Denia, the most important beach and tourist spot of Spain

Denia village runs along the Costa Blanca. One of the most important beaches, it also connects other beaches like Ibiza and Mallorc through ferry. Denia has many other beaches along its 20 km route. Les Devases is one of the most popular beaches for its golden colored sand. This is one of the ideal places for wind surfing. In

fact many surfing games are held here. Les Vovetes and Les Marines are the other important beaches which have small villages with historical buildings. Les Rotes is another beach which is popular for its coves and arches. This beach is considered to be the most ideal place for those who like diving.

Denia has an old castle on the top of the hill which is right behind the city. Just a few minutes’ drive to Gata de Gorgos will be an ideal place to shop. This village is famous for its cane wares, baskets and such other materials.

Gudalest is another village located on the top of the hill. This is yet another place for shopping. This rocky city with wide roads and wide steps to go up is popular for leather goods, glassware items and other materials made of clay, etc. The ancient chapel is located on the top of the hill. Needless to say, it is the most ideal place for enjoying the natural beauty of the places around.

Benidorm, another place near Denia with its very smooth sandy beach, houses many bars, restaurants and hotels with dancing floors. The restaurants serve continental and local specialties. Benidorm is famous for its theme park, arcade and slot machine. Perhaps it is one of the few beaches which have Kaleidoscope for the entertainment of the tourist.

Altea is yet another place of interest around Denia. Altea is known for its centuries old Basilica and castles. There are many parks and museums in this great town.

Denia has many villas and restaurants at the most comfortable rates. The beaches here are considered to be among the best maintained beaches. Denia also has many shops selling precious art works. This is yet another most preferred place by all tourists.

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