A Stunningly Beautiful Beach – Costa Blanca, Spain

It is not only the waves of the roaring sea that have made Costa Blanca one of the most popular beaches of Europe. The roaring sea, a vast beach of golden colored sand, an unassumingly beautiful environment, a variety of water and beach sports, historical buildings, popular hotels and bars, a shopping mall, luxurious villas and apartments have all made this beach one of the most popular of Europe.

Many tourists from France, Britain, Germany and many other European countries make regular visits to Costa Blanca to relax and rejuvenate in this beautiful environment.

There is a long history behind this popular beach, which is now a part of Alicante Province. According to historical records, the Moors who entered Spain through Gibraltar occupied the 200 kms-long coast line of Costa Blanca. Historians also say that the Moors contributed to the improvement of many of the beaches here. They built some of the monumental buildings, and started agriculture in the mainland around the beach, etc.

Now this beach is so popular that an estimated 450 000 visitors come every year. Many Hollywood films are shot on this beach. It is immaculately beautiful, neat and tidy and is considered to be safe for those who want to swim and go boating etc. Even children and the elderly can safely relax in the crystal clear sea water. The beach is also popular for many coves. The famous pebble cove is another place of interest in Costa Blanca. These amazingly beautiful coves should not be missed.

Apart from the beach:

Another place of interest in the hinterland is a range of tall mountains. The cliffs in these mountains and some of the rarest rock formations attract many tourists. The view of the sea and of the town from the top of the mountain is something to be experienced rather than being explained. The Castle, also called a ‘Castillo’, which is believed to have been built in the 11th century, is another place of interest for the tourist. It is believed to have been used as a place to keep tabs on the movement of enemies and pirates.

Tjos is the ideal place for those who are fascinated by trekking, mountain climbing etc. The famous olive groves and the Moorish village are other places of interest in Costa Blanca. The weather in Costa Blanca is generally sunny and warm. This beach is most ideal for those who want to stay in a relaxed environment.