9 Reasons Why a Holiday in Spain is Better Than Therapy

At Club Villamar, we’re all about giving you the opportunity to better yourself. Therapy is, indeed, a wonderful way to make yourself a better person. You can spend time with a trained professional and dig deep into issues that stop you from being who you really can be.

But we’d like to offer another alternative. While therapy is good, we’d like to say that a holiday is better. Specifically, a holiday in Spain is the best form of therapy that you could ever hope to get. How do we know? What makes us so sure? Let’s list the top 9 reasons why we believe that if you plan a holiday to Spain, your personal life will be so much better.

It’s Easier Than Therapy

When travel used to involve months of planning, packing, and preparation, it’s gotten a heck of a lot easier in the past few years. In these days, you can decide on a whim to go away for a long weekend. With travel agencies, new locations, and new opportunities coming our way every day, it’s almost impossible to pass up on the chance to travel. Going away is easier: easier than trying to find a therapist, booking appointments, delving into deep issues over many weeks and months. All you need to do is hop on to the latest travel deals and discover a new spot to visit like Girona, Malaga, or Lloret de Mar.

It’s Cheaper

Your own private villa – more affordable than you think

Therapy can be expensive. Most trained therapist bills run into hundreds of dollars per session. Don’t expect that you can get off for cheap when you submit to therapy, especially if you have more than a few sessions.

Travel has gotten a lot cheaper. Like we mentioned, it seems that there’s a new holiday deal in your inbox every day. These deals make it incredibly cheap to fly to your destination of choice. And now accommodation can be even cheaper still. You can pass up on those expensive hotel chains and choose to stay in a private villa of your very own. Hire a villa for yourself or for your entire family. The savings make the whole trip worthwhile and plenty of fun as well.

It Builds Character

A holiday in Spain will challenge you to be more than you are. Unless you plan on staying in major cities and doing popular touristy things, you’ll need to step out of your comfort zone to try something new. Learn to say a few words in Catalan or Spanish. Try out some new foods and wines. Learn to have dinner at a later hour. Slow down and find a new pace of life in Spain. The result is that you’ll come out stronger and more confident than you were when you first arrived. Spending any amount of time on holiday in Spain will transform you from the inside out.

It Teaches You More

You can learn a lot more about life and about yourself on a holiday than you could in a chair in a therapist’s office. The real world teaches you lessons that no academian could offer in a book or in a single session.

Holidays have a way of teaching you, even if you didn’t expect to learn. You learn how to relax, something that requires that you spend time away from your busy life to appreciate: you learn how to see a different culture; you learn how your own values look to someone else; you learn what’s really important, and what you can cut from your life.

It Expands Your Comfort Zone

Do you do this in your hometown?

When you travel to some location near you, it’s not really a holiday. You live in the same culture so you can’t expect to see any different results. Having a holiday in Spain redefines your comfort zone and pushes you outside of you consider “normal”. In therapy you can only talk about it, but taking a holiday actually puts you in situations that expand what you find comfortable and normal.

For example, it’s probably not normal for you to have an entire week of celebrations for Easter. The Santa Semana is a popular religious festival that often involves entire towns. It’s different and uncomfortable to first get involved in something new, but Spain is easy to adapt to. You’ll find that you’ve grown more accustomed to the strange and unfamiliar by the time you leave. Your comfort bubble will have been burst, something that no therapy session can really promise you.

It Shakes Up What You Know

Without realizing it, we all have a line, a standard of what’s normal that we think everybody should have. You eat this for breakfast, you do that for fun, and you go to bed at this time. But what you think is normal is shaken up when you take a holiday in Spain. In a good way.

You’ll find that life here is a little different. The people are relaxed and welcoming. The culture is unique. The traditions might seem strange at first, but when you see a new way of doing life, it shakes up what you consider to be “true”

Therapy has a hard time breaking that barrier in your mind, but having a holiday can smash your expectations in the span of a single day. We love seeing how fresh, invigorated, and renewed people are after spending a few days on a Spanish beach or in a coastal town. Spain’s cultures and beliefs might just shake you up in ways you hadn’t expected. And that’s a good thing.

It Connects You With Different People

Meeting friends is a challenge when you’re covered in tomatoes!

They say that you’re the product of the 5 people you hang out with most. That doesn’t give much hope if you’re looking to improve yourself. The best way to surround yourself with a new crowd is on a holiday. Whether you spend a few days here or a few weeks, you’ll meet people who are, like you, on the journey to find how a holiday in Spain can change them. You’ll make new friends that you would have never met if you stayed at home. You’ll be exposed to new mindsets and new countries as you meet people from all over the globe. Spain is an international hotspot for tourism, which means that you could meet an Australian for breakfast, a Swede for lunch, and meet the Japanese crowd at the beach later on. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you connect with these people as well. The quickest way to change who you are is to change who you’re with. No better way than on holiday.

It’s Better Than Nothing

Hey, this may seem trite, but a holiday in Spain is better than doing nothing. It’s so convenient and easy to book your trip, so why not do it today? You’ll find out that your mental health will be restored in a way that therapy just couldn’t hope to accomplish.

If you’re asking why the article title said 9, but there are only 8 reasons, that was on purpose. The 9th reason is your own. You will find a new angle when you holiday here that we couldn’t have listed. That’s the way it is here in Spain. People from all over the world visit for their own reasons. And the one thing we know is that they all leave finding whatever it is they were looking for. What is it that you’re looking for?