Is Lloret de Mar expensive? No, no! Cheap!

Lloret de Mar expensive? No, rather cheap!

Is Lloret de Mar expensive? How much does Lloret de Mar cost? Those are questions we often hear. We will answer that in this article! In short: Lloret de Mar is actually not expensive at all. It is cheap! It is not expensive to live there and it is certainly not expensive to go on holiday.

Lloret de Mar is also not expensive to travel to, to stay in a villa or holiday home, but also the food & drink in Lloret de Mar is anything but expensive! The answer to the question “is Lloret de Mar expensive”? is actually very simple! Lloret de Mar is cheap! Find out below why I can safely say that Lloret de Mar is cheap!

Cheap Travel to Lloret de Mar!

First of all, let's talk about how to get to Lloret de Mar and what it costs too. From the Netherlands and Belgium there are different options to get there, and no, I don't assume that you will walk all the way ;-).

By car to Lloret

By car to Lloret de Mar - landscape en route#1
Expensive by car to Lloret de Mar? No, but beautiful!

The first option, and after walking also the most independent option, is with your own transport (car or motorcycle) to Lloret de Mar. This option can be very cheap, especially if you are in a car with several people. In addition, you also have in Lloret de Mar. no other means of transport (taxi, bus, train, rental car) is needed anymore. This also saves costs. However, with this option you have to take into account toll roads (otherwise it will take a lot longer) and fuel.

Due to the current low fuel prices, especially in Belgium, France and Spain itself, a single car trip to Lloret de Mar costs about € 120 and € 240 return (reference year 2021). In this calculation I have assumed an average petrol price of € 1.30 per liter and a consumption of 1/13. If you drive on gas or diesel or if your car is more economical than 1/13, the costs will be even lower! The toll you have to pay to get to Spain from the Netherlands / Belgium (with a passenger car) is approximately € 90 for a single journey and € 180 for return.

So you can travel to Spain by car for just € 420 return! If you are going on holiday with several people, you can of course also divide these costs! Keep in mind that, with a few short stops to refuel, it is a 14-hour drive from Utrecht to Lloret de Mar.

If you want more information about getting to Lloret de Mar by car, read on at: By car to Lloret de Mar? You will find the best travel information here!

Bus trips to Lloret de Mar.

You can also get to Lloret de Mar by bus. There are many coach organizations for bus travelers (such as Solmar Tours) that offer bus trips to Lloret de Mar. On these bus trips there are often several boarding points in the Netherlands and several exit points in Spain, including Lloret de Mar. It is important to keep in mind that the bus is limited to a maximum speed of 80 km per hour and that several (longer) stops are also planned. A bus trip can easily take 24 hours.  

Every year tens of thousands of people come to Lloret de Mar by bus, the reason for this is that this one of the most economical ways is to get to Lloret de Mar. You are already for about € 100 per person in Lloret de Mar. However, keep in mind that you do not have your own transport available in Lloret de Mar and are therefore dependent on your feet, the bus, train, taxi or rental car!

Fly to Lloret de Mar

how long to fly to Lloret de Mar.

Finally, you can also choose to go by plane to Lloret de Mar. Well, not to Lloret itself, because Lloret de Mar does not have an airport, but to one of the airports that are nearby. The nearest airport is Girona Airport. It is flown from the Netherlands by, among others Transavia and Ryanair. These are airlines known for their low prices. Girona Airport is 38 km (half an hour) drive from Lloret de Mar. You can also flying to Barcelona airport with Vueling (also often cheap tickets) or with KLM from Amsterdam to Barcelona. 

How long is the flight to Lloret de Mar?

It is a 2 hour and 10 minute flight from the Netherlands (Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Rotterdam) to Girona and Barcelona. From the airport you can then use the public transport towards Lloret de Mar or you can rent a car here. Tip: if you go by public transport and land at Barcelona Airport, it is to take the train that leaves from the station in Barcelona (Sants) and then follows a very nice route along the coast and ends in Blanes. In Blanes you can then take a taxi to Lloret de Mar. This is not the easiest route, but it is the most beautiful.

