltops and rocky coastal paths to breathtaking pearly white beaches! Despite the high tourist turnout in recent decades, Lloret de Mar has its natural beauty, with history and buildings dating from the Middle Ages, managed to retain. During your holiday in Lloret de Mar it is certainly worthwhile to discover the nature in Lloret de Mar, but also the surrounding places of the Costa Brava,!

Enjoy thenatural parks, visit the Botanic Gardens, discover the hidden bays or the beautiful underwater world. The nice thing is that you can also do this in many ways: on foot, by bicycle, by car or boat, but also nordic walking, mountain biking or horseback riding are possible!

Hiking, Nordic Walking, Mountain Biking, Boating & Horse Riding

Nature in Lloret de Mar - hiking
Nature in Lloret de Mar- Enjoy the breathtaking view!

During your stay in Lloret de Mar it is definitely recommended to have a beautiful tour through nature in Lloret de Mar. both on land and at sea. As mentioned, you can do this in many fun ways in Lloret de Mar, far away from the busy city center. The fact that Lloret de Mar is not alone an award-winning European destination for Nordic walking , but also a part of the Selva Mountain Biking Center, already indicates that the city is a beautiful area for walkers and cyclists.

There are many marked hiking and biking trails, in all levels of difficulty, through the pine forests and along the coast. This in combination with the interesting historical sites you encounter along the route, Lloret de Mar makes a beautiful setting for every nature lover

Not only on land, the nature in Lloret de Mar and surroundings is breathtaking, it is also phenomenal in the water. It is not without reason that Lloret de Mar has several beaches that have been awarded with a Blue Flag . Which means that the beaches meet all hygiene requirements and the bathing water is of excellent quality! The beautiful underwater flora & fauna in combination with the clear and clean sea water makes Lloret de Mar a perfect location for snorkel and diving enthusiasts.

Lloret de Mar has something unique for every nature lover, whether you like the mountains, the beach, the forests or the sea. But now discover the best places to fully enjoy nature in Lloret de Mar. and environment:

The 12 most beautiful places with nature in Lloret de Mar, and surroundings

1. The Caminos da Ronda

Nature in Lloret de Mar - Caminos

The Caminos de Ronda is an historic walking route of no less than 583 kilometers and runs along the entire Costa Brava. Originally, the Caminos da Ronda are ancient paths that follow the coastline of the Costa Brava, connecting the various villages along the coast. They also give access to the beaches and hidden coves from the Costa Brava. The Camino de Ronda near Lloret de Mar runs along the bay of Sa Caleta, the archaeological excavation of Turo Rodo, the Punta de Garbi and Cala Trons. Enjoy the natural beauty and beautiful sea views!

2. Cala Trons: the most intimate and quiet bay in Lloret de Mar

This beautiful, narrow, rocky bay of only 100 meters is an idyllic spot for swimming in crystal clear waters. The hidden beautiful bay is hidden between cliffs and vegetation, but despite that not difficult to reach. The rocky beach, with coarse sand and a rich seabed, is ideal for snorkeling or diving.

3. Blue Flag beaches 2020 in Lloret de Mar:

In 2020 Lloret de Mar has 4 Blue Flag beaches: Playa de Lloret, Cala Boadella, Canyelles and Santa Cristina. These beautiful beaches are known for their clear water, good facilities and excellent hygiene. Playa de Lloret is the main town of Lloret and very busy especially in high season. The three other beaches, on the other hand, are much quieter, and moreover located in beautiful nature

Crystal clear water, fine golden sand, lush vegetation and a breathtaking underwater flora and fauna characterize these beautiful beaches. However, keep in mind that you will have to make a little more effort to get to these heavenly paradises in Lloret de Mar. . However, it is more than worth it. Do not forget to bring your dive or snorkel gear!

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4. The Botanical Santa Clotilde Gardens in Lloret de Mar

The Santa Clotilde Gardens (near Blanes) enjoy a spectacular position on a cliff with stunning views over the sea and the Costa Brava. This beautifulth gardens next to Fenals beach and are almost 100 years old. This romantic botanical garden is considered to be one of the best historical Mediterranean gardens in Europe. In addition to the breathtaking view, you can enjoy this during a lovely walk fountains, marble sculptures and exotic trees and flowers.

5. Marimurtra Botanical Garden in Blanes

Nature in Lloret de Mar - Marimurtra Blanes

The Marimurtra is a beautiful botanical garden in Blanes. More than 4000 types of plants, tropical and Mediterranean as well as cacti and succulents, can be found in 3 different gardens. Take a beautiful walk and enjoy the viewpoint over the Mediterranean Sea, the cliffs and bays.

6. Pinya de Rosa in Blanes

The Pinya de Rosa botanical garden is located in neighboring Blanes. This tropical garden was established in 1945 and has more than 7000 types of plants. You can see a wide variety of cacti here, but also take a beautiful walk among the rocks and fountains. The view you have here is also downright phenomenal!

