Gastronomy Delights Of Santiago

With all the wonderful sightseeing and walking everywhere, one can get hungry. But you will be delighted to know that there is plenty to satisfy your appetite anytime in Santiago. This lush green and fertile land reigns with farms and forests, estuaries as well as seacoasts.

There is certainly no lack of fresh produce anytime when you want to enjoy some local fares with a bottle of local fine wine. Here, you can celebrate over 300 gastronomic festivals which happen annually in four of the Galician provinces.

There are plenty of seafood with over 80 kinds of sea-fish as well as half dozen river fishes that made their way to this area’s restaurants and eateries. Shellfish alone accounts for over 50 types with more than 15 meats, and over 20 types of greens and pulses; not to mention cheeses, fruits and all types of delicious desserts.

A local delectable, the laçon con grelos, or pork shoulder with turnip tops is most popular with the tourists as well as the locals. Many with a good appetite for local fares will enjoy the Galician stew which is made from ham, duck, beef and chorizo sausage with cabbage, chickpeas and potatoes.

The local empanada pies are very tasty with its rich and heavy ground meat filling. Fresh seafood cuisines that include fresh Atlantic or Bay of Biscay fish can be found in caldeirada which is a type of casserole, octopus á feira which is cooked octopus that is sliced and sprinkled with salt, paprika and olive oil, and the unending supply of prawns, spider crabs, scallops, lobster and cockles.

There are plenty of choices of places to eat in Santiago de Compostela that offer very affordable prices for such delicious local and fresh cuisine.
The wonderfully cooked octopus á feira can change any anti-seafood eater’s mind about this eight-legged sea creature with massive scallops that are served so tantalizing to the eyes and stomach.

Restaurant Carretas is one favorite place to eat; you can find it easily in Rúa das Carretas which is a downhill street close to Praza do Obradoiro. Their sole in white-wine sauce has become their signature dish while the veal comes in close.

Ex is a casual and average priced restaurant at Reis Católicos hostal; it is famous for its tapas and raciones of the local cuisines. They serve local seafood, omelettes, pork and other specialties.

Don’t forget to complete your meal with the local desserts like the local favorites: almond-flavored cake, “fried milk,” cheesecake and other sweets.