The Lively Center of Lloret de Mar: 7 best activities

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There is something going on 24/7 in the bustling center of Lloret de Mar. For example, you can enjoy delicious food, go out until the early hours, go shopping, sightsee or participate in endless activities. Enjoy a delicious day at the beach from Lloret de Mar, stroll across the beautiful boulevard and step right away the vibrant nightlife in the center of Lloret de Mar! Lloret de Mar is quite simply an ideal holiday destination for everyone who really wants to have everything within reach!

Do you want to know everything about the center of Lloret de Mar (Costa Brava,); what you can find and do there? Then read on and discover why Lloret de Mar is the perfect holiday destination for you!

Lloret de Mar the Perfect Holiday Destination

Lloret de Mar is located at the Spanish Costa Brava and is known for its beautiful beaches, centuries-old history, many (Aquatics) activities, breathtaking natural beauty, excellent gastronomy, good infrastructure, and of course its unparalleled nightlife. The great thing about Lloret de Mar, unlike many other seaside resorts, is that it has all these facets on it steps away from each other offers. During your holiday in Lloret de Mar you do not have to leave the seaside resort in principle and a car is also a superfluous luxury! All you have to do is book a nice accommodation and ultimate enjoyment! It doesn't get any better than that!

You will experience most activities in the bustling center of Lloret de Mar. So you will find endless restaurants, bars, clubs and discotheques here. There is a large casino where you can try your luck and experience themed evenings. Can you relax in a wellness center or spa, but also enjoy shopping, bowling, sightseeing or visiting a funfair / amusement park. So there really is something for everyone! Of course this does not mean that you have to stay in the center of Lloret de Mar by definition. This way you can find peace in one cottage in a suburb and easily look up the hustle and bustle and activities in the center when it suits you.  

Discover the Center of Lloret de Mar

center of Lloret de Mar

As indicated above, in the center of Lloret de Mar van everything to experience for young & old. But what can you really expect and find in the center of Lloret de Mar? To answer this question I have one below Top 7 composed with everything you can do and find in the center of Lloret de Mar!

1. Discotheques in Lloret de Mar

Most of the nightclubs in Lloret de Mar are located on the so-called “strip from Lloret de Mar., The wide main street Av. Just Marles Vilarrodonna, near the beach and in the center of Lloret de Mar. The “strip” is therefore “the place-to-be” if you have an evening out large and popular nightclubs in Lloret de Mar want to put on. Since tastes are different, this also applies to the discotheques in Lloret de Mar. There is one in the discotheques great variety of music styles, many international DJs perform and moreover become there different theme partiesorganized as foam parties. However, every disco has its own unique feature that attracts its visitors to come back again and again!

During the day, flyers are already flying on the beach and in the center of Lloret de Mar by the many props to attract the public to the discotheques. As soon as the sun sets, the pleasant center of Lloret de Mar is decorated by hundreds of thousands of lights and exciting party music can be heard from every tent. The nightclubs in Lloret de Mar usually open at 10 p.m. and only close when the sun comes up. If you are going on holiday to Lloret de Mar, you should definitely take a look, regardless of your age the disco world of Lloret!

Tip: the following nightclubs in the center of Lloret de Mar are definitely worth a visit: ColossosSt. Trops, Londoner, Revolution,  Bumper'sMoef GagaTropics, Temptation, Club magic, Millennium, and Alcatraz More information about the nightclubs in Lloret de Mar can be found at Discover the Top 12 of Best Clubs in Lloret de Mar, you can find more information about the minimum nightlife in Lloret de mar here.

2. Pubs, Bars, Pubs & Cafés in Lloret de Mar

In addition to a wide range of discos, the center of Lloret de Mar has a wider range pubs, (wine) bars, pubs & cafes. In Lloret de Mar, there is therefore a pleasant and cozy place for a drink for every holidaymaker! The city has a lot bars in many different atmospheres and the prices in the bars are, like everything else in Lloret, due to the high competition and happy hours very affordable. Most bars in Lloret de Mar also have beautiful outdoor areas, where you can enjoy a cocktail on the terrace in the balmy evening sun.

Whether you fancy a refreshing drink or a nice aperitif during the day, want to enjoy the best cocktails or shots or want to visit a cozy English pub or Spanish wine bodega, in Lloret de Mar this is of course no problem. However, Lloret de Mar goes one step further in its offer. So you can also go to Lloret de Mar if you need a Dutch party evening, après-ski, disco-bowling, karaoke want to sing or enjoy an evening of live music!

Tip: Nothing is too crazy in Lloret de Mar and there is something for every party and holiday maker. However, the following bars in the center of Lloret de Mar are definitely worth a look: El Pub Lloret, Tequila 85, Hula Hula, Hotspot, El Torito, De Box, Feestcafé Asterix and Cartoon.

3. Eating & Drinking in Lloret de Mar

Enjoy a delicious extensive lunch in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar has a big choice of restaurants. So there is a delicious meal for every taste and for every day. A real must during your stay in Lloret is of course try the excellent Spanish cuisine to try. Spanish cuisine is known for its unprecedented variety; tasty Mediterranean meals packed with fresh vegetables, grilled meats, seafood and fresh fruit. Olive oil, onion, garlic and parsley are also ingredients that should not be missed in Spanish cuisine. A real must are of course the well-known ones Spanish Tapas and Paella. If your looking for a place to eat tapas or paella in the center of Lloret then you have it more than enough restaurants to select from.

