Amazing Holidays In Cadiz

The wonderful holiday destination

Cadiz was founded by the Phoenicians around the year 1100 BC, so it represents one of the oldest settlements that Spain has. Since the Phoenicians founded Cadiz, the city also played the role of an important port and it still is one of the busiest and productive that Spain has.

However, it is not the Phoenicians who brought the Golden Era for Cadiz, but the 18th century, the century that seems to have created all the important transformations for the city. The Inner Cadiz is one of the most popular attractions for tourists, as it looks much like it used to back in those days.

As usually, the rich history is an attraction factor for visitors from all around the world, so it is understandably why so many people choose the city as their holiday destination. It is also in the inner Cadiz that you will have the chance to enjoy the beauty of the high, turreted houses, the open squares and the air of mystique that seems to surround all the alleys, the houses and the monuments.

The town of Cadiz, even if you might think that it will be agitated and busy as it also works as a port, is in fact extremely relaxed and easy going. There are no threats, even when the night comes, so you can choose it without any hesitations as the holiday destination for you and your family.

The sea, the sea fortifications and the amazing waterside alamedas give you the impression that it is impossible to get lost in Cadiz or to feel threatened by any unpleasant situation. It is impossible: Cadiz is too peaceful and quiet for something wrong to happen here!

Other attractions of the city

There is no particular building that will attract your attention; in fact, Cadiz is all about unity, all about being one city, as a whole. You will fall in love with its architecture; its cafes, the backstreets that wait to be discovered and explored, as well as you will fall in love with its alleys.

You have to visit the Roman theatre, the Bellas Artes Museums and the Nueva Cathedral, as they will all tell you short stories of the city’s history. Also, taste the cuisine, experience sleeping in its hostels and hotels and I assure you that your holiday will be a memorable one! You will love Cadiz!