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Thanks to its beautiful location on the breathtaking coast of the Costa Brava, Lloret de Mar is the ultimate holiday destination for sun, sea and beach lovers. Pearly white beaches, an azure blue sea and a delicious Mediterranean seaclimate complete this ideal picture. However, Lloret de Mar is also a perfect city for anyone who likes to party! Numerous discotheques, clubs, beach bars, bars & pubs and restaurants are proof of this. It will therefore come as no surprise that Lloret de Mar even has a special Party Boat! This truly unique experience, on a Lloret de Mar Party Boat, is a real must if you go on holiday to Lloret de Mar and love to party!

In this blog I am going to take you on a great party adventure on the Mediterranean. If you want to know everything about a party with your friends on the Lloret de Mar Party Boat, read on and discover everything you need to know to make your party holiday in Lloret de Mar unforgettable!

Go completely out of your plate on a Lloret de Mar Party boat

As the name implies, the Lloret de Mar Party Boat guarantees its great party at sea with your friends. Together you board a large party catamaran in the port of Blanes or at one of the many pick-up points in Lloret de Mar! As soon as the catamaran sets course for the open water, the first beats can already be heard in the background. The boat DJ shakes the boat letter while the deck offers the opportunity to loosen the hips a bit! The bar is about to open and the first drinks are already flowing! Because what is a party if you cannot also enjoy a refreshing summer drink!

During a trip on the Lloret de Mar party boat you can also enjoy a delicious meal or BBQ during your trip and anchor several times. While the music is still loud and the drink is flowing, there is also room for various fun activities along the way. For example, various fun games are organized on board, such as limbo dances, dance battles and fun drinking games. On many trips there is also a large inflatable slide that you can slide into the water from the Catamaran, but of course you can always jump into the water yourself for a refreshing dive?.

For true party lovers, a trip on the Lloret de Mar Party Boat is one of the best best water activities from Lloret de Mar!

Lloret de Mar Party boat excursions

Lloret de Mar party boat

During your holiday in Lloret de Mar, you will be overwhelmed with the range of different party boat events during a day at the beach or when you stroll around on the boulevard or in the center! There are many providers in Lloret de Mar who offer this very popular excursion! In order to compete with each other, each provider tries to be unique in what he or she offers its customers, but prices can also differ from one another!

It is therefore certainly advisable to hear a few different offers on the beach or the boulevard, and in addition to the price, also consider what exactly is included! After all, you don't want to be on a party boat without the drinks included or you miss out on a delicious boat BBQ for a few euros less! To help you a little bit, I have selected a few very complete excursions below for affordable prices! The prices are on average around € 42 per person! However, if you are a good trader, you may also be able to get something off the price on the spot!

Top 3 Lloret de Mar Party Boat Excursions

Catamaran in Lloret de Mar - ultimate enjoyment
The one and only Lloret de Mar Party Boat!

1. Summer Rockz– the Lloret's Sunset Cruise

The Lloret's Sunset Cruise, organized by  Summer Rockz, is one of the most famous boat parties in Lloret de Mar town! During the summer it welcomes thousands of young people for an unforgettable moment at sea. For three hours, this vibrant nightclub at sea turns everything upside down with a sublime barbecue, various drinking games, a banana boat, dance battles, a refreshing dip in the azure waters of the Mediterranean and of course a great DJ! When the sun sets, the boat returns to shore so you can end the evening in style; in one of the great nightclubs in Lloret de Mar!

More information about the Lloret de Mar party boat or other events of SummerRockz can be found here find.

2. Catamaran Cruise - the ultimate party on the water

During your adventure on the Lloret de Mar party boat van Catamaran Cruise enjoy a wonderful journey along the authentic and “wild coast” between Lloret de Mar and St Feliu. On board you will enjoy the best beats from a delicious buffet bar with a variety of drinks and food. There are freshly prepared burgers with various supplements, hot dogs, but also a delicious tuna salad. Fun is of paramount importance at Catamaran Cruise, which is why this Catamaran is equipped with many water activities. For example, you can jump into the water from the top of the boat, slide down the inflatable water slide, share in various games, jump on a floating trampoline, but also just enjoy a wonderful cold beer!  

Tip: You can also book this wonderful excursion as a "Sunset Cruise"! The party starts in the afternoon with food, drinks, entertainment, a deejay, water activities, and you won't return until you've seen the beautiful sunset. You will find more information here.

3.     Catamaran Costa Brava

Catamaran Costa Brava is located in neighboring Blanes but has a pick-up point at the cruise counters on the main beach of Lloret de Mar. During this great and fully organized trip, including food and drinks, you can enjoy the perfect party with your friends! Dance to the beats of the DJ, take part in the many fun games on board such as limbo dances and dance battles, or take a dip in the water! Do you have a bachelor party or are you staying in Lloret de Mar with a large group, then you can also rent a "private" Catamaran here for a Lloret de Mar party boat for just your group or guests!

More information about the Lloret de Mar party boat from Catamaran Costa Brava can be found here.

Other fun water activities in Lloret de Mar

Parasailing in Lloret de Mar

In addition to a great party on the Lloret Mar party boat, do you want to experience more vibrant water activities in Lloret de Mar? No problem! Lloret de mar is a mecca for water sports enthusiasts! You will also find various operators of water sports activities along and on the beach of Lloret de Mar. Relaxing boat trips to a wild ride on the banana or flyfish, but also SUP, surfing, parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing, sea kayaking, wakeboarding, snorkeling, diving or kite surfing is possible! You can't think of it as crazy or it is possible in Lloret de Mar! More information about the water activities in Lloret de Mar can be found at: 20 best water activities in Lloret de Mar 


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