Things to do in Valencia

When you plan to go to Spain, you might want to consider going to Valencia, its third biggest city. It is an industrial area along the coast of Azahar. In Valencia, you will see many beautiful and colorful tourist attractions. For an appreciation of Spanish culture and history, you can include Valencia as a destination. It is a place for locals and international tourists not only to appreciate Spanish heritage but also to experience what Valencia’s natural resources offer for their enjoyment, adventure and fun.

Things to Do

Art and Music Appreciation

Enjoy Valencia’s Escena Oberta where you will witness a wonderful festival of the performing arts. It is also a place where they hold an alternative music festival and screenings for youth films. Whenever these events are held, thousands of tourists flock to the place.

Water Fun and Adventure

Enjoy water sports in the seas of Valencia. The 112- kilometer coastline is ideal for diving, sailing and windsurfing. If you are a lover of these activities, you should not miss the water sports and the thrills that go with them.

If you’re looking for adventure in a mountain setting, you can go hiking, cycling, rappelling and mountain climbing. Then, after a whole day of fun and excitement, you can relax on the beach and enjoy the mild temperature that can drive all your stress away.


Savor the delicious cuisine of Valencia in the saffron-flavored dishes of rice, chicken and shellfish. You should never leave the city without trying its world famous Paella. There are other delectable specialties in Valencia that are worth trying. Give your taste buds a treat in the many restaurants where you can sample Valencia dishes.


Aside from the water and mountain sports, you can enjoy other nature trips in Valencia. One of these, the Botanical Gardens, is the ideal place for appreciating the beauty of flora in the city. You can also visit the Neoclassical Gardens and the Gardens of Turia Riverbed. For the fauna side, you can visit and appreciate the Valencia Zoo and see the giraffes, orangutans, birds and other animals.

The Principe Felipe Science Museum is also an interesting place to visit. Here you can witness an interactive science museum where you will see the use of technology in educating locals and tourists about the arts and sciences.

The huge L’Oceanographic is an aquarium that draws many tourists to Valencia. Visit the aquarium with your kids and the entertainment that Valencia offers will be complete.


You can buy souvenir items on the streets of Baja, Avellanas and Ciutat Vella. You can fill your shopping bag with silverworks, lace work and silk embroidery. For jewelry items, you can go to Colon and buy elegant pieces that you can bring home.


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