Hostels In Granda

Who hasn’t heard of Granada and its jewel, the great Alhambra? The city is not exactly a luxurious destination; it is more a haven for those who love to travel with low budgets, the so-called backpackers who are generally individuals who love sightseeing, the spectacular views of the countries they visit, and an adventure full of adrenaline. This is what they will find in Granada, where they will be welcomed by nice hostels with wonderful views guarding the cobbled streets of the old city from the hills. Hostels in Granada

Why should you choose a luxurious, but expensive hotel for accommodation, when you can choose one of the many hostels that Granada has at its disposal? They all have very good living conditions and spectacular views of the city. For example, what you will see from a window of Funky Backpackers is wonderful: the colored, reddish hills which surround the city, the Cathedral which seems to be made of gold and imposing towers belonging to the Alhambra, which is already a Spanish legend.

Makuto and Oasis Backpackers are other hostels with good conditions for accommodations where it is highly recommended to go. However, there is something about the hostels in Granada which differentiates them from all the hostels in the rest of Europe: they are a lot smaller, giving the tourist a sense of intimacy. This is why they can be considered the cream of European hostels. Another big advantage of the hostels in Granada is represented by the fact that a member of the staff is always ready to be at your disposal, for any problem regarding your accommodation or with information related to the city. In the evenings, you will be entertained by passionate flamenco dancers, and your ears will be nourished with traditional serenades.

The city

The main attraction of Granada is the Alhambra, but the city has many hidden treasures which wait to be discovered. Alleys belonging to the Jewish quarter, which is one of the oldest in the city, will lead you on a journey into the past. The Moorish heritage is a very rich one and it offers the city a romantic fragrance; Albayzin and its cobbled streets will bathe you in the scent of the orange trees, accompanied by the sound of the fountains hidden behind the walls of the coquette houses. Taste the famous tapas in any bar you enter and you will have a spectacular experience.