How to Document your Travels in Spain

Make your holiday memories last for years

Your perfect Spanish holiday is coming up. You have dates booked in major cities like Madrid and Barcelona. You have smaller outings to locations like Lloret de Mar or the Costa del Sol. You even get to visit little-known locations where the tourists don’t go, but the locals treat you like one of their own.

The only question remaining is…

How will you capture everything about this trip? How will you document your holiday?

Most people just grab a few snapshots on their phone or take a professional camera to remember their trip. We have a list of suggestions to help you bring back memories of the fun time you’ll have in these amazing locations.

For the Stomach

Spanish wines

You eat every day. Right? So why not bring something home that will help you remember all the good times you had in Spain when you have a meal or something to drink.

Bring back a good bottle of Spanish Sherry. The Costa del Sol region is famous for its wines, and Sherry is the number one export. If you can get to a winery, grab a few of the local bottles, and bring them back to savour them at your leisure. When you open up the bottle, the smells and flavours will bring you back to when you were sipping the Sherry under the Spanish sun.

Or take home some local treats like chocolate or tea. They work well as gifts and help share the experience among your friends. Who knows? Maybe next time, they’ll want to join you on your trip back.

It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Go to the local store or market and pick up a couple containers of local coffee. Every morning when you get home, you can make yourself a cup of that coffee and be reminded of that wonderful Spanish holiday.

Take Something Priceless

Remember your time at the beach

We’re not saying you should rob an art dealer or steal a car from the Malaga Auto Museum. By priceless, we’re just saying you should find something that doesn’t cost anything.

Take home a jar of sand from the beaches you’ll visit. Label them with the names so you can remember the feel of the sun on your skin, the sound of the water crashing over the beaches, and the smell of the sea.

Grab a few pebbles or dry some local leaves or flowers. You can take them home without worrying about how much it will set you back. Plus, you can get just as much enjoyment from the free souvenirs you have as from anything you would find at an overpriced market anyway.

Take a Daily Reminder

If you’re spending 10-14 days in Spain, those days might blend together. You are so overwhelmed with the experience and the fun, you’ll soon lose track of what you did and which day something happened.

Remember to take a daily reminder of where you’re at and what you‘re doing. It could be that you make a note in a journal that you brought along. You can just make some notes about places you visited, who you met, what you had to eat or drink, and how you felt that day. You can pull out those notes a few months later and bring back the memories of how that one day in Majorca felt, or what you had to eat that day you visited Marbella.

Grab a few photos every day, no matter what you’re doing. Even if you’re sitting poolside in your private villa, you can grab a picture to remember. Even the downtime of your holiday is worth remembering. Take a few pics every day so that you can capture that feeling and those sights, even if it’s just sitting on a bus.

Meal Memories

Remember that little cafe you visited one day?

One of the most common experiences that people love about Spain is when they eat. They get to experience meals that they would never normally have. Fresh seafood, wonderful spices, and a good drop of wine is the normal experience of a Spaniard. You’ll treasure your Spanish meal times, so take a little memento of each meal you have.

Take a business card or the serviette of a café you visit. Keep the bill from the restaurant you ate at that one night. Keep the label of the wine bottles you order. Even if you’re just grabbing a quick bite to eat for breakfast, grab a little photo to remember your normal diet when you were on holiday. Keep them tucked away in a special notebook that you can turn back to.

Better yet, learn to cook a couple of dishes. Find and keep the recipes of some of the food you try, and make them when you get home to bring back the savours and smells of that wonderful food you had.


Most travellers simply take a couple photos and buy a mug to remember their time in Spain. By putting in a little thought, you can truly capture your magical moments on holiday with these simple tips. They should at least tide you over until you plan your next trip to Spain.