Marimurtra and Pinya de Rosa: The 2 Botanical Gardens of Blanes

Marimurtra and Pinya de Rosa: The 2 Botanical Gardens of Blanes
Enjoy the beautiful view at Marimurtra

In the South of Lloret de Mar, at the southernmost tip of the Costa Brava, and on the Mediterranean sea, lies the traditionally Catholic fishing village of Blanes. However, Blanes, like Lloret de Mar, has grown into a modern, dynamic seaside resort. Both for families and groups of friends, there is plenty to do in and around Blanes for a well-deserved holiday. For example, Blanes has a beautiful offer in terms of beaches, nightlife and restaurants, but there is also in the field of attractions, activities and nature more than enough to do. Mostly the beautiful world famous gardens of Blanes: the Marimurtra and Pinya de Rosa are a must!

So are you on holiday on the Costa Brava and do you want to soak up some culture and nature? Then read on, because in this blog I will take you on a first introduction to the beautiful botanical gardens in Blanes: the Marimurtra and Pinya de Rosa, but also with practical information and tips!

The 2 Botanical Gardens of Blanes

The fact that Blanes enjoys breathtaking natural beauty, with a beautiful and rich flora, is already apparent from the fact that there is room for 2 beautiful botanical gardens: Marimurtra and Pinya de Rosa. Located on one the rocky coastline with views over the cliffs and bays, the rolling landscape and the very diverse flora that know how to grow and survive here is Blanes a true inspiration proved to be the "artists and architects" honored with the creation of the Marimurtra and Pinya de Rosa Botanical Gardens. But what makes these gardens so beautiful and special?

The Botanical Garden - Marimurtra

Marimurtra is the work of the German entrepreneur Carl Faust, a man with a passion for nature and great love for Catalonia and Blanes. He devoted not only his enthusiasm but also almost his entire heritage to the realization of his great dream: the founding of the Marimurtra Botanical Garden in 1920. Of course he did not do this alone, he was supported in this by the best architects, landscapers and botanists of that time. Today the Maimurtra counts as many as 4000 native plants and flowers, has also been declared a Cultural Heritage of National Importance by the Government of Catalonia and received the Cruz de Sant Jordi.

Enjoy the Panoramic Views

The Marimurtra Botanical Garden is one of the most beautiful gardens on the Mediterranean coast. What makes the botanical garden really special is its exceptional and unique location on the sea, in the highest part of Blanes. This ensures that you can enjoy it from the cliffs spectacular and breathtaking panoramic views of the sea. The view alone will give you an unforgettable experience, not to mention the beautiful exotic flora in the botanical gardens themselves. Stroll among beautiful exotic plants and flowers and let yourself be carried away the summery floral scents and the heavenly view across the Mediterranean. 

Walk through 5 continents of plants

One of the most special architectural monuments: the Templet de Linné

The colorful botanical garden contains no fewer than 4 hectares filled with more than 4000 different plant species, from 5 different continents. This includes many exotic and extraordinary specimens because of their biological uniqueness, age or size. The plant species are divided into 3 different gardens, all with their own characteristics. On the immaculately maintained grounds you will find countless green foliage and flowering native plants, as well as Chilean palms, African and Mexican trees, bamboo plants from the east and plants from the arid plains of America and far corners of Australia. This one diversity of different plant species, coming from almost all continents, does the visitor travel around the world.

Thanks to the rich flora, a large family of insects, birds and plants also live together in Marimurtra. During your visit to the gardens, it is wonderful to observe how the garden uses its natural resources to feed this great society. An extra nice touch is the presence of the free flying colorful parrots. One of the most special architectural monuments of the garden is the TEMPLET DE LINNÉ. With its romantic architecture and an exclusive location on the first bay of the Costa Brava: sa Forcanera, this is undoubtedly one of the most iconic places on the Costa Brava.

Practical information

Combine Marimurtra with an afternoon at Platja de Sant Francesc

The Marimurtra Botanical Gardens are open all year round. However, opening times vary per season. I therefore advise you to take a look at the website or facebook page of Marimurtra for the exact opening times. However, if you are staying on the Costa Brava in high season, Marimurtra is open daily from 09:00 to 20:00!

Entrance fee: € 7
Address: Passeig Carles Faust, 9, Blanes
Tel .: +34.972.33.08.26
Website / Facebook

Tip: Combine the Marimurtra garden with a visit to the beautiful beach Platja de Sant Francesc. This family-friendly beach is located directly, within walking distance, under the botanical Marimurtra garden Platja de Sant Fransesc and is considered one of the most beautiful bays on the entire Costa Brava. 

