Top 10 Highlights in Lloret de Mar - Not to be Missed!

holiday in Lloret de Mar - Playa Lloret de Mar.

Lloret de Mar is one cosmopolitan seaside town to the Spanish Costa Brava,. The beautiful nature, endless activities, vibrant nightlife and countless sights ensure that you will never be bored during your holiday in Lloret de Mar. Whether you go with friends, family or a loved one, Lloret de Mar simply has something for everyone! However, due to the wide range of possibilities, it is sometimes difficult to see the forest for the trees. Because what should you definitely have done, and what should you really not missn, if you go on holiday to Lloret de Mar.

To make sure you get the most out of your holiday in Lloret de Mar, I have one below Top 10 with the real highlights in Lloret de Mar!

The 10 highlights in Lloret de Mar

Discover the heavenly sandy beaches

highlights of Lloret de Mar
Highlights in Lloret de Mar - Santa Cristina beach

Thanks to its beautiful location on the Spanish Costa Brava and the azure waters of the Mediterranean Lloret de Mar has a wonderful diversity of beaches. For example, Lloret de Mar has a choice of no fewer than 8 different beaches, of which no less than 4 have been awarded a Blue Flag nomination. From large tourist beaches such as Playa de Lloret and Playa Fenals, to small picturesque hidden bays such as Cala Banys and Cala Boadella. Whether you want delicious chilling on the beach in peace and space or just want to be active on the beach or water, on the beaches of Lloret de Mar there is something for everyone!

If you want to know which beach best suits your needs, read on the 8 most beautiful beaches of Lloret de Mar.. Here you will find everything you need to know about the beaches in Lloret de Mar, as well as how to get there! No holiday in Lloret de Mar is complete without a wonderful day at the beach!

2. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife!

Going out is of course one of the highlights in Lloret de Mar!

Lloret de Mar has been known for her since dawn vibrant nightlife. With no fewer than 300 entertainment venues, including more than 20 large discotheques, the party in Lloret continues 24/7. Every moment of the day there is therefore somewhere in Lloret de Mar to find a place to let go. Do you really want to start your day? Then visit one splashing pool party, enjoy one exclusive party on the beach or go completely loose on one party boat. Of course also have the many beach bars and bars in the center open their doors for you in time for a delicious snack, a cold beer or exotic cocktail.

However, the real hustle and bustle in Lloret de Mar only starts in the late hours, when the majority of the people have returned after a day at the beach, sightseeing or one of the many other activities, and the big clubs and discos have opened their doors. During your holiday in Lloret de Mar it is really a must to visit at least one of the large clubs or discotheques, as Colossos, Tropics, Millennium Party and St. Trop to have visited! Go wild with over 2000 other holidaymakers to the beats of international DJs of world renown!

If you want to know more about the nightlife in Lloret de Mar, read also: Top 12 Best discotheques in Lloret de Mar!

3. Culinary enjoyment in Lloret de Mar

Enjoy a delicious extensive lunch in Lloret de Mar

Spanish cuisine is known for its unprecedented variety; tasty Mediterranean meals packed with fresh vegetables, grilled meats, seafood and fresh fruit. Olive oil, onion, garlic and parsley is also something that should not be missed in Spanish cuisine. With these tasteful ingredients are therefore the tastiest meals prepared! However, the specialties most appreciated by vacationers are, of course, the tapas and well-stocked paellas! If your looking for a place eat tapas or paella in Lloret de Mar. you have more than enough choice. Culinary enjoyment is certainly one of the highlights in Lloret de Mar!

Eat or drink, just like for many other things in Lloret de Mar., don't spend too much money. There are restaurants in Lloret de Mar to suit everyone's budget, where you can enjoy good food for a good price. For a three course menu (starter, main course and dessert) with a drink you pay at many restaurants at midday, from Monday to Friday only € 10 to € 15 per person. If you want to know everything about Spanish cuisine and the best restaurant in Lloret de Mar, take a look at: Eating and Drinking in Lloret de Mar - The 12 Best Restaurants in Lloret.

Experience an exciting day on the water

Highlights in Lloret de Mar: a trip on a Catamaran along the coastline

The beautiful location on the Mediterranean makes Lloret de Mar an ideal destination for water sports enthusiasts. The possibilities on and in the water of Lloret de Mar are endless. This way you can not only enjoy a refreshing dip in the azure blue water, you can also enjoy it perfectly diving, snorkeling, parasailing, jet skiing, wakeboarding, sea kayaking, SUP and, water skiing. On the large beaches you can of course also rent a pedal boat with your friends or family, go on the banana boat, a rent a boat, the ski bus or the flying fish.

One of the real highlights in Lloret de Mar on the water is taking a trip on one catamaran or glass bottom boat. You will cruise along the breathtaking coastline with hidden caves and high cliffs, moor at idyllic spots that can only be reached from the water and make several stops for a dip in the water or a real snorkel or diving adventure! If you want to know more about the endless water activities of Lloret de Mar, read more at: Top 20 water activities in Lloret de Mar

5. Waterworld

Excursions in Lloret de Mar - Waterworld

On the outskirts of Lloret de Mar you will find the spectacular Waterworld water park. This water park is with 20 top attractions one of the largest water parks in Europe and thus certainly one of the highlights in Lloret de Mar. Crazy slides, wild water courses, water playgrounds for the children and various swimming pools with wave pool or jacuzzi, the real water rat can indulge themselves here without any doubt. Due to the great diversity of attractions and facilities Waterworld Lloret suitable for all ages, because there is for it any age plenty to do for an ultimate day out. And if the adrenaline isn't running through your veins enough, combine your visit to Waterworld with one bungee jump experience on the adjacent site!

