Water Park Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - TOP 20 attractions

Water Park Waterworld in Lloret de Mar

Do you want to enjoy a wonderful day for all ages during your holiday in Lloret de Mar, but you not feel like going to the beautiful beaches or see sights? Then visit the Waterworld Water Park in Lloret de Mar. With a total surface area of around 140,000m2 and 20 great attractions this is the largest water park in Europe. Go wild on one of the spectacular water slides, relax in the jacuzzi or enjoy your children while they have fun on the many water play facilities.

This park guarantees a wonderful day out with the whole family or adrenalin seeking groups of friends! In this blog I will tell you all about Waterworld: what facilities there are, what attractions, opening hours, transport, prices, and much more!

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Water Park Waterworld in Lloret de Mar: Ultimate enjoyment for young & old

On the edge of Lloret de Mar, in the middle of a pine forest, you will find the largest water park in Europe: Waterworld.  This spectacular water park, with a total area of 140,000m2, has a range of attractions for both families with small children and holidaymakers looking for an adrenaline rush. 

In addition to the almost 30,000m2 of attractions the water park also has many facilities and amenities. In addition to sanitary facilities, lockers and a first aid post, you will also find several restaurants, picnic areas and sunbathing areas with shade. Waterpark Waterworld in Lloret de Mar is simply the perfect getaway during the hot summer days!

Wonderful day out with the family!

Waterworld Waterworld in Lloret de Mar offers countless activities for young and old. This way, children can enjoy and have fun on the specially designed swimming pools with slides. Kiddie Island and Kids Water World are two quiet areas, for children under 6 years, with beautiful water playground, and one pirate ship. You can of course play with your little one in the water, or enjoy the fun that your little one will undoubtedly have from the water's edge. The lovely quiet family friendly pools with Jacuzzi and hydromassage will also make you completely relax!

Waterpark Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - attraction speedslides
Waterpark Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - attraction speedslides

Enjoy this spectacular park with your friends!

This wonderful holiday park is of course not just for families with young children. Also old children, groups of friends or adrenaline seekers will enjoy a day at Waterworld in Lloret de Mar. Go high-speed on one of the spectacular slides or white water courses, let yourself be carried away on the 2 meter high waves in the wave pool or race with a rubber boat or tire from the slide. You will never be bored in this beautiful park!

Discover the 20 Top Attractions of Water Park Waterworld in Lloret de Mar here

Waterpark Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - on the map
Waterworld: All attractions and facilities on the map

1. Family Lagoon

In this wonderful family-friendly swimming pool you can relax with the whole family in the Jacuzzi with wonderful hydro-therapeutic massage setting. Relax in a world full of bubbles!

2.    Kids Water World

This beautiful great play paradise is specially designed for children up to 6 years old. With 2 slides, a mini river with attractions such as water cannons, hydrobows, water sprinklers, geysers and a pirate ship it is a mecca for small children.

Kids Waterworld
Water Park Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Kids Water World

3. Llac Infantil

This is a small swimming pool, especially for children, with 3 fun winding slides where they can slide off but also crawl all the way through. Perfect to introduce children to both the water and slides!

4. Llac Relax

Llac Relax, the name says it all, is a swimming area located in a quiet area of the park. Perfect if you want to enjoy a quiet time on the waterfront, swim under a gentle waterfall or if you want to relax in the jacuzzi.

5.    Kiddie Island

Just like Kids Waterworld, this is also an area especially for young children. Here they can play, climb, scramble and slide with their friends. As a parent you can also keep an eye on them, even if there are in this area many lifeguard !

Water Park Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Kiddies Island
Water Park Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Kiddies Island

6. Piscines la Calma

A delicious quiet oasis pool, iperfect when you want to relax. Due to the many surrounding pine trees, this is also a perfect place for your little one, in the shadow, give a little rest or even a nap.

7.    Water petit

This slide is perfect for children who are not yet allowed to use the larger slides. In a gentle, gradual descent full of curves they slide down.

8. Piscina d'Onades

This large swimming pool is perfect for a swim, but every half an hour come in this wave pool waves of no less than 2 meters towards you. A really fun experience to enjoy!

9. Storm

Waterworld Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Storm
Waterworld Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Storm

In this spectacular slide you make one super fast descent of 80 meters through a tunnel before you end up in a large funnel with a diameter of 4 meters. Here you are literally drawn into the pool by the whirlpool!  

