Costa Blanca, The Land Where Everything Is Possible

Spain, a perfect vacation destination

Composing the Iberian Peninsula together with Portugal, Spain has one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. It is the country where you can take a sunbath now, and two hours later, you can climb the Pyrenees Mountains.

Costa Blanca, a coastal region near Alicante, is one of the places where you never get bored; it has all the features for the perfect holiday destination: sun, seaside, bars, water parks, golf courses and the list can be continued with many other items.

The coast, famous for its golf courses

There are several Golf Courses around this area. However, one of the most popular is the Golf Course “La Finca”. If you choose to spend your holiday here, don’t miss playing golf on this magnificent course:  some hours spent here may be heavenly. The panorama is amazing and the beauty of the nature all around this golf course amazes its visitors. The area is a continuous urban development system; there are a lot of new houses, mansions and blocks and the resort grows more and more.

Unique place

This amazing golf course in Costa Blanca was built in a very special way: these are implied in both the beauty of nature and the human imagination. As if the beauty of nature wouldn’t be enough, the specialists improvised some waterfalls, small botanical gardens and large valleys. The golf course “La Finca” was built according to the latest improvements in golf as a sport.

Expensive and popular at the same time

There were some golf competitions around Costa Blanca, as this course is one of the most equipped in all Spain. Although it is not cheap at all, people invest here: as it is the perfect holiday destination; imagine how it would be to have a home here. However, if you can’t afford buying a house here, don’t panic. There are lots of hotels and motels for all tastes and pocketbooks.

Book tickets weeks in advance, as it is a very crowded place, especially in spring and autumn. After winning the golf game, celebrate the event by having an exclusivist drink; no matter what you order, in most places in Spain you’ll get some tapas for free. Try more types of such snacks in order to decide which you like most. Add a long day on a nice beach and be sure that you will have a memorable vacation in Costa Blanca.