Holiday in Spain for a Vivacious Time

The diversity of Spain is one thing that stands out whether one is holidaying or has visited Spain for some work. Traveling different parts of Spain could astonish you as the sometimes you may find yourself in the desert and other times in lush green Kent that features wine fields, orchards, orange cherry, almond groups and almond trees.

Spain is a fascinating country with a 41 million population, 17 independent regions including 2 sets of islands. A country that symbolize flamenco dancing, tapas bars, bullfighting,  jugs of Sangria, beautiful landscapes makes Spain is a great place for holidays.

Spain is known to have more restaurants and bars than any other country. Eating in Spain is a communal activity that may last for hours and is often glittered with lively conversation. Cuisine in Spain varies from one region to other and fertile landscape facilitates the local produce to be fresh, nutritious and delicious.

Spanish Food

The Tapas bars of Spain give a whole new meaning to “bar snacks”, serving up a large variety of platters made from meats and sausage, olives, fried potatoes, tangy cheeses, thick Spanish omelettes, seafood marinated in a range of herbs and oils. Spain manufactures an incredible assortment of wines, liqueurs and spirits made from variety of substances such as almonds and aniseed. Horchata which is a milky drink especially made with earth almonds and Churros which is hot donuts dipped in hot chocolate are some of the favorite delicacies.

The rich culture of Spain has left behind some of the landmarks sprawling in its wake. Spain is the birthplace of some great artists such as Picasso to Gaudi. Eminent art galleries like the Guggenheim, captivating ancient sites present on Menorca Island, Moorish arches and Gothic Cathedrals are few attractions in Spain.

Whether you are interested in browsing some Barcelona’s chic design boutiques, Ibiza’s hippie handicrafts or Andalucía’s ornate tiles, Spain’s street shops and markets will satisfy the urge of shopaholics. Each time you go to Spain you will be rewarded with an absolutely unique experience of natural sociability and enthusiasm for life. Days in Spain bleed into night and the most vivacious time in any part of Spain is “Madrugada”  – the time between dawn and midnight.

Photo Credit:Shutterstock