Top 6 For Ultimate Relaxation in Lloret de Mar.

relax in Lloret de Mar - with a book by the beach

Are you ready for a relaxing vacation and a healthy dose of vitamin D? Just stay completely relaxed and leave all the daily life worries behind! A wonderful relaxing sun, sea and Beach holiday in Lloret de Mar is really something for you! Pull the beautiful nature in, visit the Spa, take a boat trip on the azure Mediterranean Sea, and much more. In this blog I'm going to tell you in a Top 6 of “relaxing in Lloret de Mar”, where exactly in Lloret you can do this and more!  

Lloret de Mar - a natural environment that promotes your well-being.

Many people think that Lloret de Mar is a bustling seaside resort full of party young people. A place where we go out 24/7 and where the cocktails are served day and night! However, this is only a part of Lloret de Mar, in Lloret de Mar there is also a part where you can enjoy ultimate peace, space and relaxation. So in Lloret de Mar you can enjoy the best of these 2 worlds! Party and participate in the endless activities whenever you want, but also completely withdraw into your own relaxed world!

Thanks to its beautiful location, Lloret de Mar is simply a perfect place to relax. The beautiful coast of the Costra Brava is surrounded by rolling hills filled with pine trees. Perfect if you want to enjoy a day at the beach, the sea or nature. Leave the busy center behind and discover the natural beauty of Lloret de Mar in peace! Also the Mediterranean seaclimate, mild winters and balmy summers, makes Lloret the ideal place for anyone who wants to enjoy pleasant temperatures and a healthy dose of vitamin D.  

Enjoy relaxing activities

The beautiful and relaxing environment is not the only extra point of Lloret de Mar. This beautiful resort also has different activities that will contribute to the ultimate relaxation.  

As already mentioned before, the beautiful nature in Lloret de Mar is perfect for a wonderful day at the beach or for long walks and bike rides. These wonderful activities will make your holidays complete. However, depending on your budget, you can do many more relaxing activities.  

For example, if you choose to stay in a beautiful holiday home or villa, which is not expensive at all then you will be able to enjoy peace, space and perhaps even a private pool! Do a nice boat trip on the Mediterranean, go diving or snorkeling and discover the beautiful underwater world of Lloret de Mar. Choose a fun activity like hitting a ball on the tennis or golf course, horseback ride through nature or do a balloon ride with panoramic view over the Costa Brava! And if you really want to relax, make your relaxing holiday in Lloret de Mar complete with a day in a luxurious Spa!

Top 6 to relax in Lloret de Mar

The choice for relaxation in Lloret de Mar is wide! That is why I have made an overview of the best activities for a relaxing holiday in Lloret de Mar!

The Costa Brava is a combination of maritime environment and surprising landscapes. Long before the arrival of the hotels and airports, the variety and richness of the flora and fauna was what attracted tourists to the Catalan coastline. It is therefore nice to see that this beautiful natural beauty has been preserved. During your stay in Lloret de Mar, it is definitely recommended to take a relaxing walk, hike or bike ride through nature.

Do you want to know more about nature and beautiful places in Lloret de Mar? Then have a look here!

1.1 Hiking

Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city center you can enjoy a walk around Lloret de Mar. With many marked trails through the pine forests and the interesting historical sites that you encounter along the route, the city offers nice hikes in beautiful settings. Lloret de Mar is also an award - winning European destination for the Nordic walking. In addition to the weekly excursions that are organized, you can also rent equipment, take lessons with qualified trainers or go out with a group by yourself.

What is highly recommended is a stroll through the botanical Santa Clotilde gardens or, for the more experienced walkers, a walk through one of the two Caminos de Ronda routes (route GR92). The first walking route continues from La Caleta to the beautiful Tossa de Mar. The second part of the Caminos de Ronda leaves from the south side of Lloret de Mar beach to the rocky Cala Banys, and all the way to the lovely resort of Blanes. Keep in mind that these routes take over 3 hours in one direction!

Click here to find the hiking routes in the area of Lloret de Mar that are definitely worth walking:

1.2 Mountain biking

Lloret de Mar, as part of the Selva Mountain Biking Center, offers beautiful surroundings cyclists and mountain bikers. Whether on the trails that run along the Mediterranean or through the mountainous countryside inland, there is something for everyone! There are, all kinds of levels for marked mountain bike routes. However, make sure you know how long and how difficult the cycling route is before you start. The Catalan interior is very mountainous and requires a good physical condition and experience!

