This Is Why What Happens At the Villa Stays At the Villa

Have you ever heard the tag line, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?” This marketing slogan was cooked up back in 2003 when Vegas needed to attract more visitors and has since wormed its way into modern culture. But why?

Because the slogan opens your imagination to fill in the blanks and envision your own adventure. There’s no precedent, no set expectations. You have the freedom to leave behind your daily life, make the bad stuff go away and be whoever you want to be.

We believe you deserve that same freedom. You deserve to do, see, eat, wear and feel things that let you be someone you can’t be at home.

And this is why what happens at the villa stays at the villa.

Your Getaway, Your Way.

One of the best things about villas is their flexibility. They’re everywhere, which means you get to decide what kind of getaway you want to have. They’re a great way to explore other cultures and try new activities you’d never had the opportunity to try before. So when you’re planning your getaway, think about what YOU want to do. Do you want to explore the natural world? Go deep fishing out in the middle of the ocean? Lounge by the pool with your favorite book?  Or maybe just dance the night away with a pitcher of sangria at the ready? You can do all of that, and more! Your villa is what you make of it, and it honestly just doesn’t get much better than that.

Do What You Want, When You Want!

But if escaping to your own personal paradise doesn’t have you excited enough, try imagining this: no alarm clocks going off ten times every morning, no putting down the glass because the sun went down and you have work the next day and no worrying about the calories in that sinfully delicious dessert you just enjoyed. When you’re at the villa, you make the rules! If you want to stay out late and sleep in the next day, do it! We won’t tell anyone; in fact, we won’t even know, because you’ll have all the privacy you need to exercise your freedom while you’re out living your best life.

Live Life to the Fullest

Your villa is your personal space while you’re there, so if living your best life means lounging around in sweats and a t-shirt all day, or hanging out by your private pool in your favorite polka dot bikini, don’t let anything stop you! Listen to whatever music you want, watch cheesy romance flicks or go make yourself another martini. There’s no judgment here. There won’t be anyone around to bother you (unless you brought them with you) and you’ll have all the space you need to life your life to the fullest as you exercise your right to freedom.

Turn Your Villa into an Escape to Paradise

No matter where you go or what you decide to do while you’re there, let your villa be an escape to paradise. Hotels can be crowded and community pools quickly turn into party areas for screaming children, but your villa is private, safe, secure and best of all… quiet, unless you want to turn the music up and dance along to your favorite beat while you cook some dinner in the clothes you wore to bed the night before. But like we said, what happens at the villa stays at the villa, and this is your chance to live life the way you want to live it. So, what are you waiting for?

There’s a villa out there calling your name, go find it!