The Botanical Garden - Pinya de Rosa

The Pinya de Rosa Botanical Garden is a tropical garden whose wonderful history began in 1945, when the estate on which Pinya de Rosa is located was bought by the French industrial engineer Fernando Rivière de Caralt. He started, little by little, planting different cacti, cacti that had never been seen in the area. Today, more than 75 years later, it houses the garden the most interesting and large cactus populations in Europe, with more than 7000 varieties from all over the world. In addition, Pinya de Rosa has also been declared by the government of Catalonia cultural heritage of national importance!

Pinya de Rosa - Feel the magic!

Pinya de Rosa is located on the beautiful coastline, on a hill, in the picturesque Blanes. This beautiful location, surrounded by nature, will make you feel beautiful views from the gardens you have the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean and the rolling hills. However, you can see this picture at various places on the Costa Brava, what makes Pinya de Rosa really special is of course the combination of a beautiful view and thousands of different cacti! A picture that you will not find anywhere in the world! In fact, the inhabitants of Blanes find the place so beautiful and special that they consider it labeled as magical! Can you feel the magic too?

Tropical cactus wonder on the Costa Brava

What started as a great love for cacti and succulents has grown into a beautiful tropical garden with as many as 7000 species of cacti and succulents. The many specimens that grow in the garden come from their native habitat, as well as from other botanical gardens, nurseries and private collections from all over the world. Because of the great diversity and the pleasant Mediterranean climate are there cacti in bloom at Pinya de Rosa all year round! The most beautiful period, however, is between February and October when most cacti and succulents, such as Trichocereus, Selenicereus, Nyctocereus, Hylocereus, etc., bloom. However, aloes mainly bloom in winter.  

About 1,500 new and repeat species are sown every year to increase the collection. Many of these species are aloes and cacti, considered by enthusiasts and connoisseurs the best copies in the world. A walk through the Pinya de Rosa Botanical Garden is simply a pleasure. The beautiful colors and scents of the flowering cacti, the beautifully landscaped garden with fountains, not to mention the heavenly view of the sea! Pinya de Rosa is very different from the Marimurtra Botanical Garden, but certainly no less worth it.

Practical information

The Pinya de Rosa Tropical Gardens are open all year round. However, opening times vary per season. I therefore advise you to take a look at the Pinya de Rosa website below for the exact opening times. However, if you stay in Blanes during the high season, the garden is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00!

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 10am to 6pm
Entrance fee: €5
Address: Cami de Sta Cristina s / n, Blanes
Tel .: +34.972.35.06.89

Tip: Combine the botanical garden with a visit to the beautiful beach Cala Treumal or Santa de Cristina! These two beautiful sandy beaches are within walking distance of Pinya de Rosa and are without a doubt among the top 25 of the best and most beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava

Transport to Marimurtra and Pinya de Rosa

Take the tourist train to discover Marimurtra and Pinya de Rosa

If you want to visit the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Blanes, Marimurtra and Pinya de Rosa, you can visit them in different ways. So you can in the high season the tourist train which leaves every 20 minutes from the center of Lloret and drops you off right outside the gardens.

Another way to wear Marimurtra and Pinya de Rosa is with the public bus. The bus to the botanical gardens leaves every half hour during high season from the bus station in Lloret de Mar or the stop on the boulevard. If you are in Lloret with your own transport, you can also easily reach Marimurtra and Pinya de Rosa by car! There is also plenty of parking space at the gardens!

If you are a true lover of nature and gardens, the Botanic Tour Bus the outcome! From Lloret de Mar you can with the Botanic Tour Bus to various gardens in the area. In this way you can visit the botanical garden in a beautiful way, in an open Tour Bus Pinya de Rosa or Marimurtra, but also the Santa Clotilde gardens in Lloret de Mar! The Garden tour bus also has various hop-on-hop-off bays and beaches in Lloret, you can of course simply board at the stop at the boulevard in Lloret! More information about the Botanic Tour Bus can be found here!


Lloret de Mar for families - breathtaking nature

The nature of the Costa Brava is simply unprecedentedly beautiful! It therefore offers endless possibilities for both nature and sports enthusiasts! During your holiday on the Costa Brava, it is certainly worthwhile to visit one of these beautiful areas. If only to see that places like Lloret de Mar and Blanes also have a completely different side than just going out and partying! Moreover, the nature in the area also gives an unprecedented feeling of freedom and tranquility! Would you like to know more about the beautiful surroundings of the Costa Brava? Discover everything you need to know here: Dear 18 places and places of interestand to the Costa Brava,!

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