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Are you going on holiday to Lloret de Mar and do you want to make your stay really special? rent a boat in Lloret de Mar? Enjoy sailing with your family, friends or loved one along the rocky coastline, full of cliffs, caves and secluded beaches of the Costa Brava. Discover hidden places where there is no other way to get than by boat! However, if you are not quite sure what the options are, where you can do this, what you should take into account and what the costs are, read on! In this blog I will show you all ins & outs care about being as prepared as possible the beautiful coastline of the Costa Brava to discover!

Sail along the breathtaking Costa Brava

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Renting a boat in Lloret de Mar -That is really the ultimate enjoyment!

Lloret de Mar is located on the breathtaking, 200 km long coastline of the Costa Brava. Costa Brava literally means “Wild Coast”. It owes its name to its beautiful rocky coastline with many irregular rocks, created by the indomitable waves of the azure Mediterranean sea. In the vicinity of these rugged rock formations, the underwater flora & fauna can also be called simply beautiful, ideal if you want to combine your ultimate boat trip with snorkeling or scuba diving.

If you choose to rent a boat in Lloret de Mar then you explore the surroundings and breathtaking coast from the Costa Brava in a whole new way. Visit hidden beaches, discover the caves in the rocky cliffs, swim in coves that cannot be reached by land and see the beautiful pine-filled rolling hills behind the coastline.

Take in the breathtaking view with the wind in your hair, taste the salty salt on your skin and feel the sun shine in your face. Dance on the deck of the boat, take a cooling dip in the water and enjoy a wonderful day on the water with your family and friends. That is exactly true rent a boat in Lloret de Mar stands for. You can rent a private boat in Lloret for half a day, a full day, but also for a longer consecutive period!

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Do you need a boating license in Lloret de Mar, Spain?

Boat license: ICC for inland and coastal waters

When renting a boat in Lloret de Mar, without a local captain, you must of course take into account the Spanish law and regulations regarding sailing with boats. So is one on the Spanish coast ICC for inland and coastal waters mandatory for boats from 5 meters and / or more than 9.5 hp. The ICC for inland and coastal waters is equivalent to the Dutch navigation certificate part I + II. If you obtain the Small Vessels License (part I) or the Large Pleasure Boat Certificate (part II) in the Netherlands, you will automatically receive an international English-language ICC navigation license, respectively the ICC for inland waters and the ICC for inland and coastal waters..

Do you have no license and if you still want to sail with a large boat, you will have one captain to rent to drive the boat. However, this is not very strange when you consider that sailing on an unknown sea with a large ship without a navigation license and / or experience is also not exactly safe. After all, you have to be able to navigate, know the rules and risks on the water and also know what is and is not safe to do if, for example, you want to moor at a hidden cave in the rocks, a busy harbor or take a dip in the sea.   

However, you can also choose to purchase a boat to rent with captain. This will then take you along the most beautiful spots on the Costa Brava!

Pay attention: A “Comandancia de la Marina” is mandatory on most Spanish waters, this sailing permit can be obtained from any local harbor master after viewing your sailing license and registration certificate. An ICP (International Pleasure Craft Certificate) is also required in Spain. You can apply for ICP via boaters. However, if you rent a boat from a reliable boat rental company, this will have already arranged the sailing permit and ICP. However, you can always check before you rent a boat to be sure!

Rent a boat in Lloret de Mar with captain!

As mentioned, you can do a boat rent in Lloret de Mar with or without a license, depending on the length and horsepower of the boat. However, depending on your wishes and experience, there are several options of boats that you can rent in Lloret de Mar. You can opt for a fast motor boat, a large sailing boat, an adventurous catamaran, a luxury yacht but also a RIB or sloop are possible! However, for most options, with the exception of the sloop or a small motorboat / RIB, you must be in possession of your sailing license or hire a captain.

