Famous Places in Spain

There is a very big list of places worth visiting in Spain. Every city, province and village in Spain has so many places worth visiting that one will certainly find it extremely difficult to list all of them. A sincere attempt has been made to introduce some of the places worth visiting in Spain.


Romans knew this province as a ‘place of light’. It is one of the most popular towns on the coast line Costa Blanca to the southeast side of Spain. It is a place which has witnessed great industrial strides and at the same time it has retained its glory as an ancient city having a history of about 7000 years. It is also the most spectacular place for enjoying natural beauty. The city has been beautified by widening of roads, setting up more parks, etc.

Places worth visiting:

Santa Barbara Castle built during 14 to 16th Century is fully fortified and it has been recognized as the largest and completely fortified castle. There is a monastery just nearby and it is believed to have been built in 1752. There is an archeological museum which houses the old paintings and artifacts.

The city is located very near to the famous Albufereta beach and also to Almadraba beach. There are plenty of shops for shopping. Every Thursday and Saturday, outdoor market is held. Restaurants are also in abundance. There are many villas and fully equipped hotels to facilitate the tourists.

Alcazaba Castle Almeria Spain


This city which has many tiny towns is just on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea and has a big mountain behind it. The city has a long history dating back to about 1489.

Places of interest:

Just at the foot of the mountain is the Alcazaba, a fort said to have been built by Arabs. There is a Cathedral with a combination of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. The Maritime Park is just nearby. Rich in maritime life, there is a salt lake as well. There are many uninhabited islands around Almeria.

Villas are located around the beach as well as in the town and in the nearby villages. This is an ideal place to visit and spend the holiday in the midst of most spectacular wonders of nature.

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