St.Trop '- The Club in Lloret de Mar

St.Trop 'Lloret de Mar

For decades Lloret de Mar has been known as the party and party center of the Costa Brava. More than 300 entertainment venues ensure that every year more than 1,000,000 tourists can party 24/7 until the early hours. Add to that the sunlit beaches, endless activities, countless see sights and breathtaking nature at on. All in all, Lloret de Mar simply makes the ultimate holiday destination. As said, Lloret de Mar has more than enough space 300 of entertainment clubs! As many as 20 of these are large discotheques and clubs! With a local population of 38,000 inhabitants, this alone shows how vibrant Lloret de Mar is in summer!

However, with more than 20 large discos, it is sometimes also a matter of probing where you should be exactly, and if you only have a week of vacation, this can still be a difficult! So let me tell you that during your holiday in Lloret de Mar the St.Trop 'Club a real must! Discover below why you should not miss this club under any circumstances!

St.Trop - 1 of the most popular clubs in Lloret!

St.Trop 'Lloret de Mar
St.Trop, a household name in Lloret de Mar since 1962!

This great club first opened its doors in 1962, and it was one of the first big clubs on the Costa Brava. Over the years, St.Trop 'has always moved with the times, not only in terms of music style, but also in terms of decor, style and events. There simply is here something to do for every party goer at St. Trop '! In contrast to many other nightclubs in Lloret de Mar, St.Trop 'is also open all year round. So whatever time of year you stay in Lloret de Mar, you have no excuse to miss this club during your stay!

St.Trop 'offers space 2000 people, spread over three floors, and has a whopping 9 bars, 1 large dance hall, a lounge club and an exclusive VIP Club with roof terrace. A different music style sounds on every floor and the great theme parties that take place here regularly provide that little bit extra! The delicious cocktails and shots flow freely here while a famous DJ shows his skills during a spectacular laser show. Go wild in this great club in Lloret de Mar and experience an unforgettable evening with your friends. St.Trop 'can truly be called one of the coolest discotheques in Lloret de Mar and the surrounding area.

Party until the early hours at St. Trop '

As mentioned, this atmospheric disco, with an area of 1480 m2, has 3 floors where you an unforgettable evening can experience with your friends, but also with your loved one. On the ground floor you will find the large dance floor where you can dance all night long, accompanied by sublime light and laser effects, on the best beats from (international) DJs. At one of the cozy bars, with friendly staff, you can easily enjoy a delicious cold beer, tropical cocktail or shot! Especially the tasty and tropical cocktails are definitely worth a try!

Do you want to relax or have a nice chat with your friends after you have gone all out on the dance floor? Then take a seat the atmospheric Lounge Club on the first floor. The music is a bit softer here and the wonderfully inviting seating areas ensure that you can relax for a while before showing your moves on the dance floor again! You can of course order a refreshing drink at one of the 2 cozy lounge bars on these floors.

St.Trop 'Lloret de Mar
Chilling in the atmospheric Lounge Club of St. Trop '

If you want to experience a real VIP Experience, reserve a spot on the second floor. Here you will find the SKY VIP Club, the grooviest and hottest place in Lloret de Mar. In this VIP club with roof terrace you can enjoy an exclusive service in an unprecedented luxurious atmosphere. are you making VIP experience completely complete with lovely glass of champagne, one of the many different Gin Tonics or choose one of the exotic cocktails. While sipping your drink, you can also enjoy a drink from the large roof terrace beautiful view over the skyline of Lloret de Mar!

Spectacular Theme Evenings with Light and Laser Shows

St.Trop in Lloret de Mar
Experience 1 of the unique theme parties in St. Trop '

At St.Trop ', spectacular theme evenings are also organized all year round. This one very well organized theme parties are something you absolutely have to experience. Everything is right on such an evening, so you will soon be completely carried away by the uplifting music, people dressed up, delicious cocktails and spectacular laser lights. Time just flies and before you know it the lights will turn on again to go home! This means that just 1 visit to this disco is not enough. You want more, and more, and more!

But which themes are there exactly? St.Trop has a wide variety of theme evenings that they organize throughout the year. In high season there are of course weekly performances by (international) DJs which are supplemented with cool light and laser shows, but there is also a real Summer Party at this time of the year! However, St.Trop 'is really known for her Viva la Vida party. A musical spectacle with live music, sexy dancers and beautiful laser shows. Other fun theme nights are: Carnival Raw in Janeiro, 80's & 90's party, Halloween and the Wild “Zoologica” Party!

Where in Lloret is St. Trop Club ?!

St.Trop 'Club in Lloret de Mar on the map!

St.Trop is located like most restaurants, bars, clubs & discotheques in one of the many side streets of the so-called “party strip” of Lloret de Mar. The party strip of Lloret is located right in the tourist heart, near the main beach Playa de Lloret, the breathtaking boulevard and many boutiques and shops. St.Trop itself can be found at Carrer del Baix de la Riera 16, just 100 meters from the beach! After a night out, you can get a breath of fresh air by the sea!


Carrer del Baix de la Riera, 16
17310 Lloret de Mar, Girona
Tel. 972 37 31 04

Facebook / Website

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Access and opening times St.Trop

If you want to spend an evening at St. Trop, you can of course buy an entrance ticket at the door on the evening itself. During the day, however, on the beach, the boulevard and the center of Lloret as well flyered by many proppers to draw the audience in for the evening. The big advantage is that you can use these proppers free drinks, discount on entrance, or get other great offers. So if you want to spend an evening at St.Trop 'then it is definitely recommended to let a prop “convince” you why you have to go inside!

The big clubs and discotheques in Lloret de Mar open their doors between 22:00 and 23:00 and only close their doors when the sun rises around 05:00 AM / 06:00 AM. However, in most clubs and discotheques it only gets pleasantly crowded from 1 am! However, in order to avoid disappointment, it is important to keep in mind that at many major entertainment venues in Lloret de Mar minimum age 18 years is. This also applies to the purchase of alcoholic refreshments, where in Spain there is also a legal age of 18 years and older.

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Opening hours St.Trop:

10.30pm - 5am

Party 24/7 in Lloret de Mar!

Lloret de Mar entertainment area
You can go out for the ultimate night out in bustling Lloret de Mar 24/7!

Lloret de Mar has one great range of discos, clubs, bars, restaurants and even a huge casino. With no fewer than 300 entertainment venues you can continue 24/7 in Lloret de Mar. You can dance to the beats of it day and night all summer long international DJs, enjoy drinks in the VIP areas, legendary foam parties attend, sing karaoke, a exclusive pool or beach party visit, or go all out during a catamaran boat party! You can not think of it as crazy or it can be found in Lloret de Mar.

Do you want to take it a bit easier for an evening or night? No problem, in Lloret you will also find more than enough cozy restaurants, pubs, beach bars or lounge bars where you can chill or dine in peace! More information about the nightclubs in Lloret de Mar can be found at Discover the Top 12 of Best Clubs in Lloret de Mar. To find out more about the great selection of pubs, cafes and bars in Lloret de Mar, take a look at: 25 best pubs, bars and cafes in Lloret de Mar!

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