Things to do in Tossa de Mar: Top 20 of the best activities

In the North of Lloret de Mar, at about 80 kilometers from Barcelona, lies the cozy and family-friendly resort of Tossa de Mar.. Tossa de Mar, also known as the pearl of the Costa Brava, is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and historic villages of the Costa Brava,. Wonderful beaches, pleasant temperatures, fun activities, cozy restaurants and a beautiful historic center make Tossa de Mar a perfect place for an ultimate holiday or cozy day trip with the whole family. Are you curious about why a visit to this lovely seaside resort is definitely worth it? Then read on and find out in this Top 20 of best activities all about what to do in Tossa de Mar!

Things to do in Tossa de Mar!

Tossa de Mar is an historic town located between the beach of the Mediterranean and a beautiful mountainous environment. The history of Tossa de Mar dates back into Roman and even Iberian times. There are therefore many remnants that show the history of Tossa de Mar in an interesting way, especially the Middle Age is central to this. For example, the city center is surrounded by a fortress wall built in the 12th century to counter the attacks from the sea. The most spectacular and most famous historical building in Tossa is of course the beautiful castle, which is central to many photos and postcards.

Over the years, Tossa has grown into a full-fledged seaside resort where mainly families with children take refuge. The breathtaking surroundings, beautiful beaches and rich culture mean that there is more than enough to experience in Tossa de Mar. Add to that the fun activities and you will immediately understand why this seaside resort is so popular! Are you curious about this lovely seaside town and do you want to know why you should definitely visit Tossa de Mar? Below you'll find everything you need to know about the sights, activities, beaches, entertainment, shops, day trips and accommodations!

1. Discover The beautiful beaches and bays of Tossa de Mar

Platja Gran in Tossa de Mar

Thanks to a nice Mediterranean climate, mild winter and warm summers, you can do plenty of things in Tossa de Mar like enjoy the beach and the sea. There is therefore a variety of beaches and picturesque bays in Tossa de Mar. Many of these beaches and bays also enjoy a beautiful view of the ramparts of the old town.

Due to the wide variety of beaches and bays, it is important in Tossa de Mar to make the difference between "Platja" and "Cala". Platja is the Catalan word for beach and stands for a large sandy area bordering the sea. Cala refers to bays, large rocky coves with often a small stretch of beach, some only accessible by boat!

During your holiday in Tossa de Mar it is therefore up to you to choose between the beach or intimate rocky coves. However, if you are staying in Tossa de Mar with children, the large flat jacket is more suitable. In addition to coarse soft sand, ideal for lying on and building sand castles, these also have a variety of services and facilities such as sunbeds, umbrellas, first aid, water activities, toilets, etc. It is important, however, to take into account for small children that the sea water in Tossa de Mar gets quickly deep at many spots .

Things to do in Tossa de Mar
Beaches Tossa de Mar on the Map

Around Tossa de Mar you will find 15 beaches and small bays. Find bellow the best 5 beaches, both in terms of location and child-friendliness. You can find more information about the other beaches and bays here.

Top 5 Beaches in Tossa de Mar

1.1. Platja Gran

Platja Gran, in the center of Tossa de Mar, is the main and largest beach of the city with a length of 400 meters. The main beach of Tossa de Mar has been awarded with a blue flag nomination and is known for its unique landscape! On one side you will find azure blue parts of the Mediterranean Sea and on the other side the ocher-colored walls and narrow streets of the famous Vila Vella (old town). It is not without reason that this beautiful beach was ranked by National Geographic as one of the 25 best beaches in the world!

The main beach of Tossa de Mar also has many services and facilities for young and old. So you can practice here many water activities there are sanitary facilities and sunbeds as well as various cozy restaurants and bars for a deliciously refreshing snack. This beautiful beach of Tossa de Mar is also perfect to swim with children! There are nice surrounding playgrounds where they can play and the water in the small bay is also calm and shallow. In the summer months, however, this beach is very busy, so it is recommended to find a spot in time.

1.2. Platja Mar Menuda

Platja Mar Menuda is the second largest beach in Tossa de Mar with a length of almost 200 meters. Located near the city center and with its strips of fine sand and many facilities, it is an ideal place to spend a family day by the sea. The beach of Mar Menuda has, just like Platja Gran many beach facilities and services. There are possibilities for fun water and beach activities, there is a nice beach bar and there are many facilities such as showers and sun beds that you can rent. Not unimportant is that this lovely beach has also been awarded a Blue Flag!