Are you not a fan of Spanish cuisine or fish dishes? Or do you just want to enjoy something different for an evening ?! No problem! In the center of Lloret de Mar is also in terms of diversity in restaurants, the offer is large. In addition to Spanish cuisine, you can choose from Asian, American, Italian, French, South American cuisine, but also McDonalds, BurgerKing, KFC or a traditional Dutch fries war with a frikandel special. So you certainly don't have to worry about having nowhere to go for a delicious meal in Lloret!

Tip: In the afternoon, from Monday to Friday, you can already have one in Lloret de Mar. extensive three-course day menu (incl. drink) for € 10 to € 15 per person! Read more about the Pubs, Bars, Pubs & Cafés in Lloret de Mar here: 25 Best Pubs, Bars and Cafés in Lloret de Mar!

If you want more information about the restaurants in Lloret de Mar, but also what you can expect in terms of costs and times, read on: Eating and Drinking in Lloret de Mar - The 12 Best Restaurants in Lloret!

4. Evening at the Casino with flamenco show

On the edge of the center of Lloret de Mar you will find the most famous casino of Lloret de Mar, Gran Casino Costa Brava. This large casino which can accommodate up to 1000 people has various slot machines and gaming tables including poker, roulette and blackjack. Open until sunrise, this casino has several themed bars, a large car park and organizes several times a week, in high season, typical Spanish flamenco shows. You can choose to just watch the show, but also to combine it with drinks and a delicious dinner or tapas!

5. Shopping in Lloret de Mar

In addition to numerous entertainment options, the center of Lloret de Mar also offers a variety of fashion shops, souvenir shops, perfumery and accessory shops. Everything you need for a great day of shopping. You can shop in the long shopping street Carrer de Sant Pere, to the Carrer de la Vila, or one of the surrounding streets. Besides the many stores you can also spend a day strolling around in the center of Lloret de Mar the weekly market. This takes place every Tuesday, from 08:00 to 15:00, at Avinguda del Rieral. In the 150 market stalls you will find a nice assortment of clothing, accessories, souvenirs and gadgets, all against very cheap prices! More information about the markets in Lloret de Mar can be found here!

If you are looking for a nice new outfit to explore the nightlife of Lloret de Mar, you will undoubtedly succeed in the center of Lloret de Mar. If you want to know more about shopping in Lloret de Mar, read more at: shopping in Lloret de Mar - for the best shopping experience!

6. Sightseeing in the Center of Lloret de Mar!

Iglesia de Sant Romà

Despite the fact that most of the center of Lloret de Mar is made up of nightlife and shops, there is also the possibility of sightseeing. So you will find in the middle of the center of Lloret de Mar de church of Sant Roma (Iglesia de Sant Romà), one of the main attractions of Lloret de Mar. The modernist church was built between 1509 and 1522 and stands out for the thousands of colorful mosaics on the roofs and turrets. Despite the damage done during the Civil War, you can still admire the unique and colorful decor of the church to this day.

Do you want to know more about the countless sights in Lloret de Mar? Then read on quickly at: Top 23 places of interest in Lloret de Mar

7. Fun activities for young & old

Of course there is also no shortage of activities in the center of Lloret de Mar. One of the best activities for families is and remains a game of bowling! In the center of Lloret de Mar you will find Bowling Bar la Riera, here you can compete for the most strikes with your family and afterwards enjoy delicious pancakes, waffles and ice cream in the restaurant! Another fun and especially exciting outing is a visit to one of the Escape Rooms in the city. Get locked up with your friends or family (2-6 people per room) in a themed room and find your way out within an hour by solving puzzles and riddles.

In the center of Lloret de Mar you will also find two nice little “game parks ”. The first is  Sould Park, a small fair with various fun attractions for young and old. There is a bouncy castle, ball pit, pirate ship, carousel and bumper cars. Older children can shoot guns, practice rodeo, play arcade games or hit a ball at the pool table. The second game park is Magic Park, a 2500m² indoor game garden with various activities. You can play countless arcade games here to win great prizes, but you will also find here pool table, table football, bumper cars, remote-controlled car tracks and a bowling alley.

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Practical information

Of course you will also find all kinds of practical services in the center of Lloret de Mar to complete your stay. For example, there are several in the center of Lloret de Mar banks, ATMs, post offices and telephone booths available, and you can also add a pharmacy or general practitioner consult. However, for the hospital you have to go to the next door Blanes. For tourist information you can contact one of Tourist information points (Oficina de Turismo). You can find this on the boulevard of Lloret de Mar. Finally, safety is also of paramount importance in Lloret de Mar. More information can be found below at “Is Lloret de Mar Safe? ”.

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The bustling center of Lloret de Mar on the Costa Brava, really has something for everyone and you don't have to get bored here! Would you like to know more about how you can have a great holiday in Lloret de Mar? Then quickly read on: 21 Tips for the ultimate holiday in Lloret de Mar!

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