You will find the best mountain bike routes here!

2. Ultimate enjoyment on the Pearly White Beaches!

Relax in Lloret de Mar at Cala Treumal

What is more relaxing and stress-free than the sea and the beach? Lloret de Mar with a coastal strip of no less than 9 km, is the right place. So you can choose from no less than 8 beautiful sandbeaches: from central beaches in the center full of tourist facilities to heavenly natural beaches with clear blue water and fine sand.

Playa Lloret (center of Lloret de Mar) and Playa Fenals beach are the 2 largest and therefore crowded beaches of Lloret. You will find endless facilities and water sports activities. Would you prefer something more relaxed? Then visit one of the 6 quieter beaches in Lloret. Surrounded by rocks and pine trees you can really escape the bustle of Lloret de Mar center here. So relax completely on the beach of your choice! Avoid all stress, relax like never before ... and also put on a nice healthy tan!

Want to know more about the 8 beautiful beaches of Lloret de Mar? Then read on at:

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3. Choose a fun activity for a relaxed mindset!

Where to go for a one day tanning on the beach or for a relaxing activity? The activity entirely dependent on your mood. One day you can play football or volleyball on the beach and another one do jet ski or track boat race over the water. The most important thing in an activity, however, is that you do something you really enjoy. Only then is it relaxing! I will now show you some fun activities in Lloret de Mar, which you would probably not think about.

3.1 Horse riding through the Costa Brava

What could be better than a ride on a horse through the mountains or along the coastal strip in Lloret de Mar ?! On the horse you really feel you become one with the environment and nature. For a beautiful horseback ride you can go to several riding schools in the area. There is Nou Ranxo in Santa Susana, Club Hipic Lloret in Lloret de Mar and Hipica Tordera in Tordera.

3.2 Go for a relaxing day at the Golf Course

Lloret de Mar and surroundings are a paradise if you like golf. Near by Lloret de Mar you will find several golf clubs where you can hit a relaxed ball, perfect for both experienced and inexperienced golfer!

Below you'll find the 3 best and most beautiful golf clubs to Lloret de Mar and environment:

3.2.1. PGA Catalunya

With the Pyrenees in the background and a short drive from Girona, PGA Catalunya offers two truly beautiful golf courses: the Stadium golf course and the Tour golf course (both 18 holes and Par 72). The stadium track has been voted the number one golf course in Spain several times since its inauguration in several influential golf course rankings. The Tour course is a more relaxed course that is play-friendly for golfers of different levels.

3.2.2. Club Golf D´Aro

Club Golf d'Aro or Mas Nou Golf Club, with 18 holes and Par 72, is located in the Gavarres Mountains at about 300 meters above sea level. It has a special location high on a hill above the coastal town of Platja d'Aro, in a spectacular setting with panoramic views over the surrounding coast and the countryside. It is a course with many height differences and offers you a challenging but fair golf test. You will also find a 9-hole pitch-and-putt course.

3.2.3. Club de Golf Costa Brava

The Costa Brava Golf Club, with 18 holes and Par 70, is a short distance from the Platja d'Aro and Sant Feliu de Guíxols. The first 9 holes, surrounded by trees, are totally different from the following 9 holes, which are located on flat, wide fairways. It is a special private course with many height differences that accepts green fees all year round and is maintained in very good condition. If you are a little less experienced golfer, this course is also ideal for you.

If you want to know more about golf on the Costa Brava, take a look at this special Costa Brava Golf Guide!

3.3 Experience a cozy and relaxed family evening on the bowling alley!

During your holiday it is of course always relaxing to do a fun activity with the whole group. Bowling is suitable for both young and old, which makes it one very nice family activity !

So if you want a fun and relaxing night out with the whole family, then visit it bowling center just outside the center of Lloret de Mar (direction Blanes) a real must. In a relaxed atmosphere you can enjoy a snack and drinks together and of course also a game of bowling together! Something more spectacular? Then choose a real one disco bowling event in the center of Lloret de Mar!

3.4 Take an amazing Balloon ride or helicopter flight over Catalonia

A truly wonderful experience during your holiday in Lloret de Mar is do a balloon flight or helicopter flight. From a great height you can enjoy a beautiful view over the Costa Brava, and if the weather permits, even over all of Catalonia! Taking off, floating and descending, you experience it all! In the area of Lloret de Mar there are several tour options to choose from! So do you want an unforgettable or super romantic experience in Lloret de Mar? Please check here and have a look at the many tours you can do!  

