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Is diving your passion and are you looking for a beautiful destination for your dream vacation where you can enjoy sun, sea, beach, going out, sightseeing and countless other activities can also enjoy diving? Then let your search end here because then Lloret de Mar is the place-to-be for you !! In addition to a pleasant water temperature (around 25 ° in summer and between 11 and 16 ° in winter) you will find in the azure blue water of the Mediterranean at Lloret de Mar dozens of dive sites, suitable for both novice divers and experienced divers. Also the exceptional underwater flora and fauna will surprise you when you go diving in Lloret de Mar!  

Let me take you along in this blog the most beautiful dive sites in Lloret de Mar and surroundings, but I will also inform you about diving in Lloret de Mar in general, the different diving schools, equipment, important information, and much more! Everything you need to know for an ultimate diving holiday in Lloret de Mar!

The Beautiful underwater world of Lloret de Mar

Diving in Lloret de Mar - Discover the secrets of the sea!

Lloret de Mar is located on the azure blue waters of the Mediterranean the Spanish Costa Brava. The rocky coastline, hidden caves, exceptional flora & fauna and pearly white hidden beaches make it a great location for diving. In addition to many different fish species, you will also find beautiful flora on the sandy seabed. So you can between the posidonia plants several rockfishing as groupers and sea eels to observe. In the spring you can use the sunfish encounter between the rocks, but also octopuses, lobsters and groups of tuna or barracudas.

Once underwater, a world will open up for you, especially when it's your first dive. It depends on where exactly you are going to dive, but often there is a lot of marine life to be found, and if you are lucky coral. Many people are surprised about the plenty of colors and fish and the fact that the animals can be approached very close. Besides this, of course, is the fact that you are really underwater, completely weightless and with a mysterious world around you, one of the best experiences to experience.  

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Diving in Lloret de Mar - Equipment and Medical certificate

The right equipment is necessary when you go diving in Lloret de Mar.

Another important point if you want to go diving in Lloret de Mar is of course the equipment. Because to be able to dive in Lloret de Mar is one good diving equipment is of course necessary. A diving equipment exists, in addition to one diving suit to protect you and prevent heat loss, from a diving goggles, fins, a scuba tank and a regulator for oxygenation. Also lead to make sure you can go down and a BCD however, to be able to adjust your buoyancy are crucial parts of your diving equipment. If you go on an organized excursion in Lloret de Mar that also includes diving, this is of course all arranged for you and included in the price!

Another important point to keep in mind if you want to dive in Lloret de Mar is that it has been mandatory in Spain since 1997 to diving insurance and  Medical statement of health. A so-called 'self-declaration' is not sufficient here; this one must signed and stamped by a physician to be. However, this rule only applies to divers with a license and to anyone who wants to do a complete diving training. So you go one day on a boat excursion to dive in Lloret de Mar then eand self-declaration of medical health is sufficient!

Diving in Lloret de Mar through a beautiful diving excursion

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - boat trip
Diving in Lloret de Mar by means of a “diving excursion”

Diving is one of the most beautiful water activities in Lloret de Mar. Besides a pleasant water temperature (about 24 ° in summer), you will find around the city a dozen beautiful dive sites with a lush flora and fauna full of fish, caves and bays. Whether you are a novice or experienced diver, the underwater treasures of Lloret will amaze you without a doubt! It will therefore come as no surprise that in Lloret de Mar you have a plenty of organized divingfield trips. Get on a boat and sail under the guidance of professional divers to the most beautiful spots in and around Lloret de Mar.

If you go for a diving excursion in Lloret de Mar, you actually have the choice of 2 types of excursions. First of all, you have the fully arranged boat excursions where you sail along the most beautiful hidden spots of the Costa Brava, moor at picturesque villages and pearly white beaches, all while enjoying music, drinks and food! Halfway through the trip, the boat will anchor for some time and people will have the opportunity to swim, snorkel or dive under the guidance of a professional diver. This excursion is ideal for novice divers who want to discover underwater life for the first time!

Another option is one diving excursion which is really focused, purely and alone, on diving. No partygoers or families with children who splash around in the water during your dive. During this excursion you will go by boat, together with other diving enthusiasts, after the most beautiful diving sites of Lloret de Mar and the surrounding area. A professional diver will then take you several times to discover the beautiful marine life of Lloret de Mar.. This excursion is available for both novice and experienced divers! Read more information here!

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The most beautiful diving locations in the area of Lloret de Mar

Besides the fact that you can dive beautifully in lloret de Mar itself, there are also beautiful diving locations in the area of Lloret for the real diving enthusiasts that are definitely worth discovering! So definitely combine diving in Lloret de Mar with diving excursions at these 2 great locations!

The Medes Islands

Nature in Lloret de Mar - Medes Islands

The Medes Islands consist of 7 small reefs and are about 1 kilometer in front of the coast of the seaside resort of l'Estartit and cover an area of no less than 23 hectares. This makes this breathtaking nature reserve one of the largest underwater areas of the Mediterranean. The islands are not only a beautiful underwater landscape, they are also rich in history. For example, there are various remains of Renaissance fortifications to be seen. Above all, the Medes Islands however a perfect place to diving. Under water you will discover a timeless marine universe consisting of caves and tunnels, but you will also find shipwrecks.

With a very varied flora, more than 600 different animal species and numerous diving centers in L'Estartit, divers can indulge themselves. You can participate in various excursions here, depending on your wishes and experience, but also rent diving equipment. Do you want the Visit Medes Islands without getting wet or does the whole tour group not want to dive? No problem! You can also take an excursion on a glass-bottom boat that docks along the way for the divers. This way you can enjoy the underwater life without having to dive yourself! If you are going diving in Lloret de Mar, a visit to these beautiful islands should not be missed.

Cap de Creus

Posidonia Oceanica (sea grass)

In the northern part of the Costa Brava,, at the places Llançà, Cadaqués and Roses, you will find one of the largest natural parks in Catalonia: Cap de Creus. You can enjoy one here beautiful walk or bike ride through different routess through the mountain landscape with rocks along the sea and visit an old lighthouse containing an eco-museum. The area is also home to many bird speciesincluding various eagles, kestrels, swifts and black kites.

The Cap de Creus belongs to a landscape park of 14000 hectares and of which 3000 hectares consists of water surface. This also makes it a beautiful area for diving and snorkeliefgotbers. Cap de Creus is in fact thanks to its well-lit seabed, where you Posidonia Oceanica, red coral and a variety of fish, is an unparalleled place to dive. The best way to discover the underwater world of Cap de Creus is with an organized one excursion by boat or catamaran.

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Providers of diving excursions in Lloret de Mar!

Diving in Lloret de Mar - Enjoy the breathtaking nature

Do you want to dive in Lloret de Mar through a nice excursion , then you can go to various providers in Lloret de Mar for this. Since Lloret de Mar does not have its own harbor, many of these boats are anchored in the harbor of Blanes. However, in most cases you can just leave a pick-up point in Lloret de Mar self. However, always inquire where exactly you can and must board! The largest providers of diving in Lloret de Mar are:

1. Canyelles Dive Center
Address: Av. Canyelles, 25, Lloret de Mar
Tel .: +34.626.14.23.71

2. Dolphins Diving Center
Address: Josep Tarradellas 4 Bajos, Lloret de Mar
Tel .: +34.667.88.66.48

3. Evaron Diving Center
Address: Avinguda Pau Casals, 27, Lloret de Mar
Tel .: +34.972.37.18.08

4. Oceanos Diving Center
Address: Rda. de Europa 16-18 Cala Canyelles, Lloret de Mar
Tel .: +34.972.09.07.98


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