Beautiful Andalusia

Hiking in Capileira

Who said the only way to enjoy skiing is in Sierra Nevada? You just need to expand your horizons to locate a new destination and you will find the famous ski resort in Capileira. Capileira, a small village in the Quebrada de Poqueira, stands in the middle of the mountain landscape.

The architecture is undoubtedly the greatest feature of this village and that is why it is worth walking through the narrow streets to see the style of the buildings, all similar yet different at the same time.

However, beyond the visual impact of this village and its ski resort, one of the reasons why Capileira is famous is because it is the starting point for many tourist routes. Hiking is the major activity of this place and this is enough to make people find the tourism office to find out all the alternative routes to reach it.

There is one path that will take you to the Gorge Poqueira although it is possible to choose other paths that go through the valley to appreciate the full extent of Capileira. Another interesting path is one that will take you to Campaneira after traveling two hours. Another route which is a little shorter but equally beautiful is the best way to walk the 45 minutes to Orgiva.

Now you know that besides the Sierra Nevada ski resort there are other places in Andalusia which are as enjoyable. It is only a matter of choosing the right approach to find them. So it’s time to put on your walking shoes to begin the experience!

The Sea in Andalusia

For much of the year Aguadulce is a quiet place that allows you to enjoy the charms of the sea. However this place gets a little crowded in summer when thousands of families choose to spend their vacation here. Then the capacity of the hotels in Aguadulce reaches its limit. However, it is an amazing winter destination.

Like other villages facing the sea, the pace of Aguadulce is marked by the holiday season when many Spanish come to this place, the perfect location to relax and enjoy nature.

And the truth is that there you will find peace. Aguadulce has great places like the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, a fantastic natural area with creeks, dunes, cliffs and beaches which has been declared a Biosphere Reserve.

The Desert and more

The Tabernas Desert, declared a Natural Park in 1989, is a protected bird area and the only desert in Europe. Its geography is intense and fascinating.