Public transport in Lloret de Mar: Everything you need to know

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Public transport in Lloret de Mar: the choice is huge!

Lloret de Mar has grown over the decades to become one of the most beautiful and vibrant seaside resorts in Europe! Beautiful beaches, endless activities, many places of interest, breathtaking nature and of course it vibrant nightlife? Everything in Lloret de Mar is available, but what about public transport in Lloret de Mar? After all, a seaside resort can be so vibrant and full of life, but if you cannot achieve any of this, it will not be of any use! Fortunately, just like everything in Lloret, public transport in Lloret de Mar is well organized! 

Whether you want to enjoy trips to nearby villages, visit cosmopolitan Barcelona or just want to go out for a night! All this is no problem in Lloret de Mar! In this blog I will list all the options for public transport in Lloret de Mar for you.

The possibilities of Public Transport in Lloret de Mar

In recent decades, the number of inhabitants in Lloret de Mar has tripled and several new neighborhoods have been built full of luxury holiday villas and activities. Not alone anymore the center of Lloret de Mar attracts millions of tourists, the area around it has also become a paradise for holidaymakers. However, this also means that you can no longer easily access all attractions, see sights and beaches in Lloret de Mar with a short walk can achieve! However, since not everyone has their own transport, public transport in Lloret de Mar offers a solution!

In Lloret de Mar you have, in addition to your own transport, various options for getting around. Of course you can enjoy walking, but as mentioned, this is not always the best option in terms of distances, and especially when it is> 30 degrees! And why would you, if you can easily take the bus, taxi, train or bicycle, to in no time, for a small amount, to reach the most beautiful places. Below I have listed the possibilities of public transport in Lloret de Mar for you!

Public transport in Lloret de Mar - The Bus

Most common public transport in Lloret de Mar: The Bus!

One of the most common and easiest ways to get from A to B in Lloret de Mar is by bus! The combination of numerous local and regional bus routes makes the bus an excellent option for public transport in Lloret de Mar. The bus station near Lloret de Mar center is the central terminal and from here buses run to various stops along the major roads and to the different neighborhoods and places of interest.

The local bus lines in Lloret de Mar are operated by the bus company Lloretbus. These blue buses run to the various districts in Lloret de Mar, but also to the beaches, discotheques, sights and attractions like WaterWorld, the Botanic Gardens and Bungee Jumping Lloret. Ideal for holidaymakers who want to explore Lloret de Mar without a car.

In addition to local lines, there are of course also regional bus lines. These run between Lloret de Mar and places in the area, such as Blanes, Tossa de Mar, Girona, Barcelona, Figueres but also to and from the airport. An excellent way to explore the Costa Brava. 

Price public transport in Lloret de Mar

Public transport in Lloret de Mar with the local bus service is very affordable. A single ticket costs € 1.35 per person. You can also a ten-ride card buy it for € 10.60, it can be used by several people. You can buy the tickets on the bus or at the central bus station.

The regional buses are also not expensive. Prices differ per carrier and distance. For example, a ride to Barcelona costs € 10.95, while a single ticket to Blanes is only € 2.20. Book your tickets online or at the Lloret de Mar bus station.


The local bus service from Lloretbus has seven lines from Lloret de Mar to Fenals, Lloret de Dal, El Rieral, Lloret Residencial, Girona, Cala Canyelles and Rossa Grossa. You will find the exact timetable and stops here.

Buses run from Lloret de Mar several times a day to large and small towns on the Costa Brava. You can here find an overview of the different times and prices.

Private transport: Taxi

Public transport in Lloret de Mar

Sometimes you want to go somewhere where the bus does not run or the bus times are not convenient for you. For example, during a night out to a more distant bar or nightclub. Or if you arrive late at the airport or leave very early. Also a day at the beach with the children is not always relaxed when you have to drag everything and everyone back and forth on the bus. A taxi offers a solution

Taxis are just as well organized as the rest of the public transport in Lloret de Mar. With more than 40 taxis available, you don't have to wait long even in high season. The friendly taxi drivers will love to drive you around the Costa Brava. The taxis are white with a “taxi” sign and can accommodate 4-7 people. Do you really want to be transported in style? Then book one of the luxurious private taxi services.

Tip: Always inquire in advance after the price or try to make a fixed price agreement for a road trip! This way you avoid unwanted surprises!

