Rent a car in Lloret de Mar: 10 best tips

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You go on holiday to Lloret de Mar but if you dread a long car journey, you can of course also go by plane quickly and easily. Especially if you, as with a private holiday home where everything is available, you don't have to take too much with you. However, the only drawback that many people find with the plane is that they are then dependent on public transport. However, this does not have to be the case at all! You can easily create a car rental in Lloret de Mar or even directly at the airport where you arrive.

What stops many people in this is often the hassle that comes with it or the problem stories they have heard about car rental. However, I will explain to you that renting a car in Lloret de Mar does not have to be that difficult, complex and risky. The trick is that you just have to know what to take into account and With the 10 Tips below, renting a car in Lloret de Mar can hardly go wrong!

The Convenience of Renting a Car in Lloret de Mar

Report, key and drive! Renting a car in Lloret de Mar is that simple!

For many people, especially if you traveling with small children, a 1500 kilometer drive to Lloret de Mar is just too much of a good thing. The distance is too far for many to cover in a day, which means that you have to arrange one or more overnight stays along the way, and even if you can manage the trip in a day, it often means that you often need a day or two to to recover from the journey. Fortunately, in this case, there is the option to with the plane to go. A short distance from Lloret are two airports (Girona and Barcelona Airport) and you can fly to the airport in just over two hours.

The next “problem” then arises, because how do you get from the airport in Lloret de Mar? This is not really a problem either! Namely, there are going from the airport 24/7 various buses and taxis to Lloret de Mar, but you can also take a train to Blanes and travel here by taxi or bus to Lloret de Mar! The easiest option, however, is to rent a car at the airport. If you have arranged everything properly before departure, read below how, you will be on your way to Lloret de Mar within an hour after landing in your own rental car!

Another great convenience with renting a car in Lloret de Mar is that you also have access to it during your holiday own transport and do not depend on public transport or end up in buses packed with tourists! You can you can move from A to B in a relaxed way at times that suit you, quickly buy a load of groceries for the whole week, but also enjoy touring around and sightseeing in places where you do not come or stop by bus!

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What do you have to take into account!

In your search for information about renting a car in Lloret de Mar, or anywhere in the world, you will undoubtedly also be confronted with stories of people where the rental has not gone according to plan! However, you should remember that people who are dissatisfied are more likely to publish their frustrations than people where everything went perfectly! Renting a car in Lloret de Mar is therefore thousands of times perfect, compared to the few times that renting a car in Lloret de Mar goes wrong! However, there are a few important things that you should take into account to prevent you from being included in the "one time" list:

1. Driver's license and driving experience

Rent a car in Lloret de Mar without a driving license? Uh… No, of course not!

If you want to rent a car in Lloret de Mar, or anywhere in the world, it is important to take into account that conditions apply with regard to the driving license and your driving experience. In Spain, all car drivers, from the age of 18, must be in possession of a valid driver's license for at least 12 months, with some landlords even a term of 24 months applies! So check carefully, before you choose to rent a car in Lloret de Mar, what conditions the relevant tenant sets for this!

2. Car insurance very important

When you choose to rent a car in Lloret de Mar, pay attention to whether it is insured and what it is insured against! It is also important to know whether you are insured for legal liability and whether there a deductible applies. This deductible can be deducted from the deposit if you return the car with damage. Most landlords have a deductible policy, but there are also options to exclude the deductible altogether. In any case, it is always very important that you check the insurance that you take out, in all cases. If you have any questions, ask them in advance and always have this confirmed by email if in doubt!

Rent a car in Lloret de Mar - Oops, damage… now what?

If you have a deductible within the insurance you book, or if there are things about the car that are not covered, always make sure that you have the carefully check the car when it is picked up before you drive away and sign for receipt. Take a look at the car and inspect it for things that are within your own risk, such as windscreen, tires and dent damage. Also, a checking for defects in the added accessories to be important! If something is not right, call the landlord to leave the points, let him / her record this and make sure you have a copy of this, and take pictures.  Avoid problems and discussions afterwards!

PAY ATTENTION: Rental companies, especially if you have booked through an intermediary, regularly try to sell you additional insurance policies. They indicate that you are not optimally insured and can thus pay for a lot of costs. This is often a sales gimmick. So make sure you know in advance what is actually included, and don't let yourself be sold. In addition, you can always contact your mediator for confirmation, if you still have doubts. This one will reassure you in 99% of the cases that you really do NOT need to shut down anything anymore!  

3. Credit Card Required!

Rent a car in Lloret de Mar? Make sure you have a credit card!

It is mandatory for almost all car rental companies to be in possession of a credit card. With this credit card you must pay the deposit on the spot! You should consider three aspects that are critical:

  • If you rent a car you are deposit due. This deposit is for possible damage that you attach to the vehicle, but also for any fines that the company receives when the rental car was in your possession. This deposit will be deducted directly from your credit card when you pick up your car. If you rent a car is also always stated indicated in advance the amount of the deposit is that you should keep with a certain category of rental car. It is therefore extremely important that you make sure that the credit on your credit card is sufficient to pay the deposit!

Also take into account which fuel option you have chosen. For example, you may have to pay on the spot for the gasoline costs of the refueled car. These costs then often become added to the credit card. Do you have a credit card that exactly covers the deposit, this can cause problems!

