What to do in Lloret de Mar when it rains: 10 tips!

What to do in Lloret de Mar when it rains

Lloret de Mar has a nice Mediterranean climate which is characterized by warm summers and mild winters. Although in the summer months in Lloret de Mar it is generally warm and sunny weather, so out of the blue a heavy rain or thunderstorm can pass. Usually this is limited to shelter on a terrace, because just as soon as the rain has come, it often disappears again.

If you are going on vacation to Lloret de Mar before or after the high seasonthen you are more likely to experience less sunny days or rainy days. You may not have a wonderful planned day at the beach or pool. So you have to make a new daily schedule, but what to do in Lloret de Mar with rain?

Let me show you below some nice tips about what to do if you unexpectedly run into a rainy day in Lloret de Mar!

10 Tips for what to do in Lloret de Mar when raining

1. Experience some quality time in your holiday home

Source Club Villamar - Villa Denise
Source: Club Villamar - Villa Denise

If you have rented a lovely holiday home or villa with your family or friends then bridging a day of rain in Lloret de Mar is not very difficult. You have a fully furnished house, perhaps even with a covered terrace, where you can enjoy a good movie, a book or play a game together while enjoying a drink and snack.

2.     Throw a ball at the bowling!

It is always fun to do an activity with your family or friends during the holidays. What could be more fun during the rain than to go to the bowling at one of the 2 bowling alleys in Lloret de Mar? Just outside the center of Lloret de Mar, direction Blanes you will find Bowling Club Lloret. Here you can throw a ball with your friends or family in a relaxed atmosphere, with a snack and a drink.

Another nice option is Bowling Bar la Riera, in the center of Lloret de Mar. Here you can eat pancakes, waffles and ice cream before or after bowling with the kids!

3. Escape room: Will you find your way out?

A fun and especially exciting outing during the rain is also a visit to an Escape Room. Let yourself with your friends or family (2-6 persons per room) lock up in a theme room and within an hour, by solving puzzles and riddles, find your way out. If you are with a large group, book several rooms! This way you can also compete with each other to see which team can leave the room the fastest! In lloret de Mar you have two escape room providers: Escape room Lloret and Room Escape Lloret.

Tip: Keep in mind that the escape rooms are available in English!

4. Relax in the Spa

Nothing is more pleasant than immersing yourself in the luxury of a Spa during a rainy day. Unwind completely in the sauna, steam bath, solarium and swimming pools, if necessary. supplemented with a nice relaxing body or facial massage!  A day of rain in Lloret can actually be very nice and relaxing! Book your ultimate wellness day during the rain in Lloret de Mar at the Alma-Spa, the Olympic Sports Club or Gran Hotel Monterrey.

5. Shop-until-you-drop

A day of rain in Lloret de Mar also offers the perfect excuse to go shopping. All those souvenirs and discounted haute couture must of course be purchased once during your holiday. On a rainy day you have no complaining family members or friends around you who point out that they are missing out on such a beautiful beach day! So a little rain doesn't have to be bad at all?!

For a wonderful day of shopping with the rain in Lloret de Mar, visit:

5.1  Mataró Park

The Mataró Park indoor shopping center is a 35-minute drive from Lloret de Mar (towards Barcelona). Next to the many clothing stores you will also find a cinema, bowling alley, a full floor with restaurants and a convenience store. So if your fellow travel companions no longer feel like shopping, they will certainly not be bored here!

5.2 Roca Village

About 40 minutes drive from Lloret de Mar you will find the largest outlet center in Europe, Roca Village! Here you will find, with high discounts, clothes national and international top brands. This is really “shop-until-you-drop”.

5.3 Espai Gironés

This large indoor shopping center is located just outside Girona, about a 30 minute drive from Lloret de Mar. All known shops, from both international and national brands are found here. Between or after shopping you can go to one of the many restaurants and enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner!  

5.4. Shopping in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar Shopping

If you don't want to go that far, you can of course just stay in Lloret de Mar itself. With several shopping centers, many designer shops, a range of small boutiques & souvenir shops, you can also indulge yourself in the shopping area in Lloret. In addition, the city also organizes special shopping festivities several times a year, with high discounts.

If you want to know everything about where to shop in Lloret de Mar, read on: Lloret de Mar Shopping - For the Best Shopping Experience!

5.5 Mercat Municipal covered market in Lloret de Mar.

Like most major cities on the Costa Brava, Lloret de Mar also has a large covered market hall where you can find daily fresh food such as fresh vegetables, fruit, cheese, meat, fish and spices, but also a drugstore, hairdresser, diet food, a bakery, a bar, a florist and a beauty salon. Perfect if you want to shop for that typical Catalan delicacies you want to take home or a new summer coupe!

Everything you need to know about markets in Lloret de Mar can be found here: Market in Lloret de Mar: Where, When and More.

