The 5 Best Ways to Discover the Lloret de Mar Nightlife Area

Lloret de Mar entertainment area

Lloret de Mar is a versatile holiday destination, appreciated by all types of holidaymakers, from young to old. Whether you are looking for relaxation, entertainment, culture or good food, Lloret de Mar has it all! And not only during the day! There is also plenty to do in Lloret de Mar at night. With more than 300 entertainment clubs, there is also something for everyone in this area. From a relaxing drink on the terrace, culinary enjoyment in a restaurant, to partying, singing and dancing all night long.

With local bars in quiet side streets, trendy beach bars on the water and large discotheques both inside and outside the Centre, the Lloret de Mar entertainment area is unprecedented. So read on and discover everything you need to know about the Lloret de Mar entertainment area, and the places-to-be!

Where exactly the Lloret de Mar entertainment area is?

The Lloret de Mar entertainment area, also known as the “Lloret de Mar strip”, is located on the wide main street, Av. Just Marles Vilarrodonna, from Lloret de Mar. All major bars, clubs and famous discos are located along this street. Nice and close to each other and easy to switch from one to another. If you take one of the many side streets of the main street, you will also come across many cozy bars and bars! This is simply the place-to-be in Lloret de Mar to go crazy for a night!

Lloret de Mar entertainment area on the map
Lloret de Mar entertainment area - Av. Just Marles Vilarrodonna

However, there are also many other fun places to discover outside this large party main street of Lloret de Mar. You will find many cafes, restaurants and cocktail bars at the boulevard and the beach, and there are also some large discos just outside the center from Lloret de Mar! Basically, however, for the ultimate party enjoyment, you should be in the main street of Lloret de Mar!

PAY ATTENTION: If you are going on holiday with your group of friends to Lloret de Mar to experience the ultimate party holiday, please note the minimum admission age. To get to Lloret de Mar from many of the major nightlife in Lloret de Mar the minimum age is 18 years. However, from the age of 16 you can easily enter to many nightlife clubs in Lloret de Mar! More information can be found at: What is the age allowed for Nightlife in Lloret de Mar, and more interesting tips!

The 5 facets to discover the Lloret de Mar entertainment area

But how do you actually explore such a varied and extensive entertainment area? Where to start to not come home and think afterwards, too bad I didn't know! Or, why didn't I try another club or disco for an evening! To avoid this, find below the 5 nightly must-go-to nightlife in Lloret de Mar. !

1.    Dance all night in the best clubs and discos

Of all kinds of nightlife in Lloret de Mar, there is one in which the city is unparalleled: discotheques. You can dance to the pounding music of international DJs until the early hours. A holiday in Lloret de Mar without a visit to the large and well-known discotheques is not a holiday!

In the main street of Lloret you will find perhaps the most famous nightclub of Lloret de Mar "Disco ColossOs. In this three-storey disco you can literally dance until you drop. Also the different theme parties are legendary. You must have experienced 1 theme party during your visit to Lloret de Mar! Also Moef Gaga is a real concept in Lloret de Mar. Just like Colossos, this disco has three different floors and theme parties are regularly organized.

The largest disco of Lloret de Mar is, with space for 3000 partygoers, Millennium Party. Since Millenium Party is located just outside the city, in the hills of Lloret de Mar, special party buses run all evening and night. Dance until the early hours and enjoy a breathtaking view of Lloret de Mar from the roof terrace. Other nice discos in Lloret de Mar, where international DJs regularly perform, are also: St. Trop, Bumper's, Tropics and Londoner.

More information about the nightclubs and going out in Lloret de Mar can be found here: Nightlife in Lloret de Mar: Top 10 of the best nightclubs and bars!

