Snorkeling in Lloret de Mar: Best Tips and Locations

snorkeling in lloret de mar

Lloret de Mar is located at the beautiful Spanish Costa Brava, with its rocky coastline, exceptional flora and fauna and pearly white hidden beaches. Lloret de Mar has been known as a bustling seaside resort since daybreak, true the nightlife never stops and the activities continue 24-7. However, Lloret de Mar's idyllic location also makes up for it a perfect destination for snorkeling. The clear azure waters of the Mediterranean, the rocky coastline and the Mediterranean climate provide the ideal living conditions for the underwater flora & fauna. Discovering this breathtaking underwater world is therefore a true experience for young and old.  

Are you going on holiday to Lloret and do you want to know everything about how and where you can best snorkel in Lloret de Mar? Then quickly read on and discover everything about it the magical underwater world of Lloret de Mar!

What is snorkeling

Snorkeling in Lloret de Mar

Snorkeling is a perfect water activity for young & old that you can do during a wonderful day at the beach or one of the many boat excursions in Lloret de Mar. Snorkeling is a form of diving but unlike diving it is practiced just below the surface of the water. After all, you have to be able to breathe through your snorkel without it filling up with water because you go too deep.

To snorkel in Lloret de Mar you do not need a diving suit and oxygen tank, nor do you have to think about the decompression levels. After all, you stay on the surface and your snorkel is your “oxygen tank”. All you need to snorkeling in Lloret de Mar is a mask, a snorkel and possibly. water shoes - and of course you have to be able to swim too?.

TipBefore going out into the sea, especially for young children, it might be a good idea to practice snorkeling in a pool first.

Conditions for snorkeling in Lloret de Mar

The Costa Brava, and therefore also Lloret de Mar, has a wonderful Mediterranean climate which stands for mild winters and balmy summers. As a result, the maximum temperatures on the Costa Brava are on average around 13 degrees in winter and around 28 degrees in summer. This of course also ensures good snorkeling temperatures in the water. So is seawater in the months of June to October about 20 to 25 degrees. Ideal for snorkeling in Lloret de Mar. In the spring, from March to May, the water is around 17 degrees and it is recommended to wear a wetsuit.

In addition to pleasant sea water temperatures, the other conditions for snorkeling in Lloret de Mar are also good. The Mediterranean Sea is known as a calm and clear sea with little current and the underwater visibility is also good. Many beaches in Lloret de Mar are therefore awarded a Blue Flag for their clear water and hygiene. The many rock formations on the coastal strip also provide a beautiful habitat for underwater life. If you go snorkeling in Lloret de Mar, you will undoubtedly see a lot of groupers, different types of bream, octopuses, barracudas, lobsters, scorpionsfishing, moray eels and even sea horses.

Where can you snorkel in Lloret de Mar?

Things to do in Lloret de Mar - Santa Cristina beach
Santa Cristina - named by many as the most beautiful beach in Lloret

With a no less than 7 km long coastline, heavenly beaches and clear sea, Lloret de Mar offers the perfect conditions for snorkeling. The numerous bays and rocky seabeds are rich in a lush underwater flora and fauna that you can observe. In principle, you can take out your snorkeling gear at any beach in Lloret de Mar and enjoy the beauty of the sea. Another wonderful option for snorkeling in Lloret de Mar is to join one fun snorkeling excursions. Here you go by boat or kayak to idyllic spots on the water and with the help of a guide you can explore the underwater world from the surface of the water.

Of course, one beach or location is more beautiful or quieter for snorkeling than the other. So where exactly do you have to be for the ultimate snorkeling experience in Lloret de Mar? Below you will find an overview of the most beautiful beaches for snorkeling in Lloret de Mar, but also some nice snorkeling excursions by boat which are well worth it!

Most beautiful beaches for snoring in Lloret de Mar

Swimming in the sea is one of the main water activities in Lloret de Mar. Lloret therefore has no fewer than 8 beautiful sandy beaches you can choose from, from large tourist beaches with all imaginable facilities to small hidden bays. One beach enjoys a wonderful long run into the sea, while the other gets deep quite quickly. For example, one beach is packed with facilities, while at the other you can enjoy the peace and nature. The most ideal conditions to go snorkeling in Lloret de Mar is of course at the quiet beaches, which get deep quite quickly and have beautiful rock formations in the water.

Sa Caleta

Castel d'en Platja at Sa Caleta

You will find the small bay right next to the main beach Playa de Lloret Sa Caleta. This picturesque beach is about 110 meters long and 15 meters wide and the sea here is incredibly clear and turquoise. Sa Caleta is one of the most beautiful snorkeling areas of the Costa Brava thanks to the many colorful fish and anemones, the beautiful rocks and lagoons. Moreover, on top of the rocks is eand beautiful castle which makes you feel like you're in the Middle Ages during your snorkeling adventure! Keep in mind, especially with young children, that the water here gets deep quite quickly.

