Is Lloret de Mar Expensive? Cheap Vacation Tips!

Lloret de Mar: Spend less, enjoy more

Are you planning a trip to Spain but worried about the cost? Don’t be. This time you can put your wallet in your pocket and enjoy more of your holiday when you visit Lloret De Mar. It may not be the first on many lists of “Places to Visit” when you come to Spain, but it will become one of your favourites. This romantic destination is one of the most popular places in all of the Costa Maresme. You’ll have a great time when you come to visit here but you don’t need to bring a lot of money with you. It is possible to have a cheap holiday in Lloret de Mar.

Our philosophy is that we’d rather spend more time on holidays, not more money on holidays. Here are some of the top tips around staying frugal and enjoying your time in this idyllic landscape.

Timing Your Trip

Not every time is equal when visiting Lloret De Mar. Sometimes, you can find steeply discounted prices if you choose to travel during the off-season. Spain is always a great place to visit, no matter the time of year, but when you choose an off-peak time, you’re avoiding the crowds and the dollars people will charge those crowds.

In Spain, especially along this coast, you’ll discover that there is always sun and sand in abundance, even during the winter months. Try avoiding the hot summer months of May-September. This is peak season when many Europeans visit Spain for their summer break. It’s crowded and not very cheap. So, if you plan on spending less money, travel during a less busy time. Not only can you save bucks; you can see the sights and experience Lloret de Mar with fewer people jostling you every step of the way.

Try travelling in March and April or October and November. You’ll experience a less-seen side of Lloret de Mar where you can actually find great tables at restaurants, cheap deals for excursions, and discounted prices on a lot of places and things.

Cheaply to Lloret de Mar!

Let’s talk about how to get to Lloret de Mar. There are several options from the Netherlands and Belgium, assuming that it will not go ;-).

By car to Lloret

The first is the next independent option (after walking): with your own car.

That can be really cheap, especially if you are in a car with several people and you have the same transport on the spot in Lloret de Mar. That also saves costs. You have to take into account toll roads (otherwise you will take a lot longer) and fuel. You will spend approximately 400 Euro per trip, so 800 Euro for the total trip. Shared by 4 people that is only 200 Euro per person.

How long is the drive to Lloret de Mar?

With some short stops to refuel it is about 16 hours from the UK (London) to Lloret de Mar.

Bus trips to Lloret de Mar.

You can also get to Lloret de Mar by bus. For bus travelers there are many bus organizations to choose from that offer bus trips to Lloret de Mar. It is a bus trip, with stops, of about 24 hours (nice and long sitting) There are often several boarding places in the UK and trips in Spain including Lloret de Mar. Tens of thousands of people come to Lloret de Mar by bus every year. You will be in Lloret de Mar for around € 100 per person

Flying to Lloret de Mar?

You can also fly to Lloret de Mar. Well, not to Lloret itself because it does not have an airport, but to nearby airports. The nearest airport is Girona Airport. It is flown from the UK by Ryanair, among others. These are airlines that are known for low prices. Girona airport is 38 km (or half an hour) drive from Lloret de Mar.

Flying at Barcelona airport flies me Vueling (also often cheap tickets) to Barcelona.

How long is the flight to Lloret de Mar?

Girona and Barcelona are about 2 hours and 20 minutes by plane from the UK.

You can then take public transport to Lloret de Mar. I would take the train that leaves from the station in Barcelona (Sants) and then followed a very nice route along the coast and ends in Blanes. Blanes check take taxi to Lloret de Mar.

Not the easiest route, but the most beautiful.

Of course you can also take a taxi directly to Lloret de Mar from Girona. That costs about € 50 (Barcelona about € 135). Taxi is also the more expensive option.

The cheapest is by bus. You can easily take the bus that is already very cheap or with your own car that is also nice and cheap

Affordable Accommodation

Private Villas: the best way to keep more of your cash

When you decide to visit Lloret de Mar, you could choose the traditional method of finding a hotel. Even if you plan on travelling off-peak, you could still be looking at steep prices for a room. You end up paying for all the amenities that a hotel offers, even if you don’t use them. You pay for the staff at the front desk, the people working in the kitchen, the cleaning staff, the maintenance people, plus the cost of the building. All of that is included in your room rare, even if you don’t use them. Seems like a waste to us.

Why not try something less traditional and a little more affordable. You can find a private villa in Lloret de Mar that exceeds your expectations, not the limits of your credit card.  You’re not just paying for a room; you’re paying for the entire place, and the cost is surprisingly lower. When you consider that many villas can accommodate entire families comfortably, it’s that more appealing. You can stay in your own private place, have your own private pool, and enjoy the creature comforts of living in a home rather than a costly hotel. You can save on dining costs when you cook inside your villa, a popular way to continue to save money as you live it up in Lloret de Mar.

