Alcudia – A Small paradise in Spain

Alcudia is a beautiful town in Mallorca, Spain. Alcudia is basically famous for its historical remains and some pristine beaches. The best way to enjoy Alcudia is by hiring the car or by exploring it by foot. You may get some great opportunity to visit the old town that has narrow streets but there is not much parking. The intercity travel is also quite easy with Spain bus service.

Facts About Alcudia

Situated in the island of Majorca, the city of Alcudia is a must visit area in Balearic Islands and is presence towards the east coast of Spain. Alcudia has a long history and is known for the Roman remains which have still been reserve by the municipality of area.

Beaches are also great attractions in Alcudia and water sports here are at rage. You’ll find long sandy beaches along with cliffs that have a lot of caves and coves. This may be beaches of the city in special attraction. You may also visit a nature reserve that is quite popular amongst bird watchers.

This nature reserve happens to be resting points for a number of birds that migrate from Europe to Africa. From Balearic Islands, you just need to take a ferry and reach this beautiful city. A ferry also connects Alcudia to Barcelona. From Palma airport, you can reach there by car in an hour.

S’Albufera Natural Park is an important place to visit in Alcudia. This national park is in fact the largest wetland area that is present in the whole of the Balearic Islands. This area was created when a lagoon and a hollow was created that got filled up by sediments. This prime bird watching location displays more than 271 different species of bird during the season. While you’re in old town you must visit the Gothic church — Sant Jaume.

There are a large number of restaurants and bars in town, you must make it to the HarpBar which is owned by the Alcudia’s government and it is essentially an Irish bar that is known for live traditional music.

Photo Credit: Pixabay