Madrid In A Day

It is easy to get carried away by the beauty of Spain’s Madrid. Madrid has highlights like bullfighting, pristine beaches, world best museums and architecture and the nightlife that is riveting as well. With only a day in hand, tourists may get confused of where to go and what to experience. The suburbs around Madrid are even more famous and it seems almost impossible to get a taste of them, especially if you only have a single day.

There is surely a lot that one can cover in and around Madrid in a day’s time and yet make it an experience that remains unforgettable. The best part about Madrid is its connectivity and local transportation system. With the presence of high-speed trains and a good bus service, making a trip around Madrid successful is not a problem.

El Escorial

It takes not even an hour to arrive at San Lorenzo De El Escorial which is a mountainous area towards the north of Madrid. As soon as you get off, you’ll be able to picture yourself within a massively beautiful area that is covered hills from all sides. You can make your way to the former Ministry which was built in 16th century. The royal getaway used to be an intellectual center and the site is completely unforgettable. Spend an hour here enjoying the buildings after which you can move to Segovia.


Authentic villages and food is something that can attract just about anyone who comes to Segovia for a visit. Just a little farther towards the north, Segovia falls in Madrid province and the town is quite famous for well preserved Roman aqueduct which is present in the middle of the town. La Granja de San Ildefonso that is present nearby is a beautiful garden that has been given a complete look with a labyrinth.


A short train ride from Madrid, Aranjuez that hosts some beautiful gardens that are present along the palace of Aranjuez. Relaxing is what most of the tourists indulge in this town that is present towards the south side of Madrid. The town is a perfect for short escape from the city’s hustle bustle.


The must-see city of Toledo is just half an hour away by high-speed train that connects it to Madrid. The city is famous for presence of three different cultures alongside in the history that were Jewish, Muslims and Christians. Toledo has retained its exquisite cathedral, narrow streets, Mudejar architecture and some world famous swords.

Photo Credit: Pixabay