10. X-treme Mountain

This insane slide is more than 260m long! In a rubber dinghy you are therefore more than 2 minutes on the road before you end up in the pool at high speed. These extreme slides are a must during your visit to Waterworld!

11. Speed Slides

On the 6 adjacent slides you can fight the ultimate battle with friends or family for who is the fastest! A traffic light also indicates who is really the fastest!

12. Kamikaces

Waterpark Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Kamikaces
Waterpark Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Kamikaces

You will love this real kamikaze slide 77 meters high, at 60 km / h, down. This slide is really only for the big daredevils! Do you dare?

13. Water Gegant

This beautiful slide takes you through the current, bend, after bend, after bend. It seems like there is no end to it, and you really don't want that at all!

14. Water Slopes

Also this 4 adjacent slides is perfect for competing with your family friends. Who is the fastest? Find it out here!

15. Rafting River

Waterpark Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Rafting River
Waterpark Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Rafting River

This is perhaps the best water attraction in the park! Suitable for young and old you sit on a rubber band for four people. You spend a large part of the ride in the dark, which makes it even more exciting! You let yourself be carried away by one rapids of 215 meters (155m in the dark) while making 360 ° turns. A top attraction for the whole family or group of friends!

16. Hurricanes

In this dark slide with 2-person dinghy you will be dizzying descent! The adrenaline is really running through your veins here!

Riu Salvatge

This is a beautiful whitewater courseFeeling like a stream-accelerating mountain river, it's also a great experience. You are pushed in all directions here by the fast currents and steep slopes, and there is nothing to hold on to along the way!

18. Water Mountain

Water Park Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Water Mountain
Water Park Waterworld in Lloret de Mar - Water Mountain

Together with your friend you go here in one rubber dinghy, up and down, from left to right and from light to dark, down. This big white water course is more than 250 meters long!

19. Water Ràpid

You slide on this dynamic slide at a fast pace through endless curves before you get down to the pool! 

20. Speed Furious

Last but not least, the perhaps Waterworld's most spectacular and "scary" attraction: the Speed Furious. You start here in a cabin with your arms crossed in front of your chest. Without knowing it, the “ground” is being put under your feet today and you are making a free fall in the slide.

Bungee jumping

Are all these 20 great attractions not enough for you? Then you can jump right next to the entrance of the Waterwold water park in Lloret de Mar. You make one here jumped out of a stall at a height of no less than 80 meters. Are you afraid to jump yourself? Also looking after others who do jump is more than worth it. Pay attention: Bungee jumping is not part of Waterworld ticket. If you want to bungee jump, you will have to buy a ticket for this separately on same location!


In addition to endless attractions, there are of course also several restaurants and kiosks at WaterWord where you can get refreshments such as fries, burgers, ice cream, chips, snacks or drinks. A real must for the little ones, and also the adults, is the Churreria Creperie. Here they have the tastiest pancakes and waffles! If you are ready for a hearty meal, you can go to the Poseidon restaurant or Neptuno restaurant!

In addition to delicious snacks and eateries, Waterworld also has a water shop. Ideal if you have forgotten your swimwear, slippers, sunscreen or armbands. If an accident has happened, there is of course also directly on the spot medical service (first aid) available. Finally, you can also rent a sun bed or a locker at Waterwold. With all the listed facilities it is important to mention that you not everywhere with pin or credit card can only pay with cash. So always make sure you have some cash with you!

Transport, opening hours and parking

The park is in high season open from 10 am to 7 pm. To go through the whole park, and try all the slides, you definitely need a whole day. So make sure you get there on time!

From Lloret de Mar, transport to this enormous water park is well arranged. In high season, for example, one runs every half hour from Lloret de Mar center free shuttle bus to and from WaterWorld.

Are you coming by car? There is plenty of parking at Waterworld and parking is free here!

Rates Waterpark Waterworld in Lloret de Mar?

Entrance fee children and adults from 1.20m - € 35 per person

Children of 0.80m to 1.20 m - € 20 per person

Over 65s - € 20 per person

Babies up to 0.80m - free

TIP: There are usually online discounts available for Waterworld. So it's interesting to visit the website of Waterworld keep an eye on the prices to score them a cheap ticket. In addition, it is also allowed to bring your own food and drinks!

Of course, a visit to Waterworld is one of the Highlights of Lloret de Mar!


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