More information about the activities in Lloret de Mar can be found at: What to do in Lloret de Mar? Top 22 Activities!

4. Enjoy a beautiful boat trip on the Mediterranean Sea!

For many, there is nothing more relaxing than floating on a boat in the water. Serene peace and nothing else around you except beautiful azure blue sea! Is that also the case for you? How about a beautiful day trip at the sea! As a former fishing village, Lloret de Mar has many wonderful options when it comes to water activities. Let me tell you about the most beautiful below:

4.1 The Catamaran!

Do you want to enjoy a very special sailing excursion where you can explore the Costa Brava by boat? While you're still by sea, the Catamaran moors in the many surrounding coastal towns such as Pineda de Mar, Malgrat de Mar, Blanes and Tossa de Mar. You can get on and off here to take a look, but of course you can also just brown on the sun deck. In the meantime, the catamaran is also anchored for a refreshing dive or for snorkeling. Everything is available for a carefree day at sea. You can find more information and tickets here!

4.2 A beautiful boat trip to the Medes Islands

This beautiful 3 hour boat trip takes you from L'estartit to the Medes Islands. The Medes Islands, a natural park formed by seven islands with a rich seabed, are located off the coast of l'Estartit and offer a breathtaking underwater flora & fauna. So don't forget to have with you the snorkel set for this trip! If you want to do it right, book this trip on a glass bottom boat and discover the beauty of the water in an unprecedented way! You will find more information here!

4.3. Take a Mini-Cruise along the resorts of the Costa Brava

With this "water taxi" you can take a day trip from Lloret de Mar over the water, Tossa de Mar and Blanes travel. Just like a Hop-on Hop-off bus, you decide where and when you get in and out! So you can visit the Blue Flag beaches in Blanes or visit the medieval castle and the walled city center of Tossa de Mar! You can find more information and tickets here!

5. Wellness, Massages and Meditation: that is only ultimate relaxation

If you really want to come back from your holiday completely relaxed, then you shouldn't miss a visit to a luxurious wellness & Spa and a wonderful massage! Of course, Lloret de Mar also offers many options regarding this. So you can combine a wonderful wellness package with a visit to the sauna, steam bath, solarium and swimming pools, supplemented with a nice relaxing body or facial massage!  Another wonderful form of relaxation that Lloret de Mar offers is special meditation and relaxation workshops!

A first workshop you can try is ataraxia, a form of relaxation that stems from Greek philosophy. During the summer, ataraxia sessions are organized on the beach at Sa Caleta. Another technique offered in Lloret de Mar is Reiki. This form of Japanese relaxation dispels energetic knots by the laying on of the hands. By channeling your energy you can achieve both mental and physical balance. Of course also belongs yoga to the possibilities in Lloret de Mar. This Indian philosophy is widely practiced in Lloret on the beach, alone or in an organized club.

These different methods give you the experience of complete relaxation. Would you like to know more about the wellness, massage and meditation options in Lloret de Mar? Then take a look at the providers below:

Cosevelt, Alma-Spa, Olympic Sports Club, Reiki Lloret

6. You can really relax at the edge of a private pool

All these relaxing activities are of course wonderful, but if your accommodation in Lloret de Mar does not meet your needs, then something like that will consume a lot of negative energy. All relaxing moments are soon forgotten! What many people fear is that in Lloret de Mar, they will enjoy little rest, space and privacy due to the partying young people and crowded hotels. And not to mention the horror stories you hear about your night's sleep or unsanitary rooms. However, you can easily tackle this problem! Just book a holiday in a luxury holiday home or villa with a private swimming pool!

Of course you immediately think that this is very expensive! But actually, like everything in Lloret de Mar, renting a holiday home or villa is not expensive at all. In contrast to a hotel or apartment, you do enjoy peace and space. In addition, most holiday homes are also beautiful, with a magnificent view of the area.

So just imagine that you are on holiday in a beautiful natural environment, in one luxury holiday home. All you hear is the chirping of the birds and the voices of your own traveling buddies! Everyone has their own room to withdraw, you turn on the BBQ when you are hungry and visit the bustling Lloret whenever you want. You can also relax, with a good book at the edge of your private pool! That is really really relaxing!

If you like the idea of staying at a holiday home , in this article you can find everything about the advantages of renting a holiday and the costs:

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