The Essential Guide to a Romantic Getaway in Majorca

Spain is a country for lovers, and once you set foot near the golden sands of its beaches or get a feel for the warm, calming air that sets the mood for relaxation in paradise, you’ll quickly discover why. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway in Spain, look no further than stunning Majorca (Mallorca)! This Spanish city has plenty to offer, from romantic dining to activities for all tastes and desires. Here is the essential guide to your romantic getaway in Majorca!

Dining and Drinks

If you take a stroll through the alfresco walled patios of Majorca you’ll find that there are plenty of destinations to choose from to start off your romantic evening. Whether you’re looking for traditional cuisine or something new to entice the palates of you and your loved one, be sure to stop by one of these top-rated local favorites:

Basmati: This Indian restaurant in Santa Catalina is the perfect spot to set a romantic, intimate mood with your partner. The food is authentic homemade, and the atmosphere is soothing, perfect for easing into the night!

Quadrat: Located in Palma’s Old Town, Quadrat is an award-winning 5-star restaurant set within Sant Francesc Hotel Singular’s tranquil garden. If you’re out to impress your date, this is an excellent place to dine!

Sadrassana: Perfect for the appreciator of art and masterpieces, Sadrassana is set amidst a gallery of contemporary art in a renovated manor house from back in the 1800s. This restaurant offer gourmet Majorcan cuisine so you and your partner can experience dining like true locals.

Activities and Date Nights

Majorca is riddled with enchanting villages and hidden coves with a stunning sunset backdrop that provide excellent opportunity for you and your loved one to snuggle up and get cozy. If you’re looking to spend quality time together, here are some of the best romantic things to do in Majorca:

Hiking in the Mountains:  For magnificent sights, travel to the southwest corner of Majorca to San Telmo. Especially in the springtime when the flowers are in full bloom, the hike from San Telmo to Port Andratx provides limitless photo opportunity for you and your date to share in the beauty of Spain. There are intimate spots to stop along the way, so be sure to pack a picnic basket for a refreshing midday meal together under Spain’s shining sun.

Stride along a Deserted Beach: Majorca has 262 beaches, many of which are deserted in the springtime. When you combine Spain’s gorgeous golden sands with a picnic and privacy, you’re sure to have a romantic, intimate excursion that will create lasting memories for you both.

Cook at Home: While Majorca has no shortage of restaurants to choose from, there are fewer things more romantic than a quiet dinner at home with just the two of you. Majorca has plenty of fresh foods available for you to take home and cook to your liking, so turn on some dreamy music to set the mood as you and your loved one cook together by candlelight in your own private villa.

Places to Stay

Majorca is home to plenty of hotels and bed and breakfasts to choose from, but for a truly romantic getaway you should look for your own private Spanish villa. In a villa, you get all of the amenities of home with the added benefit of complete privacy. You don’t have to worry about sharing any of the spaces, so you can set the mood for an intimate atmosphere without worry of distraction. Plus, you’ll have your own pool to cool off or just enjoy some relaxation together away from it all.