A Sightseeing Holiday In Santiago De Compostela

The beautiful Galician city

Santiago de Compostela is the most important city in the province of Galicia, the city which represents the destination for the thousands of pilgrims who follow the Way of Santiago every single year.

Santiago de Compostela is the perfect destination for the type of tourists who only want to sightsee, to discover the mysteries of the city, to get into its history and feel its spirit, its culture and its traditions.

If you have already decided that Santiago de Compostela is your destination, then this is what you have to do: start your sightseeing list with the Obradoiro Square. Locals say that the name of the square comes from the Spanish “Obra de Oro’’ which can be translated into English as masterpiece or work of gold.

The name seems to fit the looks and the entire aspect of the square because it really is a fantastic place, a place which shines over the entire city. The Cathedral you will find in the Obradoiro Square was built in 1075 and its construction coincides with the most important period in the hist
ory of the city.

The Square also hosts the amazing Gelmirez and Rajoy Palaces as well as the Fonseca College, a 15th century Monastery.  The sightseeing list should continue with the Platerias Square, the place where the most beautiful silver objects can be bought.

The square has a Gothic Cathedral which displays a Romanesque façade. The Quintana Square is famous for the Berenguela and the Reloj towers as well as the San Pelayo Monastery, which is also the oldest building you can find in Santiago de Compostela. Alphonse II ordered its construction in the 11th century in order to have a special place for the remains of Apostle James.

Continuing the exploration of the city

The Alzabacheria Square is another beautiful part of the city; this is the square where San Martin Pinario Monastery is found, dating back to the 16th century. The original building displayed a Gothic style, but what tourists visit today is a restoration done between the 17th and 18th centuries.

The part of the city which surrounds the University is another attractive one, especially because it offers you the possibility of taking extremely romantic walks. Since you are there, visit the Monroy Palace and the Mondragon Palace; they will take you into chambers of rare beauty.