It is an island with an extent of over 80 kilometers. The coastline measures about 550 Km. Surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the island is well known for the beautiful coves and white sand beaches. There are Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains and nature reserves giving a glimpse of contrasting landscape.

The island is also famous for the cultural festivals and activities going on throughout the year. Water sports like swimming, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving are well known activities on this island. Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy the beauty of this island.

Places of attraction

Cathedral de Palma de Mallorca

Also known as Palma de Mallorca Cathedral, it was built in the 13th century. The cathedral mainly consists of three naves. The main nave contains the remains of the kings during whose reign the cathedral was built. The doors of this cathedral, especially the south door also called the Mirador and the north door are worth noticing because of the decorations and sculptures on them.

A tower can also be found in this cathedral. The specialty of the tower is that it consists of nine bells among which one of the bells, also known as N’Eloi weighs 4,517 kg and has a diameter of 2 meters.

La Almudaina Royal Palace

This was originally a Moorish fortress built in 1281 but was modified several times during the reign of various kings. It consists of the palace of the king and the queen, a chapel called the Royal chapel, few patios and a hall called the Tinell. The Palace also consists of furniture and tapestries which are from different eras.

Cartuja de Valldemosa Monastery

The monastery was built during the 14th century and was used by monks as a residence. Today it has been converted into a municipal museum and contains artistic works of Carthusians and also of the era 15-20th century.
The monastery has also been the residence of Georges who was a famous writer and that of Chopin who was a composer. Mementoes of this can be still seen here.

Castillo de Bellver

Known as the Bellver Castle, it was originally the residence of King Jaime II but was later converted into a mint in the 19th century. The architecture of this place is worth seeing.

Natural Caves

There are two natural caves that can be seen here. Artá Caves consist of beautiful prehistoric formations of stalactites and stalagmites. The other cave called the Cuevas Del Drach also known as the Drach Caves is a linking of four caves and was formed during the Miocene period. It has beautiful scenes of the sea entering the rocks.

Cabrera Archipelago National Park

It was made the National Marine and Land Park in the year 1991. Diverse and beautiful marine life can be found here along with a large number of different kinds of birds. It is a special place of attraction because of the beautiful natural scenes.

Photo Credit: Pixabay  Shutterstock