Of course you can also directly taxi to Lloret de Mar from Girona. This costs about € 50 (from Barcelona about € 135). The taxi is therefore the more expensive option. The cheapest is by bus. If you want to know more about traveling by plane to Lloret de Mar, read more on: Fly to Lloret de Mar.

Stay in Lloret de Mar is Cheap

Lloret de Mar expensive? Discover Villa Nayara near Lloret de Mar!

As explained in more detail in the previous section, you can travel to Lloret de Mar for a very affordable price. But what about the accommodations in Lloret de Mar? Well good news! In Lloret you don't have to spend that much money to sleep in one residence. So you can quickly become one of the thousands gooddbuy apartments or rent hotel rooms. Moreover, if you go to Lloret by bus, there is often an all-in 'op, in which the hotel room and sometimes a meal are already included in the price. However, the choice is not too wide and it is also questionable where exactly you will end up.

However, one option that people don't think often is renting one holiday house or villa in Lloret de Mar.. I can already hear you thinking: “That is way too expensive”! Well, not! Renting a holiday home or villa in Lloret can be a very cheap solution. Especially if you go to Lloret with several people, because then you can share the costs for the holiday home together. With several people, the costs per night per person are often even lower than a stay at the campsite. And if you off season too it is even cheaper! Did you know, for example, that you can already rent a 10-person villa in Lloret from € 7 per person per day ?!

Would you like to spend the night in Lloret de Mar expensive? So here too I can safely say, NO, certainly not! If you want to know more about renting a villa or holiday home in Lloret de Mar, and why this is so cheap, read more here: Top 10 villas in Lloret de Mar! Do you also want a discount on a holiday home or villa? Then look here for the Club Villamar Discount Code!

Cheap food and drinks

Lloret de Mar expensive? Enjoy the Menu del Dia in Lloret!

So we have just found that you can travel cheaply to Lloret de Mar, but you can also stay overnight! However, you must also eat & drink! Well then let me tell you that for the prices of the food and drink you definitely don't have to stay away! Of course you can also spend a lot of money in Lloret de Mar on luxury food and cocktails, but that is absolutely not necessary. Everywhere in Lloret de Mar there are cheap ones restaurants where you can eat for a good price, especially if you go for the Menu del Dia! 

Insider tip: Enjoy a lunch menu on the terrace of the restaurant Xaloc. Good quality for a very good price.

In Spain (also in Lloret de Mar) it is very normal to have a hot lunch in the afternoon… .. and then have a siesta. For such a warm midday meal, a three-course menu (the Menu del Dia) with starter, main course and dessert, and often a drink included, you generally pay between € 10 and € 12. And in the evening you can just eat something nice and light such as a baguette. At the hotspots of Lloret de Mar you can of course also eat or buy a quick bite everywhere: sandwiches, burgers, pizza slices (2.50 Euro), there is really everything on offer and at a low price.

If you stay in Lloret de Mar in your own holiday home or villa, then the food and drink does not even have to be more expensive than you would have spent there! After all, you have your own fully equipped kitchen where you can prepare whatever you want. And for the enthusiasts, most holiday homes and villas also have a BBQ! Read our here 12 BBQ Tips!

Shop at the local markets for the tastiest fresh products at the best price. And by chance something is not available in the villa or you have forgotten something, too shopping in Lloret de Mar is definitely not expensive, but a lot of fun!

The Activities In Lloret

Lloret de Mar expensive? Endless free water fun on the countless beaches!

On the field of activities you can make it as crazy as you want in Lloret de Mar, just like in any bustling seaside town! It is a fact, however, that Lloret de Mar is also a lot cheaper than the French coastal towns in this area. This is how you pay in terms of water activities in Lloret de Mar. for a ride on the banana boat about € 15, - per person, for parasailing about € 50 per person and jet skiing you can do from € 70, -. You can also opt for a day with the children to Gnomo Park, Marineland or Waterworld. Prefer something cheaper? Then take them with you for a day Snorkeling or try Stand-Up Paddle!