  • Another important rule what many people miss when they rent a car in Lloret de Mar is that it is mandatory that the credit card is in the name of the main driver. The main driver, and also credit card holder, must therefore be present when picking up the car! This is to ensure who is driving the car and that all details, signature, driver's license, passport / ID and credit card match. Never rent a car on someone else's credit card than the main driver communicated with the request! This can often no longer be adjusted or canceled afterwards, which means that you have lost your payment!
  • Perhaps unnecessarily, but make sure you have access to it the PIN of the credit card, this one is nowadays obligated when paying by credit card.

4.    Rent a car in Lloret de Mar without a credit card

Although this is not a common option, there are also limited options in Lloret de Mar rent a car WITHOUT credit card. In this case, you must take into account that in the event of damage, fines or failure to comply with the discussed tank regulation, you may be presented with an invoice from the lessor afterwards. Unless the costs are covered by the scheme 'refund of deductible', then they are of course just covered. So here too it is important that you know exactly what you are insured for!

Since in this case the landlord takes over the risks from you, no deposit by credit card, the costs for this no credit card option are slightly more expensive. However, it can offer a solution if you do not have or do not qualify for a credit card! It is also important that you select this option, in connection with administrative matters, book at least 5 days in advance, you can choose this option not last minute arrange it quickly!

5. Pick up the rental car and return

Have you found a provider, always look carefully at which options the landlord offers compared to pick-up and return. Not all providers are located at the airport or in Lloret de Mar, which can cause you to deal with surcharges or that your car is not at the place where you actually want to pick it up and return it!

When you pick it up, also ask how it works when you return the car. Especially if you have strange flight times. Many rental companies have a fixed place where you can park the car and then the keys very simple to drop in a letterbox on location. However, it is nice that you know this and where this is exactly, it saves a lot of stress when you leave!

When picking up, also make sure that you all necessary papers at hand has! This saves a lot of suitcase stress! You will need the following documents to rent a car in Lloret de Mar:

  • Passport / ID
  • Credit card
  • Your reservation papers / booking confirmation from the tenant!

6. Refueling arrangements

Renting a car in Lloret de Mar: Always check whether the car runs on petrol, diesel or gas ;-)!

If you rent a car, you can choose different refueling schemes from many companies. For example, you can choose full-vol, which means that the car is full on delivery, and you must return it full again. If you do not return it full, the fuel costs for refueling the car will be withheld afterwards or your deposit or you will receive an invoice for this. Another option is full-empty, which means that you get the car refueled and can return it empty. So keep in mind that you will not fully fill the car a day before departure if you are hardly going to drive it anymore.  

Always check at the tank control whether you also have to pay the gasoline costs for full on site, this is possible costs added to your deposit be, giving you credit card limit should also be sufficient for this!

7.    Who can drive the rental car in Lloret de Mar?

In the base is allowed only the main driver driving the car. However, you can include an extra driver in the rental contract for an additional fee. You can also indicate this in advance at some sites an “extra” driver included must be! So keep in mind that you do this contractually fixed, especially in the event of damage and accidents!

8. Accessories

Rent a car in Lloret de Mar with small children? Get a car seat!

It is possible to book certain accessories at almost all car rental companies. However, always check whether these are not by accident already present in the car, such as a GPS system. In addition, also take into account the obligations regarding the transport of children. That's how it is in Spain it is mandatory that children <135cm are transported in a seat. You will find more about this here! Finally, here too, accessories that have to be paid for on site are likely to be added to your credit card. So make sure that your limit is sufficient!

9. Unlimited mileage when renting a car in Lloret de Mar?

With most rental companies in Lloret de Mar you will find the term unlimited kilometers. But what exactly does this mean? This means that there is no distance restriction for your rental car, so you can put it simply drive as many kilometers as you want. However, please note whether this is also indicated. If not, this means that you can drive a maximum number of kilometers by car and that you have to pay more than the specified number of kilometers. Now this is not going to happen anytime soon, usually this is quite a number, but you never know?.  

10. Help, delay! What now?

If your plane is delayed so that you are not at the airport at the specified time, this can cause problems. The landlord is not allowed to show up rent your reserved car to someone else. Therefore, always give yourself before departure flight number passed on to the landlord. In that case, the lessor will not give away the reserved car. However, if possible, you can also call just to be on the safe side!

Where can I rent a car in Lloret de Mar?

Rent a car in Lloret de Mar, the choice is huge!

If you follow the above 10 Tips, renting a car in Lloret de Mar is a piece of cake and you will not easily run into problems or financial setbacks. Of course there are always unforeseen circumstances, or risks you calculated yourself that you were willing to take because they seemed so unlikely. However, your base is now ready to rent a car in Lloret de Mar! Now, however, it is still important that you also do this with a reliable party. So I have listed below large car rental companies at the airport and in Lloret de Mar , which are also not too expensive!


Rental Cars

Happy Cars

Europe Car



Tip: If you book through an intermediary such as Sunny Cars, Rental Cars and Happy Cars, you will get direct a price comparison between multiple providers and you do not have to search every independent website individually!


You now know everything about renting a car in Lloret de Mar, what to bring but also what to take into account! Renting a car in Lloret de Mar has never been so easy! However, do you want to know a lot more about all the beauty that Lloret de Mar has to offer, such as the beautiful beaches, endless activities, many places of interest, breathtaking nature and of course it vibrant nightlife? Then click on the relevant links or read more at: 21 Tips for a TOP Holiday in Lloret de Mar!

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