Platja Mar Menuda is also a very popular place for diving beginners and snorkelers. The water here is beautifully clear, not too deep and there are a variety of small schools of fish swimming here. At the end of this beautiful beach you will find a cove called “Sa Banyera de Ses Dones”. In the old days this was a so-called ladies' bath because of the calm and shallow water. Today, however, this is a perfect place for young children who want to go into the water!

1.3. Platja Es Codolar

Nestled among cliffs, fortified walls and rocks, vacationers can enjoy this to the fullest small idyllic beach bay! You can swim here in a beautiful, natural and historical environment! The beach is in fact at just few minutes walk from Tossa de Mar's “Vila Vella”, right next to the Municipal Museum. Platja Es Codolar is also a wonderful place to do the famous “Caminos de Rondato Lloret de Mar as it's connected to Tossa de Mar.

In summer, this beautiful beach is very popular with tourists who visit the beautiful picturesque surroundings come admire. During the high season, the beach offers a small number of facilities for the comfort and entertainment of the tourists. A “chiringuito” (beach bar) provides refreshing drinks and small snacks. Finally, the beach of Tossa de Mar is ideal for snorkeling! The surrounding rock pools are full of fish and seaweed that you can observe. Keep in mind that here the water gets quickly deep . Small children can therefore no longer stand in the sea!

1.4. Cala Futadera

Cala Futadera - Tossa de Mar

Located a few kilometers north of Tossa de Mar, Cala Futadera is a quiet secluded bay where few people come, even during the high season. In this small gem on the Costa Brava there are therefore no or few amenities and facilities, only serene peace in a breathtaking environment. Cala Futadera is about a hundred meters long and covered with fine golden sand. The shallow water makes it an ideal place for swimming for children.

1.5. Cala Giverola

This heavenly almost 200 meter long sandy beach, north of Tossa de Mar, is undoubtedly the most popular beach in Tossa de Mar for families. You can enjoy an exceptional location between the azure blue of the Mediterranean Sea and the rocky hills covered with pine trees. There are also many amenities and facilities available on the beautiful beach. For example, thanks to the presence of a hotel complex next to it, you can enjoy several beach sports and water sports activities.

The depth of the sea around the bay also makes it a good place for snorkeling and diving. Cala Giverola is also a starting point for fun excursions at sea. So you can do here kayak along the coast, hidden caves and cliffs of the Costa Brava. You can also make an excursion from here with a glass bottom catamaran or boat. Come to the most beautiful places of the Costa Brava and discover the breathtaking underwater world.

2. Discover the Top 5 Sights of Tossa:

Thanks to the rich history of Tossa de Mar, which dates back to Roman and even Iberian times, many beautiful pieces of history have been preserved that you can admire today. There is a beautiful historic center, a breathtaking castle, a beautiful lighthouse, a Roman settlement, several museums and churches, and much more. Below you'll find the most beautiful sights of Tossa that you should not miss!

2.1. The old city center - Vila Vella

Vila Vella is the old part of Tossa de Mar, located behind the city walls in the bay of Tossa de Mar. You can stroll through the picturesque maze-like alleys with Mediterranean medieval houses and you can imagine yourself back in time. Vila Vella is also the ideal place for buying nice souvenirs and gadgets. Tired of walking? Then take a seat in one of the nice restaurants and enjoy a delicious traditional Spanish lunch!

At the top of Vila Vella you will find the famous lighthouse with viewpoint on the city, surroundings and sea. The view here is truly unforgettable, especially at sunset! Vila Vella is protected by the conservation of monuments and is therefore well preserved.

2.2. Castillo de Tossa de Mar

Vila Vella is a good example of a classic medieval village. And such a classic medieval village also includes a city wall: the big Castillo de Tossa de Mar. Castillo de Tossa de Mar has a 300 meter long wall decorated with 7 round towers, each 20 meters high. This imposing wall was built in the 12th century to protect Vila Vella from Piracy.