When you are in Lloret de Mar, you don’t have to spend that much money to sleep in a residence. You can rent a cheap apartment or hotel room. There are really thousands of hotel rooms and apartments. Often a bus trip is also with an option for ‘all-in’. Then the hotel room is already included in the price. There is only a little bit of choice.

Even renting a holiday home or villa in Lloret de Mar (yes really!) Can also be a really cheap solution. Especially if you sleep with several people, you can share the costs together. With multiple people, the cost per night per person is often even lower than a stay at the campsite. Why would you stay in a hotel then? There are also villas within walking distance of the center. Privacy, private pool ……… Unbelievable!

Cheap food and drinks

You don’t have to spend a lot of money in Lloret de Mar for food and drinks. Of course it is possible, but it is absolutely not necessary. Everywhere there are cheap restaurants where you can eat well for a good price.

Insider tip: Take a lunch menu on the terrace of the Xaloc restaurant. Super quality for a very nice price.

It is very normal in Spain (so also in Lloret de Mar) to have a warm lunch in the afternoon … .. and then have a Siesta. For a three course menu (starter, main course and dessert) with the drink included costs only € 10. And in the evening you can just eat something nice and light like a baguette. In the popular places of Lloret de Mar you can also buy food everywhere: sandwiches, pizza slices (2.50 Euro) and everything is offered and all at a low price. You don’t have to search long. Really: … then you’re not going to cook?!? Grab, eat… enjoy!

Actually you can say that Lloret de Mar is a very good solution for people who want to travel on a budget or cheaply. So you don’t have to bring a lot of money with you when you go to Lloret. And let’s be honest: the beach, the sea, the friendly people ……. that’s all free once you are there!

Is the nightlife in Lloret de Mar cheap?

You may think that clubbing in Lloret de Mar is expensive, but that is not so bad! The prices for entrance of the discotheques are very good and the price of alcohol is really very low. You can just buy another beer for one (1) Euro or a glass of wine for only € 2. Of course, you shouldn’t order cocktails if you want to have an affordable evening. So you can have a very pleasant evening with (very) little money in your pocket.

Planning Your Excursions

The number one cause of overspending, regardless of whether you’re on holiday or not, is impulsivity. In fact, being impulsive can destroy your budget for the week in a single day if you’re not careful. It’s better to take the time to plan out what you’d like to do during your time there.

Even better if you can prepay for some excursions before you even arrive. If you’ve prepaid, you avoid the feeling that you don’t have enough money for that particularly exciting adventure if you spend too much in the few days before. Plus, it gives you a sense of anticipation for what you’re about to do. It’s a better way to go through your holiday by planning ahead.

Walking Tours

The “castle” on the beach

If you aren’t really keen on spending money on excursions or events, don’t feel like that’s the only way to spend your holiday. Try a walking tour instead. They give you a close-up look at the town, the important sights, and give you first-hand experience of what it’s like to be in Lloret de Mar.

On the really positive side, they’re free. Grab a map and circle the major places and landmarks you’d like to hit. Maybe the Parish Church of Sant Roma, or maybe you’re interested in strolling through the Santa Clotilde Gardens. Or maybe you just want to wander through the old town itself. There are enough twists and turns that you’ll discover something off the beaten track and interesting to enjoy.

Maybe these all seem like too much effort. Look, nobody is going to blame you if you simply want to wallow on the beach the entire time. Lloret de Mar beaches are among the best in the region, and they are a destination unto themselves. Be sure to plan out a few days with nothing but some sand and sun time during your visit. I promise that a day spent like that won’t be wasted.

In the end, if you’re keen on a holiday in Lloret de Mar, don’t feel like it’s outside of your price range. By making some smarter choices about how you spend your money, you’ll be able to save on unnecessary costs and stay there longer, have a great holiday, and have enough money left over for when you (inevitably) want to return next time.

Frequently asked questions:

What is the temperature in Lloret de Mar?

Lloret de Mar has a Mediterranean sea climate. This ensures that it is nice and warm in the summer (average 29 to 30 degrees in July and August) and also wonderfully pleasant in the winter. It never really snows.

How big is Lloret de Mar?

Lloret de Mar has about 40,000 inhabitants. In summer it is a lot busier than in winter, among other things because of the tourists and therefore employment.

Is Lloret de Mar safe?

It is generally very safe in Lloret de Mar. Of course, many people come to Lloret to celebrate and drink alcohol, but the police are always close by. The municipality of Lloret takes the safety of the guests very seriously.