Price taxi in Lloret de Mar

Taxis are of course more expensive than the bus, but the prices are usually lower than in the Netherlands. Late in the evening and at night you pay a little more than during the day for the convenience of your own driver.

Taxis in Lloret de Mar are also very affordable in high season. It is wise to ask for the price in advance so that you are not faced with an unpleasant surprise. You can here read more about the different rates!


The taxis in Lloret de Mar do not have a fixed timetable, they will pick you up and take you exactly when you want. You can also book a taxi online for a transfer from or to the airport.

You can find the taxis at one of the taxi ranks in the city. You can also order a taxi by phone to pick you up:

Tel: +34 972 362 525 or +34 972 362 000

Public transport in the region: Train

Public Transport in Lloret de Mar: Discover the Costa Brava by train!

If you don't have a car, the taxis are too pricey and long bus journeys are not for you, the train is a good option for traveling around the Costa Brava. It is important to mention that Lloret de Mar itself does not have a train station, but the neighboring Blanes does. However, you can easily go to Blanes by bus or taxi from Lloret de Mar and change here for the train to cities such as Barcelona, Figueres or Girona. The trains are reasonably modern, comfortable and fast and are wheelchair accessible.

Price of the Train

The prices for train tickets depend on the destination and can fluctuate per day and time. A return ticket is 20% cheaper in Spain then two single tickets. Here too, if you travel by train more often or with a large group, you can buy a ten-ride ticket! These are not registered, so you can travel with a whole group at the same time, and it is a lot cheaper than a single ticket! You can book tickets in advance through the Spanish Railways website or buy them on the spot at the station. 


Several trains a day run from Blanes to other cities on the Costa Brava. Check the website of the Spanish railways Renfe.

Other modes of transport and public transport in Lloret de Mar

Rent a quad in Lloret de Mar
Rent a quad and discover the most beautiful places in Lloret in a unique way!

As you can see, public transport in Lloret de Mar is well organized. It's convenient, affordable and reliable. By local bus, train or taxi you will get to and visit all parts of the city beloved sights in the area. Public transport in Lloret de Mar is also sufficient for a day at the beach or a dip in the nightlife. However, there are still in Lloret de Mar. a few other nice options to explore the area:

To walk

The pleasant city center of Lloret de Mar is entirely a pedestrian zone and there are few parking spaces. Perfect to walk around or to shop. In the evening it means that you can easily go from bar to bar or find a restaurant on foot. There are also all kinds of beautiful hiking trails around Lloret de Mar, in the breathtaking nature! More information about this can be found at: Walking and Hiking in Lloret de Mar

Cycling, scooter, segway or quad

Active holidaymakers also get their money's worth in Lloret de Mar. Rent a bicycle for a day and explore the city and the surrounding area. A nice sporty change with lazy days at the beach. The hilly landscape offers a little more challenge than you are used to from the Netherlands, so for adventurous holidaymakers who want to be less physical a scooter, segway or Quad a good alternative.

Rent a car

car hire in lloret de mar (6)

Although you can easily reach most sights by public transport in Lloret de Mar, it is still useful to rent a car for the more remote gems. You can also visit the less touristy beaches and towns on the Costa Brava on your own. Keep in mind that parking in Lloret de Mar itself is often expensive and the in high season can be quite a challenge to find a parking space. Most people therefore leave their rental car at their holiday home and take the bus or taxi to the center of Lloret de Mar.

If you want to know more about renting a car in Lloret de Mar, read also: Rent a car in Lloret de Mar: 10 best tips

Boat taxi

Did you know that thanks to its beautiful location on the Mediterranean sea Lloret de Mar too a boat taxi has with which you can visit surrounding places and hidden beaches? You cannot even reach some bays and beaches by car. But don't worry, there are all kinds of fun boat trips to book that will take you to the best kept secrets of the Costa Brava. Perfect for a day on the blue waters of the Mediterranean.

Tourist train

Finally, there is also the so-called tourist train! Especially families with children, this is a must. The train takes tourists through the pleasant center and along beautiful sights such as the Santa Clotilde Botanical Garden, but also to the beach of Fenals .


You now know everything about the possibilities of public transport in Lloret de Mar. Perhaps you also find it interesting to learn more about the possibilities to travel to Lloret de Mar? If so, read on quickly at: Flying to Lloret de Mar? How long? Which Airport ?! Do you prefer to go by car or do you still have doubts? Then you will undoubtedly find all your answers here: By car to Lloret de Mar? You will find the best travel information here!

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