A Place for Absolute Relaxation Lying on Ancient Ground – Welcome to Spain

Like everyone else out there, relaxation is very important for each of us. After a year long period of work, it is time for that well deserved vacation we have worked so hard for. But choosing a great location can prove somewhat of a difficulty with all the offers out there. If you want to experience one of the greatest times you will ever have in your life, then the option lies ahead of you. Do not think too much about it, think Spain.

When we are talking about Spain, we are talking about a place of absolute wonder with a plethora of magical places to visit, each having deep history roots.

Las Tablas de Damiel is a wonderful city which can be found around Castilla La Mancha and it is situated to the Northeast of Campo de Calatrava. What makes this area so special is the rich wildlife that can be seen here. This magical place truly is a memory you will not forget so easily and if you are curious about the directions, you should know that it stands 30 kilometers northeast of Ciudad Real.

It was founded in 1973 and it encompasses a total area of 4633 acres found at the confluence of the Ciguela and Guadiana rivers. Here you will be able to see rare species of animals, but not on a regular basis. One of the most frequent sightings will be those of carp, crayfish, turtles, weasels and water rats.

Alberca (which was known as Valdelaguna in the past) is situated in the southern part of Salamanca. It is a quiet, beautiful village encompassing 1084 meters and it stands at sea level on the slopes of Sierra de Francia. Here you will be able to visit the prehistoric caves of Cabras Pintas found on the edge of the village. The main attraction for this place is the diversity of natural scenery that can be found here.

You will be able to see quartzite, granite and slate which have a key role in supporting the varied vegetation: chestnut trees, walnut trees, pine trees, forest of oaks, almond groves and also apple trees. This truly is a place you will not want to miss due to its atmosphere and beautiful sights.

Logrono is the capital of La Rioja and it covers 79 square kilometers and holds 148,000 inhabitants. The meeting of different cultures that can be found in this city generated various building designs which are well complemented by amazing green spaces and a plethora of historical buildings.

One of the reasons you will definitely feel attracted by this place is its famous gastronomy. You will be able to find it at the mouth of the Iregua river, which stands to the east of the river Ebro. The city’s main entrance consists of a massive ancient stone bridge offering a splendid overview to the old part of the city.

If you think you have planned your vacation, then think again. You only need to visit Spain once to understand its mysteries.

Photo Credit: Pixabay