If you visit the castle, Castillo de Tossa de Mar, then you will be amazed by the beautiful view over the town of Tossa and the azure blue sea. It is also a wonderful place to enjoy a lovely walk. Don't forget to bring your camera for those enviable photos for Facebook or Instagram! Note: at the top of the hill you can of course also enjoy a snack and drink, however the prices here are higher than in Tossa de Mar itself.

2.3. The tower of Can Magi

Another interesting sight in Tossa de mar is the tower of Can Magi (the Moorish Tower). This beautiful 16th century tower is located on the outskirts of Tossa de Mar on a hill, again to protect the city from piracy. Today this beautiful tower serves as great viewpoint over Tossa de mar, Vila Vella, the sea and the surrounding area. The view here is indescribably beautiful.  

Despite its age, the tower is still beautifully intact is part of Castillo de Tossa de Mar. During the visit, children will feel like real knights or princesses, or perhaps even conquering pirates. For this adventure you have to take a walk uphill, however the beautiful view makes the trip upwards worthwhile. However, it is not recommended to take this walk at the hottest time of the day. It is advisable to do this in the early morning or late afternoon!

2.4. Museo del Far de Tossa

At the top of Vila Vella is the small museum 'Museo del Far de Tossa'. This museum is about the history of Tossa de mar but mainly focuses on the nearby lighthouse. Inside the museum you will find some old photos and objects, but what really matters is a film with old images of Tossa de mar, Vila Vella and the lighthouse. This movie lasts about an hour and is very interesting. Next to the museum you will also find a café, a viewing area and of course the lighthouse.

2.5. Roman ruins

Archaeological excavations have the several residents, of what is now Tossa de Mar, have been identified since ancient times. It started with the Hispanics followed by the Romans. The extension of the Roman Empire to the Iberian Peninsula strengthened the importance of this coastal village. On the outskirts of Tossa de Mar you will also find the ruins of the Roman villa Els Ametllers, which also indicate the place where Tossa de Mar was originally founded. It has a beautiful location on a mountain next to the sea, which makes it an even more special place that is definitely worth a visit.

Find more nice sights in the area of Tossa de Mar here: 23 things to do in Lloret de Mar!

3. Top 5 activities in Tossa de Mar

 You will notice, you can indulge yourself in the historical Tossa de Mar. However, history and beautiful beaches are not the only things Tossa de Mar has to offer. Tossa also has many fun activities that will enrich your holiday! Below you will find our selection of the Top 5 activities:

3.1. Diving and snorkeling

Thanks to its beautiful location on the azure blue water and the rich underwater flora and fauna, Tossa de Mar is an excellent place to go snorkelling and diving. You can do snorkeling from the beach, but also from boat excursions. This moors at various idyllic locations at sea, from which you can snore perfectly and enjoy life underwater. It is also possible to go diving. For example, at the main beach you will find several companies that offer diving excursions and lessons.

3.2. Hiking and Walking

With several mountains in the area and the sea nearby, Tossa de Mar is very attractive for hikers and hikers. Tossa de Mar has beautiful hiking trails along the coastline, including the caminos de ronda, but also several hiking trails through the mountains. These are wonderful walks where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of nature and the sea. At the Camonis de Ronda you can walk all the way from Tossa de Mar, along the coast, to Lloret de Mar and Blanes! Don't forget to go well rested! Don't just think about good footwear, sunscreen and plenty of water are very important under the warm rays of the sun!

3.3. Quad excursion

If you like speed and nature, you will certainly enjoy an organized quad excursion through the breathtaking surroundings of Tossa de Mar. This outing will allow you to discover the beauty of the Tossa de Mar area while experiencing adrenaline-filled moments! So if you really want a spectacular day out, go for a ultimate quad excursion!

3.4. Cycling and mountain biking

With the Cadiretes mountain range, the beautiful coastline and the wooded hinterland, Tossa de Mar is an excellent starting point if you like long bike rides in breathtaking surroundings. Several marked routes take you into the mountainous and wooded area, or take you to other coastal villages and seaside resorts. Up or downhill: there are routes in all kinds of difficulty levels. However, inform in advance about the difficulty of the route you want to follow. You can also enjoy beautifully organized tours given by professionals, in various levels of difficulty.

3.5. Water activities

Of course, with a location on the Mediterranean Sea, the water activities in Tossa De Mar should not be missing in this Top 5! In addition to a day at the beach, swimming, snorkeling and diving in the sea, you can also experience wonderful water activities. In Tossa de Mar you can, for example: sea kayaking, sailing, water skiing, SUP and (wind) surfing.