Also most places of interest in Lloret de Mar are not expensive, some are even free! The cheapest thing to do in Lloret de Mar is probably walking. Dull? Certainly not, walking in Lloret de Mar is anything but boring! There are beautiful coastal routes available here for hours of walking, and where you also encounter beautiful free sights along the way! Or just stroll around on the beautiful boulevard!

Finally, you can of course also just go to the beach for a day! One of the nicest options, and one of the cheapest too! After all, a day at the beach is necessary an ice cream at one of the ice cream parlors after, not much to cost!

Look here for the 8 most beautiful beaches in Lloret de Mar!  

Is the nightlife in Lloret de Mar cheap?

Going out in Lloret de Mar expensive? You can make it as crazy as you want!

You may think that Discos in Lloret de Mar. is expensive, but that is not too bad! Again, as with everything else, you can drive it as crazy as you want! Most entrance fees discotheques are very doable and there is often also a drink included. If you compare the discotheques of Lloret de Mar with discotheques in the Netherlands, you can even say that the price here for alcohol low is.

In addition to the large discotheques, Lloret de Mar naturally has many other entertainment venues. And you can imagine that with such a wide range the competition is also fierce. Lots of cafes, beach bars and clubs therefore offer special prices for beer and cocktails, and Happy Hour is still a concept! So you can just do another one here buy beer for a 1 Euro or a glass of wine for only € 2. Of course you shouldn't order overpriced cocktails all night long if you want to have an affordable evening.

In Lloret de Mar you can actually have a very pleasant evening with (very) little money in your pocket. 

Conclusion: Lloret de Mar Expensive?

Looking at all these things that make your holiday complete: from travel to accommodation and from food and drink to activities, you can actually say that Lloret de Mar is the perfect destination for people thinking about their budget or want to travel cheaply, but also for people who do not need or want this. Is Lloret de Mar expensive? No, because you can make it as crazy as you want, but you certainly don't have to bring a lot of money to enjoy a successful holiday in Lloret de Mar! Because let's be honest: the beach, the sea, the friendly people ……. it's all free once you get there!


So we have just established that Lloret de Mar is anything but expensive! There is an accommodation for every target group and for every budget, and more than enough to experience. Do you want to know more about how you can have a wonderful holiday in Lloret de Mar? Be sure to read this one 21 Tips for the ultimate holiday in Lloret de Mar! We would like to see us soon in beautiful Lloret de Mar.

What does a holiday in Lloret de Mar cost?


More Frequently Asked Questions

Lloret de Mar expensive?
Lloret de Mar expensive? Lloret de Mar Warm? Lloret de Mar safe?

How warm is it in Lloret de Mar?

Lloret de Mar has a Mediterranean maritime climate. This ensures that it is nice and warm in the summer (an average of 29 to 30 degrees in July and August) and also very pleasant in the winter. It never really snows.

More information about the climate can be found here: Climate in Lloret de Mar; Warm summers and mild winters!

How big is Lloret de Mar?

Lloret de Mar has an area of about 40km2 and outside the high season it has about 40,000 inhabitants. In the summer, however, it is a lot busier, these numbers quickly rise to no less than 100,000 to 160,000 “temporary” residents, this is of course due to the many tourists and thus employment.

More general information about Lloret de Mar can be found here: Where exactly is Lloret de Mar located ?!

Is Lloret de Mar safe?

It is generally very safe in Lloret de Mar. Of course many people come to Lloret to celebrate and drink alcohol, but the police are always close by. The municipality of Lloret takes the safety of its guests very seriously.

More information about safety in Lloret de Mar can be found here: Is lloret de Mar safe!

What are the most popular villas in Lloret de Mar?

The most popular (and most rented) villas in Lloret de Mar on the Spanish Costa Brava, are the beautiful villas Leyla and Romana. These villas with sea view and private pool remain top of the Club Villamar range.

More information about the villas in Lloret de Mar can be found here: Top 10 villas in Lloret de Mar with private pool!

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