6. Karting in Lloret de Mar

Do you want to experience a real thrill-seeking action in Lloret de Mar in addition to sun, sea and beach ?! Then a day at Go Karts Lloret is really something for you! With 270 cc karts that have a top speed of no less than 85km / h fetch, on one course of more than 600 meters, you can feel the adrenaline rushing through your body without a doubt. Take on your family, friends or make it a fun outing with the kids on the racetrack. Thanks to the karts specially designed for children, they too can have the day of their lives here! Read everything you need to know about a day out Karting in Lloret de Mar at Go Karts!

7. Relax for a day in the Botanical Gardens of Santa Clotilde

When hearing Lloret de Mar, many people think of sun, sea, beach and young people partying. However, Lloret de Mar is so much more than that. Thanks to its beautiful location on the Costa Brava, with on one side the azure sea and one on the other beautiful mountainous surroundings, Lloret de Mar also has a beautiful nature that ideal for nature lovers. From hiking, to walk, bicycles, mountain bikes to horse riding, it is all possible in the area of Lloret de Mar.

One of the real natural highlights in Lloret de Mar is the Santa Clotilde Botanical Gardens. Located next to Fenals beach, these romantic botanicals are nearly 100 years old and are seen as one of the best historical Mediterranean gardens in Europe. In addition to the breathtaking view, you can enjoy this during a lovely walk fountains, marble sculptures and exotic trees and flowers. Combine your visit to the gardens with a day relaxing on the beach.

Do you want to know more about the endless possibilities that the nature of Lloret de Mar has to offer:  Enjoy Nature in Lloret de Mar - Top 12 Beautiful Places

8. Admire the breathtaking castles

Highlights in Lloret de Mar: Castell d'en Plaja

Lloret de Mar is today a fashionable, bustling seaside resort where there was something to do 24/7. However, the history of Lloret de Mar goes back to the 4th century BC. The 3 Iberian Archaeological Settlements and numerous sights dating from the Middle Ages and Spanish Empire that you can visit in Lloret de Mar are the undisputed proof of this. During your holiday in Lloret de Mar, you will not escape the beautiful piece of history that this seaside resort is rich.

What is definitely worth a visit during your holiday in Lloret de Mar, even if you don't like history and sights, are the 2 beautiful castles of Lloret de Mar! First of all, you have Castell de San Juan. This medieval fortification, with its large renovated tower, offers, in addition to a piece of history, one of the most beautiful and unparalleled views of the Costa Brava. Then there is also Castell d'en Plaja. A gorgeous fairytale castle, dating from the mid-20sth century, which was built at the foot of the hill near the bay of Sa Caleta. On almost every postcard and website about Lloret de Mar, this fabulous castle appears as one of the highlights in Lloret de Mar!

Do you want to know what makes these castles so special that you should definitely visit them? Then quickly read on: Discover the 2 castles of Lloret: Castell Sant Joan and d´en Playa!

9. Shop-until-you-drop in Lloret de Mar!

Lloret de Mar Shopping

Lloret de Mar is of course known for her beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife. Lloret de Mar is also the place-to-be if you want to go shopping for a day, which is why it should certainly not be missing in the list of highlights in Lloret de Mar! If you want a day of extensive shopping in Lloret de Mar, you can not only go to the cozy center, with various shopping centers, various designer shops, a range of small boutiques & souvenir shops, but also the great boulevard on the beach and at the daily and / or weekly market! The city also organizes special shopping festivities several times a year, with high discounts.

So if you want to know everything about where you can shop in Lloret de Mar, which shops there are, the opening times and special festivities, please read further at: Lloret de Mar!

10. Barcelona Day Trip

Discover the breathtaking metropolis of Barcelona

During your holiday on the Spanish Costa Brava, a visit to the cosmopolitan metropolis Barcelona of course also among the highlights in Lloret de Mar. You will find Barcelona only 80 km from Lloret de Mar! Stroll on the Ramblas, admire the world famous Sagrada Familia, walk on Gaudi's Parc Güell, visit the stadium Camp Nou and discover all the beauty that this city has to offer! Do you want to know what to do in Barcelona and how to get here from Lloret de Mar? Then take a look at “From Lloret de Mar to Barcelona Day Trip - Top 10”.

Besides Barcelona there are of course many more unforgettable excursions that you can count among the highlights in Lloret de Mar. How about a boat trip to the Medes Islands, right away helicopter or hot air balloon on the Costa Brava, one jeep or quad safari through the mountains or a typical Spanish evening with Flamenco show. This choice of excursions is huge! Do you want to know more about the great excursions you can make during your holiday in Lloret de Mar? Then take a look at: Top 12 Best Excursions in Lloret de Mar!


As mentioned, the highlights in Lloret de Mar are endless and there is more than enough to do in Lloret de Mar for every holidaymaker, young and old! So are you ready to plan your dream holiday and discover the highlights in Lloret de Mar, then follow the link below to our step-by-step plan for booking an unforgettable holiday in Lloret de Mar:  21 Tips for a Top Holiday in Lloret de Mar

Do you want to rent a villa in Lloret de Mar? Then look first here and here!

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