12 Best Restaurants in Lloret de Mar - Eating and Drinking in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is a bustling seaside resort that has a lot to offer: from beautiful beaches, a wonderful climate, endless activities & see sights, to a great nightlife. The lovely seaside resort also enjoys the delicious Spanish and Catalan cuisine. So are you curious about what Lloret de Mar has to offer you? Gastronomic area, but also which restaurants should you go to? Then read on and find out everything about food and drinks in Lloret de Mar!

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Spanish world cuisine

Spanish cuisine is known for its unprecedented variety; tasty Mediterranean meals packed with fresh vegetables, grilled meats, seafood and fresh fruits. Olive oil (Spain is the largest olive oil producer in the world), onion, garlic and parsley is something that should not be missing in Spanish cuisine. The most delicious meals are prepared with these tasty ingredients!

However, the specialties most appreciated by holidaymakers are, of course, the tapas and well-stocked paellas! If you are looking for a place to eat tapas or paella in Lloret de Mar. you have more than enough choices.


Food and Restaurants in Lloret de Mar

Tapas are small Spanish appetizers of which there are more than a hundred different species. Originally a tapa is an appetizing snack mainly served in Spanish cafes and are consumed with an alcoholic drink. Nowadays you can also order small varied tapas portions in many restaurants or “tapas bars”. It's a great way to try several small Spanish dishes . Since tapas are small portions, you can order them in the bars and restaurants throughout the day without any problems!


A delicious traditional paella packed with fresh seafood!

Paella is a classic Spanish rice dish, which has become a national symbol for Spanish cuisine, but is originally from Valencia. Because paella is prepared in each region in its own way, tailored to the local products, there are many many types of paella. You have paella prepared with seafood, chicken, rabbit, vegetables (vegetarian) and sometimes even with snails.

Due to its location by the sea and the fact that Lloret de Mar is still a fishing village in addition to a bustling seaside resort, Lloret is a perfect place to eat paella with fresh seafood . In all cases, however, rice is the main ingredient of a traditional Spanish paella. Most Spaniards eat paella for lunch, the most extensive meal of the day for them.

The specialties of Catalan cuisine

Do you really want to try a Catalan specialty during your stay in Lloret de Mar? Then it is definitely recommended to order one of the dishes below during your holiday! Your choice will probably be much appreciated by the host for your exceptional good taste!

  • Suquet de peix - a delicious Catalan fish stew;
  • Graellada de peix i marisc - a well-filled bowl with all kinds of grilled fish, crustaceans and shellfish such as prawns, scampi, mussels, razors, cockles and crayfish;
  • Arroç negre - Rice over gutters with black squid ink and served with fresh shrimps;
  • Canelons –  stuffed cannelloni (meat or vegetarian) sprinkled with béchamel sauce and cheese; 
  • Cocas de chicharrones - a traditional Catalan flat bread with pork cracklings;
  • Erizos de Mar. - sea urchin;
  • Escalivada - Roasted vegetables such as bell pepper, eggplant, tomato and onion, served on a slice of toasted bread supplemented with anchovies;
  • Esqueixada - Raw cod flavored with olive oil, vinegar and salt, served in combination with tomato, onion and olives;
  • Pa amb tomàquet - bread prepared with rubbed tomato, olive oil and a pinch of salt;
  • Crema Catalana - The Catalan version of the crème brûlée.

Local and international dishes!

Are you not a fan of Spanish cuisine or fish dishes? Or do you just want to enjoy something else for an evening ?! No problem! Lloret de Mar also offers a wide range of restaurants. In addition to Spanish cuisine, you can choose from Asian, American, Italian, French, South American cuisine, but also McDonalds, BurgerKing, KFC or traditional Dutch Frikandel are available. So you don't have to worry about having a delicious meal anywhere in Lloret!

What meals when in Lloret de Mar.

The meals and meal times in Lloret de Mar may differ from the times we are used to. Below you will find an overview of the usual times in Spain, so you know what you can take into account, but also so that you are not too surprised when you see full meals at times that you are not used to?!

The breakfast (el desayuno) is generally quite similar to what we are used to. A café con leche (coffee with warm milk) or Americano (espresso supplemented with hot water), a fresh orange juice, croissants or toast with jam or a light cheese.

The lunch (la comida) is the most elaborate meal of the day, it therefore contains several courses (aperitif, starter, main course and dessert, usually served with wine. Lunch in Spain starts around 2:00 pm and lasts an hour or two.

