How to Prepare for More than a Month of Holidays in Spain

How about a month here?

Most holidays last 5-10 days at most. That’s the average time people choose to spend on holiday, but some choose to be away for even longer.

If you’re itching to experience a holiday on the Spanish Costa del Sol or Costa Dorada that lasts for over a month, first off, good for you. If you have made the time to travel for a long while, you’re taking advantage of a luxury that most people don’t choose to. It will be an experience that you’ll remember for years to come.

But preparing for a holiday that takes over a month requires some preparation that your normal holiday-goer doesn’t experience. This isn’t just about making sure your plants are watered and your bins go out on the right day. This is about preparing for an extended period away, and there are factors to consider. Let’s go over some of the basic plans you should prepare for if your holiday lasts longer than a month.

Prepare your Home

You need to spend some time thinking about the matters you need to take care of before you go. About two weeks out from your trip, start to deplete your fridge and freezer. Spoiled food in the kitchen is the last thing you need when you return from an extended time away. You can leave some stuff in the freezer, but try to use up what you can.

Arrange for a friend to collect your mail and inform you of anything you need to know while you’re away. Make sure you only get notified of urgent matters. Nobody needs to hear what their neighbourhood park is planning while they’re soaking up the sun in Malaga. Pre-pay your bills if you can to avoid nasty surprises when you return.

Inform your neighbours of your absence. Only tell people you trust, so that they can keep an eye on your place while you’re away. If you need to, have someone house-sit in your place to keep your peace of mind.

Stay in Private Homes

The perfect way to stay on holiday long-term

Staying on the road can be hard and trying. Make the experience easier by staying in a private villa. You can find a great villa that will accommodate just you and your partner or a large group. It makes it easier to adjust to a new pattern if you can still enjoy some of the comforts of staying in a private residence.

Plus, it can be cheaper than finding hotel rooms that allow you to stay long term. Even if you’re travelling from location to location, you can find the perfect villa that allows you to settle in quickly to the new location.

Do Your Research

Read up on your journey

You can’t be too informed when planning your next trip. Find out all you need to know about the local restaurants, the culture, the sights, the experiences you can’t miss out and so on. You’d hate to hear that, while you were travelling, a massive festival happened and you didn’t go because you didn’t know.

Also, it helps to plan your days when you have something to look forward to coming up. We encourage you to make tentative plans, because the best plans are usually the spontaneous ones that crop up while you’re on holiday. Give yourself the freedom, but do your research on the “must-dos” in any place you visit.

Pack Well

Perfect packing is impossible. But you can still do it well

Packing can be an art. Even those who travel full time don’t have the right balance between packing just enough and leaving something behind.

The simple rule is to pack less than you think you’ll need. Big suitcases make travel difficult. If you are comfortable not wearing a different top every day, you’ll be fine packing just a small rotation of clothing. Plus, you can always buy cheap clothes in the location you travel to, saving room for all those cool and unique gifts you’ll find along the way.

Pack iron-friendly clothing, stuff that won’t wrinkle easily. You should have no more than 10-15 pieces of clothing, stuff that you can easily alternate between while you’re away. It’s always helpful to have more than one pair of shoes. Pack an extra pair of comfortable shoes that you can slip on for those walking tours and long hikes that you plan on taking.


And, as long as you have the appropriate visas, you’re all set. It takes some extra planning to go on long holidays, but it’s worth not having the extra stuff to think about while you’re away. If you don’t feel as though you’ve forgotten anything, you can simply let go and enjoy the holiday to its fullest.