Icebar in Barcelona: Icebar on the beach

Sometimes, you just fancy cooling off a bit whilst on holiday in Barcelona. You’ll usually have the choice between diving into the swimming pool or taking an afternoon nap in your air conditioned luxury holiday home. But there is also a third, much more fun option – visiting the ice bar on the beach in Barcelona, to really cool off!

Enjoy a magical, ice-cold world, in the middle of summer

The icebar in Barcelona is not just a normal bar. It is a bar in an ice-cold environment. The temperature in the ice bar is below zero degrees. Upon arrival at the Barcelona icebar, you will be given a thick coat and gloves. Then, you’ll step into a magical, ice-cold world, right in the middle of summer, in one of Spain’s most beautiful cities. You will soon feel your body cool off in the bar, and there’s plenty to see. The bar is surrounded by beautiful ice sculptures and is furnished with chairs made of ice. Despite the fact that it is cold, you are well dressed upon arrival so you won’t freeze straight away. You can stay at the icebar in Barcelona for as long as you like, but we recommend staying in the ice-cold bar for up to 45 minutes so that you don’t get too cold.

Once in the bar you can enjoy a delicious selection of ice-cold drinks and cocktails. As it is so cold in the icebar, the menu has been adapted so that your drink won’t immediately freeze in your hand. Having a drink at the icebar is a unique experience that you won’t forget in a hurry, as the drinks and cocktails are also served in glasses made of ice. Don’t forget to take some nice pictures of yourself, ice drink in hand, on one of the chairs or benches made of ice!

The IceBar – a really unique experience

What makes the “IceBarcelona” bar really unique is that once you get really cold, you can be back out in the sun, with your feet in the pearly white sand, in no time. The contrast between the cold temperatures of the ice bar and the sunny weather on the beach is immense. To regain your warmth, you can even continue to hang around the ice bar, as the bar also has a beautiful “hot” bar on the beach in addition to the ice-cold bar inside. This means you can pair your ice-cold experience with a drink in the sun on the beach. Experience the contrast between hot and cold in the most unique way at this special ice bar.

The ice bar in Barcelona is located on Somorrostro beach in the middle of the city and is therefore easy to reach. We recommend that you purchase your tickets for the ice bar in advance. This saves you money and allows you to skip the queue at the entrance to go directly inside.

Excited to visit the ice bar during your holiday, and want to combine your visit with a stay at a luxury holiday home with swimming pool in the Barcelona area?

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