Enjoy a delicious extensive lunch in Lloret de Mar

A tasty snack (la merienda) most Spaniards eat around 6 PM. Something that is often necessary because in time there is a big gap between lunch and dinner.

Dinner (la cena) is again a hot meal in Spain but a lot simpler and smaller than during lunch. Dinner in Spain will therefore only take place after 20:00. For this reason, it is important to note that some restaurants in Lloret de Mar do not open their doors until 20:00.  

The wine of the region

If you want to enjoy culinary delights in Lloret de Mar like a local, wine should of course also be part of your meals. Wine is present in Spain with almost every meal, including Lloret de Mar. One of the wine regions closest to Lloret de Mar is Penedés, a region best known for the delicious bustling Cava.

Are you more of a red or white wine lover? Even then you can indulge yourself with the wines from the Penedés region. South of the Penedés region, you will find the Priorat region where some of the best white and red wines in the country are made. Once you know this, it is not surprising that the Spaniards love wine with food!

Eat cheap in Lloret de Mar

Eat or drink, just like for many other things in Lloret de Mar., without spending too much money. There are restaurants to suit every budget, where you can eat well for a good price. For a three-course menu (starter, main course and dessert) with a drink, you pay € 10 to € 15 per person at lunchtime, from Monday to Friday, at many restaurants. And in the evening you can just eat a sandwich or pizza. It is therefore not necessary to bring a lot of money for the food for your holiday in Lloret!

True Eating and Drinking in Lloret de Mar ?: The 12 Best Restaurants

1. Giorgio Restaurant

Restaurant Giorgio is an excellent restaurant for modern Mediterranean cuisine. It has everything you would expect from a middle class restaurant: A good menu (also with vegetarian options), a very good wine list, cozy corners and comfortable chairs. The hosts are also very friendly. The restaurant has an 'outside' section and 2 spacious dining rooms inside. Here you come completely at rest and you can enjoy a delicious Spanish & Catalan meal.

Would you rather eat and drink at the beach of Fenals? Then go to the other restaurant of the same owner: Xaloc

Practical information

Price: At lunch you can choose a 3-course menu from 15, - Euro.

Address and contact details:

Av. Mare de Déu de Gràcia, 21 17310 LLORET DE MAR (Girona) Phone: 0034-972360160 Website

2. Restaurant el Jardin

El Jardin is open since many years in Lloret and has built an excellent reputation over the years. The quality of the Mediterranean cuisine combined with a pleasant atmosphere makes it a great place to dine with friends and family! The restaurant also has an excellent price-quality ratio.

Practical information

Price €: During lunch you can choose a daily menu for less than 12 euros.

Address and contact details:

Carrer de l'Areny 19 17310 LLORET DE MAR (Girona) Phone: 0034-972366682 Website

3. Restaurant El Trull

Restaurant El Trull is located right next to the beach of Canyelles. You can enjoy a beautiful sea view here. The unique setting, consisting of various lounges and private spaces for between 30 and 550 people, exudes a pleasant yet luxurious ambiance. On the menu card you will find refined here Spanish dishes, as Paella or Zarzuela, a traditional dish based on seafood, similar to a French Provencal bouillabaisse. However, you can also enjoy a foie gras and many other international dishes here.

After a day shop or market in Lloret hungry? Then have a nice lunch at El Trull.

Practical information

Price: During lunch you can choose a daily menu from 20 Euro pp

Address and contact details:

Cala Canyelles S / N 17310 LLORET DE MAR (Girona) Tel: 0034-972364928 Website

4. Sant Pere del Bosc Restaurant

You will find it in an exceptional natural and historical setting, in a former abbey cloister Sant Pere del Bosc restaurant. This place is a feast for the eyes as well as for the palate! This stylish restaurant serves good quality dishes inspired by traditional Catalan and Spanish cuisine. You will find many dishes based on fish and seafood and the “Sant Pere del Bosc mussels” are the specialty of this restaurant!

After such a delicious dinner you return to yourself luxury villa with pool in Lloret not to take a drink. Perfect holiday right?

Practical information

Price: During lunch you can choose a daily menu from 35€ pp

Address and contact details:

Paratge de Sant Pere del Bosc 17310 LLORET DE MAR (Girona) Phone: 0034-972361636 Facebook

5. Restaurant Freu

In the city center of Lloret de Mar, in a beautiful setting, this restaurant offers a new take on Catalan cuisine. They have been serving high-quality Mediterranean dishes here for more than 10 years, using fresh local products. If you are looking for one chic place to dine, or want to enjoy a romantic dinner for two, this is the perfect place. In a quiet atmosphere, you can enjoy the exceptional surroundings of the terrace and gardens here.