Do you really want to experience something special on the water then join a Catamaran trip and sail along the most beautiful places of the Costa Brava where you can only come by boat. Along the way you stop at several places where you can swim, dive or snorkel. Another beautiful boat trip is the one with a glass bottom. As you sail along the beautiful coast and the azure blue water you can see everything that happens in the water below you! Behold and admire the magical underwater world without getting wet!

If you want to know more about the fun activities around Tossa de Mar, please also take a look at: the 22 best activities in Lloret de Mar!

4. Going out in Tossa de Mar.

Because this rustic and historic resort is mainly aimed at families and couples there mainly cozy and family-friendly terraces and restaurants to find. Scattered throughout the resort are of course also several bars and cafes where you can enjoy a drink or cocktail until the late hours, there is also 1 nightclub called Sivas. Sivas nightclub is located about 500 meters from the coast and mainly attracts a young and local crowd.

You really want to ultimate going out until the early hours then you can of course go into this the bustling and adjacent Lloret de Mar (about 20 minutes by taxi)!

5. Shopping and Markets

As in most cities and towns in Spain, there is also in Tossa de Mar a weekly market. Working every Thursday , from 9am to 1pm at the Rambla Pau Casals and the surrounding streets. It is a large market with almost 100 stalls so there is something for everyone. In addition to vegetable, flower, meat and fish stables, clothes, gadgets and souvenirs are of course also sold. However, there are also plenty small shops in Tossa de Mar itself. When you walk through the narrow alleys of the old center you will find nice souvenir shops, clothing stores and small boutiques in various places.

6. Unique Daytrips

During your holiday in Tossa de Mar it is also recommended to discover the beautiful surrounding cities and areas like the cosmopolitan Barcelona, bustling Lloret de Mar and picturesque Blanes within reach. These beautiful cities are definitely worth a visit when you are on holiday in Tossa de Mar. Below you will find more information about these 3 great places!

6.1. Barcelona

Lloret de Mar to Barcelona - panorama

Discover the beautiful history, admire the Sagrada Familia, behold the art of Gaudi at Park Guell, walk on the Ramblas, visit Campnou and enjoy a delicious dinner at the beach. A visit to Barcelona is a must-do during your holiday in Tossa de Mar. You can reach this beautiful city by car, but you can also go on a completely organized excursion. You can find more information about a day trip to Barcelona here!

6.2. Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar, located on the Spanish Costa Brava and right next to Tossa de Mar, has been the ultimate holiday destination for young and old for years. Sunny temperatures, pearl white sandy beaches, a palm trees boulevard people dressed in summer, 1001 activities & see sights and a paradise for anyone who loves going out likes. In addition, in Lloret de Mar you can also enjoy culture, nature and shopping! During your holiday in Tossa de Mar, Lloret de Mar should be on your to-do list!

To know more about Lloret, read this 21 tips for an ultimate holiday or day trip in Lloret de Mar..

6.3. Blanes

Blanes is located on the other side of Lloret de Mar, in the southernmost tip of the Costa Brava. Blanes has grown over the years a modern, dynamic seaside resort, with a small historic district. There is plenty to do for families and groups of friends in Blanes and the surrounding area. Sun, sea and beach enjoy the beautiful nature, various bars, clubs & restaurants, impressive monuments and sights, a water park, an afternoon of karting or a visit to Marineland. Blanes is just a bit busier than Tossa de Mar, but a lot quieter than Lloret de Mar..

Where can I stay in Tossa de Mar?

A holiday villa is expensive? Rent Villa Dominque from € 15 per person per day

As you have read, Tossa de Mar is a beautiful picturesque seaside resort, with beautiful beaches and a great history. But which accommodations can you choose from to make your holiday in Tossa de Mar really complete ?! In Tossa you can choose from different hotels, apartments, campsites, but also luxury holiday homes. If you travel with your family and children, peace and space are of course an important aspect! If you really want to enjoy a wonderful holiday in Tossa de Mar then it is definitely recommended to rent a luxury holiday home with private pool with a reliable provider.

Do you want more places of interest in Tossa de Mar? Then have a look here!


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