2. Grab a beer or a good glass of wine at a local and typical Spanish pub

bars, cafes and bars in Lloret - Bodega

The Spaniards are famous for their delicious wines that are exported all over the world. But it always tastes better in a real Spanish wine bar. As international as Lloret de Mar may be with tourists from all kinds of countries, there are still plenty authentic Spanish pubs . A good example of this is Bar Maritime, a traditional Spanish wine bar that is a favorite among locals. Here, as it should be according to Spanish tradition, you get a free tapas snack with every drink. It is located slightly outside the center and is slightly less touristy, but this allows you to taste the real Spanish culture and cuisine.

Slightly more central, but just as cozy El Tirito and Can Garet. Local Spanish wines are served here, as well as “chupitos” (shots) and other tasty drinks. Both bars are typically Spanish and cozy. In addition, they serve delicious tapas for drinks. For a cold beer and live sports matches you have to go to Bar Bodega Christina. A bit similar to the atmosphere in a Dutch pub, but with tapas. A visit to one of these typical Spanish bars or bodegas is a must during your visit in Lloret de Mar!

If you want to know more about the bars in Lloret de Mar, take a look at: 25 best pubs, bars and cafes in Lloret de Mar.

3.    Enjoy exotic drinks in a hip cocktail bar

bars, cafes and bars in Lloret - shots

A wonderfully sunny and vibrant location such as Lloret de Mar naturally claims a cold drink with a tropical touch. No wonder you almost stumble across cocktail bars in the Lloret de Mar entertainment area. In addition, you may occasionally treat yourself to a delicious fruity drink, after all, you are on vacation! But which cocktail bars should you go to for the best cocktail of Lloret? Cocktail bars? Yes, bars! In Lloret de Mar, the range of cocktail bars is so great, and everyone has their own specialty, that it is impossible to pick just one!

Let's start with the Blue Bar, right on the beach of Playa de Lloret. After a wonderful day of sunbathing on the beach, you can roll up the terrace here, as it were, for a refreshing cold drink. It is wonderful to stay here with not only tasty cocktails, but also beautiful looking cocktails that will do well on your Instagram! Another nice cocktail bar on the beach is Bar Cala Banys. In addition to delicious cocktails, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea, especially with sunset.

If you are in the center of Lloret de Mar, a cocktail in Shake Café worth it. In addition to cocktail, you can also smoke hookah in different tropical flavors, tailored to your cocktail. Sit back and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. Mojito lover? Then take a look at Hotspot, also in the center of Lloret de Mar. Here they serve the very best Mojitos from Lloret de Mar! Do you want to drink cocktails with your friends all evening? Then score the best deals on cocktails and shots Don Juan, El Pirata or Tequila 85.

4.    Sing your favorite songs during a karaoke night!

Sometimes you just want to go crazy and have a nice evening with your friends. Karaoke is perfect for that! Sing along with your favorite summer hits the best karaoke bars of Lloret de Mar.. You don't have to worry that you don't know any of the songs, because besides Spanish hits, international classics are also on the list. And hey, who cares if it sounds a little out of tune? You don't know anyone here!

The most famous karaoke bar of Lloret de Mar is Seven Seas. Locals and tourists have been coming here for years to sing to their heart's content. Everyone is welcome here, from groups of friends to entire families. And that variety of customers as well as the different songs they sing, makes the Seven Seas so cozy. Another great bar for singing karaoke is the Texas Bar. However, check out which evenings a karaoke night is planned. Every evening there is something different to experience here, from live sports matches to pool tables and live music to karaoke evenings.

5.    Try your luck at the casino

Try your luck at the largest casino in the Costa Brava!

Enjoy an elegant and romantic night out with your loved one or an exciting night with friends at the Gran Casino Costa Brava. This large casino in the center of Lloret de Mar lives up to its name. There are various bars, halls and a variety of games. Take a gamble on the poker, roulette or blackjack tables, or indulge in the many slot machines. For a drink you can visit no less than three different theme bars. You don't have to worry about the time here, because the casino is open until sunrise.

During your stay in Lloret de Mar, you should definitely visit these 5 different entertainment venues in the Lloret de Mar entertainment area. Only then can you say that you tasted the real nightlife in Lloret de Mar. !


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