Practical information

Price: During lunch you can choose a daily menu from 18.50 Euro pp

Address and contact details:

Gran Hotel Monterrey Avda Vila de Tossa, 27 17310 LLORET DE MAR (Girona) Phone: 0034-972369326 Website

6. Restaurant Atics-La Carpa

Here you can enjoy a delicious Mediterranean meal, with delicious fresh local products and a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. If you are looking for one cozy or romantic place to dine then this is the place to be. Moreover, the dishes here are also very affordable!  

Practical information

Price: During lunch you can choose a daily menu for less than 15 Euro pp

Address and contact details:

C / Josep Tarradellas, 1 17310 LLORET DE MAR (Girona) Phone: 0034-972369383 Website

7. La Lonja Restaurant in Lloret

La Lonja is located in a small street that ends right on the boulevard, just a short walk from the historic center of Lloret de Mar. This small restaurants offers traditional tapas in addition to à la carte Spanish wines and the famous sangria. The choice of tapas is huge here, but the specialty here is fish. If you good fish in Lloret de Mar want to eat, then look no further!

Practical information

Price : At lunchtime you can choose a daily menu from 17.90, - Euro pp

Address and contact details:

Calle Santo Tomás 11 17310 LLORET DE MAR (Girona) Tel: 0034-972367499 Facebook

8. Mesón Montevideo restaurant

In the heart of Lloret de Mar, travel to Latin America with this restaurant serving Uruguayan specialties. Ideal for those with a big appetite as it offers various grilled meat dishes at reasonable prices. The restaurant offers one varied menu with a large choice of fresh pasta and vegetable dishes. But if you're wondering where you can get delicious burgers in Lloret de Mar, then this place is definitely a good option!

Practical information

Address and contact details:

Ausias March 9 17310 LLORET DE MAR (Girona) Tel: 0034-638776533

9. Restaurant Can Guidet

The restaurant is just outside the bustle of the city center, near the Evenia Olympic Palace. In this cozy restaurant, where you will also meet many locals, you can enjoy generous and delicious traditional Catalan dishes. It's also a great place in Lloret de Mar to eat a tortilla accompanied by tomato bread. Can Guidet is a family restaurant ideal for trying Spanish cuisine.

 Practical information

Price: During lunch you can choose a daily menu from 15, - Euro pp

Address and contact details:

Senyora de Rossell 28 17310 LLORET DE MAR (Girona) Phone: 0034-972371659 Facebook

10. Restaurant Mas Romeu

Mas Romeu is located inland, 2km from the center of Lloret de Mar, in a natural setting and therefore has an extensive area for fine outdoor dining. There is no doubt about the quality of the cuisine at Mas Romeu: the restaurant is very renowned in the region for its menu and is recommended in the Michelin Guide 2018. In addition to Catalan cuisine, they also serve countless grilled meat and fish dishes. As a dessert, you cannot ignore the Catalan cream.

Practical information

Price: During lunch you can choose a daily menu from 15, - Euro pp

Address and contact details:

Avinguda Mas Romeu 3 17310 LLORET DE MAR (Girona) Phone: 0034-972367963 Website

11. Can Bolet restaurant

Can Bolet is not just a good place in Lloret de Mar: it is a historical location! For more than 50 years, it has been serving varied Catalan cuisine, as well numerous seafood and fish specialties. At Can Bolet it is served in different ways: in tapas, in paella or on a plate. There is even a menu devoted purely to seafood. And to top it off, the restaurant serves homemade desserts.

Practical information

Price: At lunch you can choose a daily menu from € 14, - Euro pp

Address and contact details:

Sant Mateu, 6 17310 LLORET DE MAR (Girona) Tel: 0034-972371237 Website

12. Restaurant Sybius Canyelles

Restaurant Sybius, Cala Canyelles

Last, but not Least: Looking for a restaurant for that one memorable night? At the beach with an amazing view? Then go to the Restaurant Canyelles on the sandy Beach of Cala Canyelles. The Canyelles beach is located between Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar and is easy to find.

You can sit inside, but the restaurant has a large terrace with sea view. It features Mediterranean cuisine and the fish in particular is spectacular.

Practical information

Price: Restaurant Sybius is not cheap, but provides a good experience and food for the money.

Address and contact details:

Avinguda de Canyelles 2

17310 LLORET DE MAR (Girona) Tel: 0034-972371201 Website


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