7. The Massif of Cadiretes

Nature in Lloret de Mar - Massif Cadiretes

The Cadiretes mountain range, a breathtaking natural reserve, is located between the towns of Lloret, Tossa de Mar and Sant Feliu de Guixols. From the highest point at Puig the Cadiretes (at 519 m), you can enjoy a panoramic view of the beautiful landscape and the azure blue Mediterranean sea. The area has a very rich flora (including sundew, sphagnum moss and typical Mediterranean plants) and fauna (including wild boars, mustelids, owls etc.), but also historical sights such as Dolmen, chapels and castles. Because the area has a lot hiking and cycling routes you can enjoy here as a nature lover!

On foot, by bike or by car: there are many different ways to discover the Cadiretes mountain range. Whichever option you choose, it is recommended to be careful. If you go by car, drive slowly, this is not only a lot safer, you can also enjoy the beautiful view and avoid collisions with wild animals. Would you rather discover the mountain range on foot or by bicycle, then a guided excursion recommended. This way you not only discover the most beautiful places of the mountain range, it is also a lot safer under the guidance of someone who knows the area inside out.

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8. Iberian Settlements: Puig de Castellet, Turó Rodó and Montbarbat

Discover the archaeological settlements in nature in Lloret de Mar

In the hills and in nature in Lloret de Mar you will find three historical Iberian settlements: Puig de Castellet, Turó Rodó, Montbarbat. The ruins are such 2300 years old and give a beautiful picture of how the first inhabitants of Lloret de Mar lived. Go back in time to when the first settlers came to the Costa Brava and to Puig de Castellet. Because of the beautiful location in the hills, it is not only a breath of culture beautiful place for walking and enjoy a beautiful view over the bay of Lloret de Mar.

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9. The azure blue Mediterranean sea

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - Sea kayaking

The Mediterranean is of course beautiful to swim in when you visit the beach, but you can only discover the real nature during a trip on the water. Sail along the secret coves, the many caves and impressive cliffs. Take a dip in the azure blue water and discover the beautiful underwater world off the coast of Lloret de Mar while snorkeling or diving. During a unique boat, kayak or catamaran trip you get to places where you would normally never go!

10. Cap de Creus

In the northern part of the Costa Brava, near the towns of Llançà, Cadaqués and Roses, you will find one of the largest natural parks in Catalonia: Cap de Creus. You can reach Cap de Creus by car from Cadaqués via a country road with many sharp turns, but also by walk. You can enjoy here a beautiful walk or bike ride through different routess through the mountain landscape with rocks along the sea and visit an old lighthouse containing an eco-museum. The area is also home to many bird speciesincluding various eagles, kestrels, swifts and black kites.

The Cap de Creus belongs to a landscape park of 14000 hectares and of which 3000 hectares consists of water surface. This also makes it a beautiful area for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. Cap de Creus is in fact thanks to its well-lit seabed, where you Posidonia Oceanica, red coral and a variety of fish, is an unrivaled place for diving and mustache. The best way to discover the underwater world of Cap de Creus is through an organized excursion by boat or catamaran!

11. Medes Islands

Nature in Lloret de Mar - Medes Islands

The Medes Islands are located off the coast of l'Estartit (10 minutes by boat) and are actually a nature reserve formed by seven small islands with a rich seabed. They form 23 hectares, one of the largest underwater areas of the Mediterranean. Under water you will discover a breathtaking flora and fauna as well as a timeless universe consisting of caves, tunnels and shipwrecks. This makes it the perfect place for diving. From l'Estartit you can choose from one of the many available boat trips that lead to the islands.

However, the islands are not only a beautiful natural landscape for diving and hiking, they are also rich in history. Since they occupy a strategic position in the Mediterranean area, you can also see numerous remains of Renaissance fortifications here. Enjoy a beautiful walk on the islands, discover the history or explore the underwater world by diving or snorkeling, or by boat with glass bottom.

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12. Natural Park Aiguamolls de l'Empordà

In the Bay of Roses you will find the second most important wetland in Catalonia, the Aiguamolls Natural Park. In this flat wetlands, at the mouth of the Muga River, there is a special silence above the salt pans with freshwater lagoons. This beautiful natural park is a mecca for bird watchersyou can spot countless waterfowl, seabirds and migratory birds here. Depending on the season are here flamingos, bearded males, storks, bitterns and nightingales to see. If you are lucky you will also see the otters that were reintroduced to the area years ago.

During your walk through the nature reserve you can see a wide variety of wetlands, salt pans, pasture landscape, freshwater lagoons and pristine beaches. The park is built with wooden walkways, so you can reach all parts of the park.


The nature in Lloret de Mar is simply unbelievably beautiful and therefore offers endless possibilities for both nature and sports enthusiasts! During your stay in Lloret de Mar it is certainly worthwhile to visit one of these beautiful areas. So you can see by yourself that Lloret de Mar also has a completely different side than just going out and partying! Moreover, the nature in the area also gives an unprecedented feeling of freedom and tranquility!

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