Quad Hire in Lloret de Mar - 3 Best Quad Excursions!

Rent a quad in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar (Costa Brava,) is a beautiful holiday destination which is known for its unprecedented possibilities for young & old. Everything is possible and nothing is too crazy. It will therefore not surprise you that there are also many possibilities in the field of quads in Lloret de Mar. You can rent a quad in Lloret de Mar to go out alone or with friends, but you can also ride a quad in special organized excursions! Rip at great speed off road through nature, on the beach or discover the picturesque surrounding villages by quad!  

There is no more beautiful and spectacular way to discover the beauty of Lloret de Mar! A Rent a quad in Lloret de Mar should certainly not be on your to-do list during your holiday in Lloret de Mar! Want to know again? Then quickly read on and discover everything about the great quad possibilities in Lloret de Mar and which providers you can best contact!

Discover the Beautiful Surroundings of Lloret by Quad

Many people when they hear about Lloret de Mar only think of sun, sea, beach and endless going out in the center of lloret de Mar. However, what many people forget in this picture is that this place on the beautiful Costa Brava is also in the area of nature and picturesque historical places is unprecedentedly beautiful. Pearl white hidden beaches, rolling hill tops, rocky coastal paths, medieval villages and countless sights, that is also what Lloret de Mar stands for. It is certainly worthwhile to discover these beautiful sides of Lloret de Mar! And what is better than to do this during a spectacular Quad Experience!

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Rent a Quad in Lloret de Mar yourself

Rent a quad in Lloret de Mar, a unique experience!

The breathtaking and varied landscapes Lloret de Mar and its surroundings are wonderful to explore on a quad! You can choose to do this alone or together with a group of friends, but also in completely organized excursions. It is therefore no problem at all to go out all by yourself in Lloret with a Quad, without guidance. For this you can contact various providers in the center of Lloret de Mar, which are further specified below, where you can of course also inform directly after the most beautiful places where you can go by Quad. Nice options are: Blanes & Tossa de Mar, off-road into nature or a scenic drive along the rocky coastline!

If you are going to rent a Quad yourself, it is important to take into account that the driver has a minimum age of 18 years must have and also be in possession of it Driving License B! So make sure you have your driver's license with you when you rent a Quad! Does any of you not have a driver's license yet, would you rather not drive yourself or are you going to rent a quad in Lloret de Mar with children, then it is also possible to Quad hire for 2 people! Especially nice and cozy!

The costs for renting a Quad in Lloret de Mar are for 1 day about € 60 per person. However, it is important to note that you will be asked to security deposit or credit card when you rent a Quad yourself! 

Tip: Never just take off at full throttle or off-road if you have never been on a quad before, let the rental company explain clearly how to drive a quad and first practice a bit on a quiet, asphalted road. In addition, it is also important to make clear agreements about any liability of the quad and whether you are insured in the event of accidents and damage!

Quad-Excursions in Lloret de Mar

Rent a quad in Lloret de Mar with a group!

Are you a real dare-devil whose adrenaline just starts bubbling at the thought of thrills and speed? Then you will certainly enjoy an organized quad excursion through the breathtaking surroundings from Lloret de Mar. This spectacular outing allows you to discover the beauty of Lloret while you moments full of adrenaline experienced! During an organized Quad Excursion you go in a group, accompanied by a experienced and certified guide, on your way to discover the most beautiful places in Lloret de Mar. This guide also speaks the language in case of calamities! Boring? Certainly not, the guide also throws all brakes off!

Also in the case of Quad excursions, you must be in possession of one valid B driving license (Handing over just one copy is not allowed! When registering, you are often asked if you already have any Quad experience. The organizations try to classify people according to their level. quad riders gets stuck, and vice versa! best 3 Quad excursions in Lloret de Mar can be found below:

3 Best Quad Excursions in Lloret de Mar


A 2-hour OFFROAD quad trip where you drive along various Mediterranean landscapes between Lloret de Mar and Blanes. During the tour you drive along the breathtaking coastal strip and of course you go off-road into the rolling mountainous landscape. You will also visit the, located on a mountain, old Iberian village of Montbarbat, which in itself is well worth it. The costs for this excursion are approximately € 50 per person!


Discover Tossa de Mar by Quad!

During this 4-hour quad trip you will drive completely off road from Lloret de Mar to Tossa de Mar, and back. You will pass typical Mediterranean landscapes such as the mountains and the sea, the highlight of which is the beautiful Tossa de Mar. Visit the medieval district of Vila Vella and the great, spectacular castle of Tossa de Mar that faced many pirate attacks before returning to Lloret de Mar! The costs for this excursion are approximately € 70 per person!

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During this 4-hour Quad trip you will drive through the beautiful mountainous landscape of Lloret de Mar and along the breathtaking coastline. The highlight of this trip is a visit to the beautiful beach called Cala Canyelles. In the small bay you can take a walk along the beach during a break, but also swim or snorkel. The costs for this excursion are approximately € 70 per person!

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Most excursions include the following:

  • Certified guide
  • Quad rental
  • Gasoline costs
  • Accident and RC insurance
  • Helmet, mask and gloves
  • Parking spot

Useful and Necessary things to take with you when you go quad riding in Lloret?

  • Valid B-Driving license (Copy is not valid!)
  • Deposit / Credit card (with independent Quad rental in Lloret de Mar)
  • Map / Route of the area (with independent Quad rental in Lloret de Mar)
  • Water
  • Food
  • Sunscreen
  • Comfortable clothes / shoes
  • Possibly. Swimwear & Towel
  • Camera / photo camera

Where can you rent a quad in Lloret de Mar?

Rent a quad in Lloret de Mar: Go off-road for two!

As mentioned, you can rent a quad in Lloret de Mar at various locations, or book an unforgettable Quad-Excursion. I have listed the most famous providers for you below:

Aleks Rent

Aleks Rent is a large Quad-provider where you can rent quads to go out on your own, but also with a group and professional guidance. You can also go to Aleks Rent for bicycle and scooter rental.

Address: C / Josep de Togores 17, 17310, Lloret de Mar
Website / Facebook

Sports ravelling

SporTravelling is an online booking site for exclusive Quad excursions in Lloret de Mar! Here you will find various great Quad possibilities, at a good price! Quad-Excursions can be booked, depending on the excursion, between March 15 and October 1.

Website / Facebook

DKR Quads

DKR is a Quad-excursion provider where you can discover the most beautiful places of Lloret de Mar and surroundings under professional guidance! Quad-Excursions can be booked between July 1st and September 30th!

Address: C / Carme 9, 17310, Lloret de Mar
Website / Facebook

Other Extreme Sports Activities in Lloret de Mar

Renting a Quad in Lloret de Mar is one great adrenaline-boosting activity during your holiday in Lloret. In addition to ripping around, you will also discover how beautiful Lloret de Mar really is! Renting a Quad is not the only "Extreme" activity you can participate in. How about for example Karting, Bungee jumping, Waterworld, diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing or one of the many other (water) activities in Lloret de Mar! Would you like to know more about the activities that you can experience in Lloret de Mar? Then also read:  What to do in Lloret de Mar? Top 22 Activities! or Best Water Activities in Lloret de Mar: Top 20!


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