Costa del Sol

One of the most beautiful places of Spain; it is characterized by mild climate and attractive beaches. The landscape is also decorated with valleys, mountains and beautiful gardens. Along with the natural beauty, the place provides a good example of modernization with beautiful night clubs and restaurants.

Places of attraction

Picasso museum

The museum is contained in a palace called the Buenavista palace and is a beautiful example of Renaissance architecture. Famous and beautiful pieces of art made by Pablo Picasso himself are displayed here. Works of Bernard Ruiz-Picasso and Christine Ruiz-Picasso are also kept in the museum.

Other than the usual display of the work of Pablo Picasso, exhibitions and other activities are also held here that attract a lot of tourists.

Ronda Bullring

This is the oldest and one of the largest of all the arenas dedicated to bull fighting in Spain. The history of this place goes back to the 18th century. It is also known as the Real Maestranza bullring. The capacity of this arena is 6,000 and the diameter of the structure is about 60 meters. The architecture of the building is that of the Neo-classical period and beautiful piece of artwork on stone can be found at the entrance of the arena.

Malaga Cathedral

Also known as the Catedral de Málaga and the La Manquita, the cathedral is located in the centre of the town and is a beautiful example of 16th century architecture. The cathedral is in Baroque style and was constructed over the remains of a Moorish mosque. Along with the baroque style, the cathedral also has traces of renaissance and gothic style. The interior of the cathedral is well decorated with paintings and beautiful sculptures of artists like Pedro de Mena. The cathedral is surrounded by magnificent gardens.


Costa del Sol is well known for the large number of beautiful beaches it has. Some of its famous beaches are:

La Misericordia beach

The length of the beach extends up to 1.2 km and the beach mainly contains black volcanic sand. Along with fishing, large number of water sports like swimming, surf rafting and scuba diving are popular here.

Burriana beach

A 700 m long beach, it is characterized by strong waves and beautiful surroundings. Good facilities are provided for the tourists coming here.

Torrecilla beach

It is a small beach with a length of only 225 m. The beach is characterized with palm groves and rocks and provides good facilities for fishing.

El Palo beach

It is one of the longest beaches of Costa del Sol with a length of 1.8 km. Crystal clear water with fine soft sand is a characteristic of this place. Facilities for large number of water sports are available here. The beach also provides beautiful views which should not be missed.