Do you want to enjoy a rent a boat in Lloret de Mar with captain is certainly not bad! He knows how to find the most beautiful places on the Costa Brava and you can also discuss the exact route of your trip in advance. After all, the experienced captain knows exactly how long it takes to get from A to B. Another additional advantage is that you can really enjoy your boat trip yourself! Have a nice drink with your group on the deck, take a dip in the sea and discover the picturesque villages, bays and caves together. After all, a real skipper never leaves his ship!

Rent a boat in Lloret de Mar - Go for a tailor-made excursion!

You have several providers of boat rental in Lloret de Mar, however, there are still some differences between the options, possibilities and prices. For example, you can rent a boat purely and only, taking into account the boating license and mandatory documents, deposit to be paid, insurance, conditions for petrol costs, but also whether food and drinks can be stored on the boat, etc. You can also choose to to rent a private boat with captain, but here too you have to take into account peripheral matters such as food & drink, deposit, petrol costs, etc. The third option is the best: a tailor-made excursion!

This option actually has everything you get with normal excursions, but it is now completely private for you and company. Moreover, you can here determine a route to be sailed together with the captain, but also where you might want to moor and what you really want to see! You can also do it here just like with a “normal” excursion food and / or drinks included let be. This is also a great option if you want to throw a birthday, wedding or just a party on the water! The private excursion boats come in all shapes and sizes but usually start from 12 people!

Rent a boat in Lloret de Mar - The rental companies

Rent a boat in Lloret de Mar for a great day out with your friends and family!

If you want to rent a boat in Lloret de Mar, you can go to various rental companies. Here you can go for the rental of motor boats, sloops, RIBS, sailing boats, catamarans, but also fully organized private boat excursions for 1 or more days! Since Lloret de Mar itself has no port, the departure point of the boats is in the port of Blanes. However, some companies do offer special pick-up points in Lloret de Mar!

1. Charter Lloret - MST Náutica

At MST Náutica, located in the port of Blanes, you can enjoy a beautiful 4 or 8 hour private excursion through the bays, beaches and cliffs of the Costa Brava every day under the guidance of a professional skipper. In addition, you can also rent the beautiful 11 and 12 person boats for (multi-day) events, romantic outings, parties, recreational fishing or snorkeling.

Address: C / Esplanada del Port - mooring K-5, 17300 Blanes

Tel. : +34 972 36 01 19 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm)
Tel. 2: +34 629 48 38 31 (Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 8 pm)

Website & Rates:

2.  Bluesail Costa Brava SL

At Blue Sail Costa Brava, located in the port of Blanes, you can rent a private motor boat for 12 and 25 people, but also a large 140 person catamaran for large parties under the professional supervision of a skipper! The boats you rent here are not only including skipper, also fuel and drinks are included! Enjoy wonderful private excursions along the coastline and discover the most beautiful spots of the Costa Brava!

Address: Esplanada del Port, s / n. Moll professional. Moorings 27-29, 17300 Blanes

Tel: +34 972108647 (Monday to Friday from 10.30 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 8.30 pm).

Website & Rates:

3. Catamaran Sensation

For a beautiful fully organized private excursion for large groups, weddings, business events and much more, you have to be at Catamaran Sensation. Here you can rent a catamaran or boat in Lloret de Mar for large groups and company parties! While enjoying a snack, drink and music you sail along the most beautiful places of the Costa Brava on a catamaran! You can completely coordinate your wishes here with the captain to create the ultimate party!

Address: Esplanada del Port, s / n, 17300 Blanes

Tel: +34 617 362 488

Website & Rates:

4. Nautal

Nautal is a leading international nautical boat rental platform, with more than 30,000 boats for rent in 67 countries. Here you can go if you want to rent a private boat, with or without captain and in all shapes and sizes, in Lloret de Mar for a wonderful day or several days on the sea! Since this is in an international company, you can contact the Dutch helpdesk for additional information about renting a private boat in Lloret de Mar.  

Address: Josep Pla 2, B3, 6B 08019, Barcelona, Spain

Tel: +31 20 369 0791

Website & Rates :


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