Cala Banys

 About 10 minutes walk, from the end of Playa de Lloret at the Monument de la Doña Marinera, you will find Cala Banys. This picturesque little bay with a length of only 50 meters, surrounded by pine trees, rocks with crystal clear water and in the background the castle of Sant Joan, is a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts. Here you will find a wide variety of colored rock fish, sea urchins and a very special underwater flora. Please note: Cala Banys is not a bay for sunbathing on the beach or for small children to swim in the sea. It is one beautiful location for snorkeling or fishing.

More information about the castles in Lloret de Mar can be found here: Discover the 2 castles of Lloret: Castell Sant Joan and d´en Playa

Santa Cristina

Just 3 km south of the center of Lloret de Mar you will find the blue flag awarded Santa Cristina. This delightful 500 meter long beach becomes surrounded by cliffs and pine trees, which ensure that it is protected from the wind and waves. The sea is wonderfully calm here and shallow up to a few dozen meters into the sea. However, thanks to the beautiful rock formations in the sea, you will also find many beautiful underwater flora and fauna here, ideal for snorkelers with children who want to combine a day at the beach with snorkeling in Lloret de Mar.

Tip: If you follow the beach of Santa Cristina a little further in the south, just behind the protruding rocky part, you will discover the heaven beach, Cala Treumal. This beautiful beach is truly an exotic and unspoiled piece of paradise which also offers ideal opportunities for snorkelling in Lloret de Mar!

If you want to know more about the beaches of Lloret de Mar, take a look at: 8 Beaches not to be missed in Lloret.

Snorkel in Lloret de Mar during a boat excursion

Snorkel in Lloret de Mar on a kayak excursion!

If you really want to discover the beautiful underwater world of Lloret de Mar, it is best to do this through a fun one excursion on the water. A wonderful example of this is a sailing excursion on a catamaran. Take a seat in the big nets of the Catamaran and sail by the beautiful landscape of the Costa Brava, full of cliffs, caves and secluded beaches. During this excursion you dock at various coastal towns and enjoy a wonderful snorkeling experience like the Catamaran is at anchor!

Another wonderful excursion is a sea kayaking excursion in combination with snorkeling. Under the guidance of a professional, who knows both the area and the water like the back of his hand, you make a trip by kayak past secret coves and impressive cliffs. Admire the rugged rock formations from the water and sail along the beautiful canals of Es Bot and S'Agulla. During this tour you also bring fantastic beaches, Sa Boadella, Santa Cristina and Treumal and discover from the water and snorkel the most beautiful spots on the Costa Brava.

The ultimate snorkeling trip: snorkeling at the Medes Islands

Nature in Lloret de Mar - Medes Islands

Illes Medes (the Medes Islands) is a protected nature reserve where a limited number of visitors are allowed. The 7 islands that make up Illes Medes, are located one kilometer off the coast of L'Estartis and can only be visited by boat. Illes Medes is a very nice snorkeling spot where life underwater is dominated by many schools of colored fish, sea grass, barbs, barracudas, sea horses and octopuses. The current around Illes Medes is usually very calm, so underwater visibility is excellent. If you are going on holiday to Lloret de Mar and you are a real snorkeling enthusiast, then it is definitely worth a visit to the Medes Islands!

Tip: With many boat excursions it is possible (at an additional cost) to order a to rent snorkeling equipment. However, to avoid disappointment, always inquire about this with the provider in advance!

If you want to know more about renting a boat to go snorkeling in Lloret de Mar, read also “Rent a boat in Lloret de Mar

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Providers of snorkeling excursions in Lloret de Mar!

Do you want to rent make nice snorkeling excursion by boat, catamaran or kayak, you can go to Lloret de Mar for this at various providers. Since Lloret de Mar does not have its own harbor, many of these boats are anchored in the harbor of Blanes. However, in most cases you can just leave a pick-up point in Lloret de Mar self. However, always inquire where exactly you can and must board! The largest excursion providers for snorkeling in Lloret de Mar are:

Charter Lloret - MST Náutica

Address: C / Esplanada del Port - mooring K-5, 17300 Blanes
Tel. : +34 972 36 01 19 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm)
Tel. 2: +34 629 48 38 31 (Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 8 pm)


Catamaran Cruise

Address: c / Barcelona 7 - Tossa de Mar
Tel: 00 34 629 32 64 27


Catamaran Costa Brava

Address: Esplanada del port s / n, 17300 - Blanes
Tel: 0034 - 972108647 or 0031 - 644022889


Kayak Adventure

Address - Carrer del Carme 9, Lloret de Mar
Tel +34 645 90 79 62


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