Don’t Let Life Tear You Down: How a Holiday in Spain Can Recharge You

You know this feeling…Life can be stressful. You work in a dreary job. You suffer through weeks of rain, snow or grey, cloudy days. You feel as though you’re going nowhere in life, and the best part of your week is when you get off work on Friday night.

Sound familiar?

We all get the blues. We all experience moments when we feel drained, utterly exhausted of all energy, and unable to gather momentum for the next obstacles in our life.

What does it take to recharge your batteries? How do you ignite that spark of life again into your tired bones? And, above all, how much will it cost?

It’s time to recharge those batteries, bring yourself back to life and re-energise for a new year. And the best way to do that?

A holiday. Yes, you need to take a break from your ordinary life in a way that doesn’t just stop the drain, but restarts your engine, so you come back ready to tackle life in a new way. And there’s nothing more effective than a quick holiday to rejuvenate your life.

A New Experience

Try something new in Mallorca

Our bodies get used to the same thing again and again. No matter what you do, you need to experience something new to force your body and your mind to break free from the routine you’ve created.

Imagine eating the same food for every meal, every day. Or imagine how quickly your body would adjust to doing the same exercise routine every day, without changing it around. You grow accustomed, bored, and sick of the same old life. A new experience is good for your mind and body.

The best part about a holiday is that you get to have a bunch of new experiences all rolled into one chunk of time. Even a week away on the island of Mallorca or in the middle of Barcelona is a good break for your body and your soul.

You can’t try this every day

You get to try new foods, experience new language, participate in new customs. The sights, smells and sounds give you a new sensation every day, forcing you to break out of your old ways of thinking, actually rewiring your brain to understand something new and never before seen.

The whole concept of taking a holiday is about change. It’s about changing not just your location, but your mindset as well. Let’s look a few of the changes you’ll make when you’re on your next holiday.

Change of Pace

reading on the beach

We love the concept of a holiday, because you experience something at a new pace. You actually change the speed at which you do a task when you’re on holiday. Normally, when we think about time, it’s something we’re always running out of. You’re late for one thing before you’re running out of time to move on to the next thing. Time is always slipping away. At least, that’s how we think about it.

But have you ever discovered a new way to think about time? When you’re on holiday, time isn’t running out. You feel like there’s always more time coming. There’s no rush to do anything, because you’ll have an extra hour, another day, and you aren’t worried about it. Here’s an example of that experience.

Have you ever done this? You rush out of bed in the morning, spend a few minutes in the shower before you grab a quick granola bar, a swig of orange juice, and all before you rush to your car to head off to work.

Now contrast that with the leisure at which you wake up while on holiday. The first thing you’ll notice is that you don’t set your alarm. You wake up whenever the mood strikes you. You can snooze for an extra 15 minutes if you really want. There’s no set schedule to worry about.

Next, you stroll down to your kitchen in your private villa, sitting down to a good-sized breakfast while you catch up on a few chapters in your book. You sit at the table for a good 45 minutes. And only then do you start to think about what the day holds for you.

Can you imagine slowing down to chill out here?

That change of pace lets you slow down and rid your body of the constant stress you put it under in your everyday routine. When you’re not draining your energy every single day just to keep up with life, you’re more likely to slow down and let your body recharge the way it’s intended to do.

Change of Scenery

A change of scenery is good for the soul

There’s no rule that says holidays have to happen in a resort, on a mountain, or at a beach. The only ‘rule’ is that you change the scenery around you. On a holiday, you take the time to notice the sights around you and experience the change of location from what you’re used to.

Here’s where you get a chance to really experience something different from your normal life. Take a local bus so you see a city in a new way. Travel by bike alongside the coastal areas, soaking up the sounds of the sea while riding past beachgoers and sun revellers. Go to bed early in the morning, seeing a side of the city that you don’t normally get to see.

A change of scenery is more than a change in the sights you see. Although we would recommend sightseeing as an excellent way to change your scenery. It’s about every sensation: sights, scents, touch, sounds and tastes. On holiday holiday, you can change everything that you would normally do to ’shock’ your body with new sensations you’ve never tried or experienced.

Change of Responsibilities

If you’re in management, or if you’re a lowly worker, we love to recommend a good holiday to take away all those responsibilities that you once thought were so important.

When you take a holiday, you get a chance to pack your sense of fun, adventure and excitement for what’s to come. But you also get to leave behind all those responsibilities that you carry around.

Most people don’t realise that they have a burden on their backs until they escape on holiday and have no responsibility at all. Maybe your only job for a day is to find a good place to eat for lunch. Or maybe your job is simply to relax by the pool while you sip a cocktail and let the world carry on without you.

The Recharging Power of a Holiday

The best time to take a holiday is before you feel the burnout. If your life’s battery is sitting on red, maybe it’s time you plugged into a holiday to allow your body to recharge and re-energise.

Don’t leave it until it’s too late. Take a well-needed break today.