6. Take a beautiful car trip through the area

Fenals Beach in Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is located in the beautiful Spanish Costa Brava, amid the mountainous landscape and the pearly white beaches. During a rainy day it is therefore wonderful to take the car and explore the beautiful surroundings. Do not forget to bring your umbrella, so you can take a nice walk along the beach or bay on the way. The tapping rain on the raging waves that burst on the rocks make for an unforgettable sight! Even during the rain, the beauty of the Costa Brava is unprecedented!

Discover the 8 most beautiful beaches of Lloret de Mar here!

7. Discover the countless sights in Lloret de Mar!

Although many people associate Lloret de Mar with entertainment, drinks and young people, Lloret de Mar has so much more to offer than that. Lloret de Mar, because of its rich history, which dates back to Roman times,  also more than enough to offer in terms of culture. For example, in Lloret de Mar you will find a Medieval castle, several churches, museums, archaeological settlements and historical buildings. The big advantage is that these beautiful sights are mostly covered, so you can visit them perfectly during the rain in Lloret de Mar.

Iglesia de Sant Roma in Lloret de Mar

The sights in Lloret de Mar that you should not miss during a rainy day in Lloret are: the Sant Pere del Bosc monastery, just outside the center of Lloret de Mar, where you can also enjoy a delicious dinner. The Iglesia de Sant Roma, a church in the center of Lloret de Mar, in typical Catalan Gothic style. The striking exterior, with colorful mosaics on the roofs and turrets in modernist style, is a feast for the eyes. Also the Maritime Museum, on the promenade of Lloret de Mar, is definitely worth a visit. Here you can learn all about the rich history that Lloret de Mar has with the sea.

Do you want to know what amazing sights Lloret de Mar has? Then read on: Top 23 sights in Lloret de Mar!

8. Enjoy the Spanish cuisine

Lloret de Mar is and remains popular field for going out. Even during a rainy day there are therefore plenty of nice bars, bars and cafes in Lloret de Mar for the desired refreshments. Sit inside or outside on the covered terrace and enjoy a delicious cocktail or cup of coffee! Another great opportunity that presents itself during the rain in Lloret de Mar is according to Spanish custom, extensive dining in the afternoon!

Enjoy a delicious extensive lunch in Lloret de Mar

Lunch is the most extensive meal of the day in Spain and can easily last an hour or two. Lunch in Spain is a symbol of social gatherings with your family, while you enjoy one together aperitif, starter, main course and dessert, usually served with wine. During a sunny day in Lloret you do not take the time to do this yourself, after all, this all depends on your sun, sea and beach moments! However, during the rain this is a very tasty pastime! Tip: Order a typical Spanish daily menu: this is how you enjoy the Spanish cuisine for a very cheap price!

Do you want to know more about the Spanish eating and drinking habits, and where are the best places to end up in Lloret de Mar? Discover also: Eating and Drinking in Lloret de Mar? The 12 Best Restaurants in Lloret

9. Visit a typical Spanish show

During a long rainy day it is nice if you are under the roof for a few hours and actually completely forget that it is raining at all. What could be nicer to do this during a beautiful typical Spanish event!

9.1 Flamenco Show

During your stay in Spain, your must attend a real typical Spanish flamenco show , complete with vocals, guitar, dance & costumes. Special Flamenco evenings are regularly organized in the Gran Casino Costa Brava in Lloret de Mar. Here you can choose to only watch the show, but also to combine it with drinks and a delicious dinner or tapas! You can of course also try your luck in the casino!

9.2. Medieval joust in the castle of Tordera

It is just over fifteen minutes drive from Lloret de Mar. castle Medieval de Valltordera. During a 4-hour spectacle you step back in time here and enjoy a medieval tournament complete with noblemen and knights. During a joust you will see how knights ride on horseback defend the count and countess. Then it is time for live music in the royal ballroom and you can see the traditional flamenco!

10. Visit the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona

On a rainy day it is of course also the perfect opportunity to visit the nearby metropolis Barcelona! Obviously, the rain shouldn't come out of the blue, but a little drizzle or an occasional shower doesn't detract from the beauty of Barcelona. In addition, it is also not pleasant to visit Barcelona at temperatures above 30 degrees! So if you have a slightly lesser holiday day in Lloret de Mar, plan your visit to this historic city!

Stroll over the Ramblas, admire the world famous Sagrada Familia, walk on Gaudi's Parc Güell, visit the stadium Camp Nou and discover all the beauty that this city has to offer! Do you want to know what to do in Barcelona and how to get here from Lloret de Mar? Then take a look at “From Lloret de Mar to Barcelona Day Trip - Top 10”.

As you can see, there is more than enough to do with rain in Lloret de Mar! So you will not be bored for a moment here! Do you want to know more about Lloret de Mar and all the activities that this beautiful resort has to offer? Then check quickly:

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