12 Best BBQ Tips for your Villa in Lloret

Have you rented a holiday home in Spain, or are you perhaps still looking for one holiday house or villa in Lloret de Mar., On the Costa Brava, or anywhere in Spain? Awesome! Indeed, Spain is one of the most beautiful holiday countries in the world! However, do you know what makes a holiday in Spain even more beautiful? Right! A delicious BBQ with your family or friends! Because let's say a holiday also includes BBQ! And when it comes to barbecuing, Spain is also the country par excellence to do this in this case!

However, you must have an accommodation where you can BBQ, but it is also at least as convenient that there is already a BBQ at this accommodation! So are you a true BBQ fan and if you also think that a BBQ should not be missed during your holiday, read on and discover why BBQing during your holiday is a must, and of course 12 BBQ tips for your villa!

Why BBQ is so nice during your holiday!

Imagine yourself? The sun is shining, you lie comfortably on your lounger at the edge of you private pool with in one hand a good glass of wine and in the other that book that you had wanted to read for so long, but which you couldn't get around to. You see one in the background breathtaking scenery which slowly flows into the azure blue water of the sea! Nothing else around you but pure peace and relaxation, or laughing children who have a great time in the refreshing water of the pool! Isn't that all a vacation should be? Well, almost everything… after all, you have to eat too!

 Are you staying in a holiday home or villa on the Costa Brava then there is plenty of choice when it comes to food! After all, you have a fully equipped kitchen, sometimes even more luxurious than at home, where you can prepare whatever you want. There are undoubtedly also numerous restaurants in the vicinity of your villa where you can dine! However, the great thing about a holiday home in Spain is that they are geared towards the outdoors. This means that many villas also feature a beautiful outdoor area with swimming pool, garden, terrace, dining area, not to mention a BBQ! And no matter how well you can cook, there is nothing better than a refined piece of meat or grilled vegetables from the BBQ.  

However, BBQ is not only about the food, it is also about the fun that comes with it. After a lovely dan at the pool, as just outlined, you feel completely relaxed. All the stress of the past year has slipped away from you in an afternoon, and for the first time in ages you can really enjoy yourself. However, this does not only apply to you, but to your entire company! They will no doubt feel as relaxed as you now! Retains this relaxed outdoor living feeling! How? Move to the al fresco dining area, enjoy the beautiful view together, while enjoying a drink, and light the BBQ ...nothing beats quality time with your loved ones!     

The 12 BBQ tips for your villa!

Tip 1: Let's start at the beginning, because if you don't take this tip to heart, BBQing during your holiday will be a lost cause! Have you already rented a holiday home or villa, or are you still looking, always check if BBQ'ing is allowed, so you avoid disappointment! If this is allowed, then of course also check whether there is already a BBQ available. This is so easy of course!

Tip 2: If there is a BBQ at your villa, take a look at what kind of BBQ it is, as BBQs come in many shapes and sizes: charcoal, gas barbecue, kamado, electric and a smoker!

Tip3: If you are not familiar with the type of BBQ, do not hesitate to inquire how the BBQ works exactly!

Tip 4: Ask immediately after the BBQ explanation where you can best go for all necessities such as charcoal or gas, but also for the tastiest vegetables and meat. A local knows these things best!

BBQ Tips: Always be well prepared!

Tip 5: Make sure you have all the BBQ equipment and food at home before you decide to BBQ. After all, it is not so frustrating that after a relaxing day at the pool or on the beach you have to go shopping first, and you also have the chance that exactly that nice piece of meat is no longer there!

Tip 6: Provide a good wine with the BBQ! Spain is of course a wine country par excellence. But how do you know you have a good wine? This is actually very simple because, as in all European countries, you can recognize on the basis of the label whether you are dealing with a wine of superior quality, recognizable by the designation DO

Some Spanish wines that you should definitely try are the red wines Gran Reserva or Rioja Tinta Reserva, mainly from the typical Spanish Tempranillo grape. Prefer white wine? Then go for a Spaanje Verdejo! Something to celebrate? Then try a sparkling Cava, this sparkling wine is a beautiful, typical Spanish alternative to Spain!

BBQ Tips: Don't forget the tasty fresh vegetables!

Tip 7: Fresh Vegetables and Fruit are of course also part of a Spanish BBQ! You can buy these vegetables in the supermarket, but for the best results you can buy them at one of the local fresh markets in the area! Here the vegetables usually come fresh from the land and you will be surprised how much more colorful, bigger and juicier they are than you are used to! BBQ is very popular in Spain and most Spaniards do not hesitate to grill all kinds of vegetables, seasoned with a hint of salt, pepper, garlic, tuna and rosemary. Highly recommended are:

  • Bell pepper
  • Zucchini
  • Eggplants
  • Maize
  • Tomatoes
  • asparagus
  • Roots
  • Dates

Tip 8: The ultimate Spanish BBQ naturally also includes a tasty piece of marinated meat or fish. You can also go to the local supermarket or one of the fresh markets for this. However, do not limit yourself to the standard meat that you put on the BBQ at home, but also try the typical Spanish BBQ dishes:

  • prawns with garlic
  • Spanish crabs
  • Grilled sardines
  • Pinchos morunos of pork tenderloin (Spanish Saté)
  • Spanish Lamb Skewer
  • Spicy Spareribs
  • Spanish lamb chops
BBQ Tips: Combine your meat with a matching sauce!

Tip 9: Complete your BBQ party with a matching sauce! How you like a delicious homemade garlic sauce, Romesco, La Croix, spicy paprika sauce or the famous creamy Aioli! Sauce is always the finishing touch to every meal!

Tip 10: Increase the BBQ atmosphere with a little music! There may already be music in the outdoor area of your villa, but otherwise it is certainly a must or to ensure that there is music. So just take a bluetooth speaker with you on holiday! Don't turn the music too loud of course! This can cause problems with the neighbors (if you have these at all in your villa, but it will also not always benefit the mutual cosiness if you can no longer understand each other?!

Tip 11: Do you have neighbors? Then take some noise and smoke into account. After all, you don't want your cozy BBQ to end with a neighbors quarrel!

Tip 12: Despite the fact that it is not the best part of BBQing, this last of the BBQ Tips is important: Always extinguish the fire when you are ready (which is safe if you are in bed at night) and make the BBQ after use clean again, this prevents so much frustration on your next BBQ night, and believe me ... there are sure to be more BBQ nights if you take the pleasure of the 1th experienced !!  


So, after these 12 BBQ Tips for your villa, you are all set to enjoy a great BBQ in Spain! If you want to know more about renting a villa and the many advantages that a villa brings, read also: Villa Rental in Lloret de Mar? Your Perfect Holiday Home In 10 Steps or take a look at: Top Holidays in Lloret de Mar 2020 / 2021- 21 Tips! for a dream holiday in Lloret de Mar!

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