Experience the Incredible El Rastro: the largest Flea market of world

El Rastro is an incredible place where not only the African open air markets meet the unique lifestyle and culture of Spain. El Rastro happens to be the largest flea market in Spain and an integral parts of Madrid’s identity that had remained there for centuries. El Rastro is surely one experience that should not be missed if you are in Madrid.

To experience this market, you need to wake up early as the stalls and stands of El Rastro open as early as 9 AM and it closes by 3 PM. However, El Rastro becomes exceedingly crowded by 11 AM and you can only visit this flea market on Sunday. Make sure you have plenty of time to haggle and shop around because it is one place from where you can definitely get something special. Arriving here at about 9 AM will make you get the most out of incredible market.

In El Rastro you will also get a lot that you can have as breakfast. You may prefer to have Churros con Chocolate to begin your day. Though the Churros are fried but you can dip it in hot chocolate and taste the delicacy, indeed it is the specialty of Madrid. Having Churros con Chocolate will also give you energy that you may need if you need to haggle and fight crowds. Remember to buy seriously and deal with tricky merchants, you may get the best deal possible in El Rastro.

You may head to Plaza Mayor. Every Sunday, a coin and stamp fair is held here in the ancient portion of this club. You can browse amongst the coins and pick some if you like before you follow the crowds that are moving downhill towards the south to meet the flee market at El Rastro.

You can begin with the El Rastro’s northern edge at Plaza de Cascorro. Here you will traditionally salute the statue of Eloy Gonzales. Make sure you pay respect or you’ll be made to lead the market empty handed. You can head further towards the south and move along the main street Ribera de Curtidores. Towards the east is the Calle Embajadores and similarly Ronda de Toledo towards the south.

It is very important that you decide what you want to buy. Books, clothes, antiques, fashionable items — all are available in this flea market but the key is having knowledge of what he will find where. The Ribera de Curtidores is known for sale of antiques, homemade clothing and knickknacks. Similarly the Calle San Cayetano is famous for artwork and art pieces. The Calle Carlos Arniches and Calle Carnero specialize in selling rarely available and antique books.

Photo Credit: Pixabay