The Best of Both Worlds: Why Ibiza’s Es Cana is the Perfect Destination for those Seeking Both Relaxing and Lively Holidays

Es Cana/Es Canar which is a small beach resort in this archipelago of Spain is a perfect holiday destination for you, if you just want to relax and have a great time. Ample of sunshine and water will do wonders to your stress levels and body.

Enjoy Some Casual Shopping

Ibiza is a place which is always buzzing with some activity or the other. If you check out the local events calendars, you will find something or the other for your taste. Like there are some local markets which you can explore for some handicrafts and food items. Ecological food and craft market in San Jose, Market at Forada, Las Dalias Hippy Market are some of the nice places to explore in the area.

Es Cana beach

If you’re staying in the resort, then enjoy the beach and healthy mix of outdoor activities, water activities, relaxing spa massages, eateries and lazing around. Moe’s Sports bar and grill will offer some of the local cuisines and a mix of other food items.

The long horseshoe-shaped beach of golden sand is very captivating and just lazing around here, sipping mocktails, or surfing on the seas will fill your days with joy and work up your appetite. Your kids will definitely love to build the sand-castles which they have seen in the movies.

If you are visiting Es Cana from Santa Eulalia or any other adjoining cities, then we would recommend you to take up an accommodation for a few days and relax here. Enjoy the waterskis, pedalos along with some para-sailing and then take a break and have a sumptuous lunch. In the evening take a banana boat and go on a short trip in the harbor. You may choose to do some fishing too.

Kentucky Derby

For the horse lovers, this Derby will be fun to be a part of. If you are with your family, and are looking for an exciting evening, then come here and bet on some horse or mare. With the great prizes for the winner, who knows how your luck will be this time?

Various bars

This place is mostly popular for its bars, and Charlies Bar, Popeyes Bar, Rio’s Bar are some of the popular watering holes here. During the match season like FIFA world cup season now, these places become extremely over-crowded. Mostly the prices are reasonable with plenty of choices for drinks. The tribute acts at Popeyes are quite popular and most of the tourists visit the place to witness them.

Ski Pepe Watersports

The vacation in this small resort will not be complete, unless your kids and family take trips in pedal boats, banana boats, wakeboards and inflatable donuts. Spend the entire day outdoors and have the adrenaline-high time all day long.

You can even think about taking a charter which has a capacity of nine people and roam around the islands nearby. Visit the coves or beach of Ibiza or Formentera, beach of Benirras and other adjoining places.

So do not waste more time and book your tickets now.